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  1. https://store7093396.ecwid.com/#!/products-additions-july-august-2023/c/152420138 or www.reedoak.com
  2. Hi, it's not what we usualy make and it was at the origin just for one person, but we finaly redraw it completely to bring it closer to the 1962 original drawing : Here with 1/32 scale figures, the smaller one is in 1/48 size. However, with such figures, it's difficult to speak from scales : cheers Norbert
  3. We had the opportunity to scan a helmet for the Delta Apache, so we modified our apache crew for a version with the older helmet (still in use): Cheers Norbert
  4. Reedoak is bringing out a set of 2 US army helicopter pilot survival vests, hanging. They can hang inside or outside Blackhawks, Latokas, Kiowas, Apaches, Chinooks, Cayuses... These vests re also used by USAF blackhawk crews And are shown here on side of a blackhawk : Chers Norbert
  5. 1/48 version in Hasegawa seats... Cheers Norbert
  6. Hello ! Reedoak has now a AH-64E pilot a gunner team, with pilot hands on sticks and gunner hands on the TADS display. Both visors are down with the IHADSS sight in front of the right eyes : I wish to all a nice day Norbert
  7. Hello ! So, we made the last helmet found on AH-64E, equiped with a mount for the IHADSS sight system, and another for the night vision goggles. We made it with detailled interior, without the sight system as it is stored appart inside the right pannel at both seats. helmet is usualy laying on the seat, or hanging inside, from what I could find. Cheers Norbert
  8. and as I have also the later (and todays) tie-down tensionner, I must say the todays system with chain is much better and probably also much safer
  9. The picture (from internet) is not very good but you see here : the rod attach to the plane. Inside the device is a cable that is attached the other side to a hook (the rod in S) that that is fixed on the deck. there is no chain
  10. Finger crossed, they were on a CH-53 too... the gunship looks to have a long body, a bit strange for a B. Waiting for more officials pictures
  11. Yes, was looking at a vintage picture yesterday and was thinking I should find a fatigue cap...
  12. Something a bit special this time : US Navy carrier aircraft tie-down, 50s - early 60s, based on the original as we usualy do. So for a Demon, Panther, Skyray, Phantom (the first one) etc...on a wooden deck. We may have a chance, some says KH has a second life... cheers Norbert
  13. Hi, We did a US hard shell computer that we will use on future projects, but can be provided separately : Cheers Norbert
  14. Hi, We did a US hard shell computer that we will use on future projects, but can be provided separately. It is here shown on a helicopter model, but we have pics on top of some jets: Cheers Norbert
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