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  1. Those are three highly anticipated sheets! Cant wait.
  2. Awesome! Cuba markings, Bicentennial schemes, Final Countdown and low vis please!
  3. You know my vote- ANG all the way! KY, AL, NE, CA, MS, NV, ID and MN. Plus a certain test jet from WPAFB!
  4. How about a B-52E from the 17th BW based at WPAFB in the 1960's, along with hound dog missile markings???
  5. Swords upcoming RF-8A and RF-8G kit decals leave a lot of room for other decal schemes and improvements!
  6. What are the chances for a 1/32 CNU-169A Travel Pod for the F-4? I will be building Cunningham's and Driscoll's F-4J (155895 NG-114) that I saw at the Cleveland Air Show after they returned from their Vietnam cruise back in September 1972. My photo of the aircraft and pod is attached. To be correct in the loadout, I need a 1/32 travel pod!
  7. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-RoNFMrby7iA/UZLyvlVzmqI/AAAAAAAAAVM/pTzCWbsK2bY/s1600/RF-8G_VFP-63_1976.JPEG
  8. The possibilities for markings are endless- the early version -A was used during the Cuban Missile Crisis, then you have the Vietnam War, excellent bicentennial markings, there were even multi color CAG RF-8Gs. Then of course they finished in the low visibility grays....
  9. Sword has announced RF-8 Crusaders in 1/72 for October! Decals by Caracal will be needed!
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