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  1. yes, it is shown from another angle, it's the one linked by Niels
  2. Many thanks Niels ! For the scorpion helmet mount, have to find somebody who has one in Europe...and wait untill the end of this damn pandemic
  3. hello ! here is the last of reedoak small serie of F-16 pilots with JHMCS helmet and warzone equipped survival vest, without life preserver : so, it is the third in the row cheers Norbert
  4. Hello ! We have here an USAF pilot calling PC. he is displayed in a F-16, but same gears are used in F-15. Survival vest and holster for deployment. Will need to make the PC now, have to find slowly the outfits. cheers Norbert
  5. Hello ! here is Reedoak first USAF modern fighter pilot : F-16 pilot, sitting, with survival vest, JHMCS helmet, pistol in holster, and without life preserver. typical for combat flights over dry aeras. have a nice day ! Norbert
  6. It would be better to make the comparison with painting and photography. Painting is an art, photography need an optical 2D machine but it can also be an art, which is different. Each has his technics, the pose and sight are very important. The story behind also. All need experience and know-how. I admire what good figure sculptors are doing and I can spend money for their work...and my very first figures were hand sculpted for my own modeller use. It was a very good school and I often use this experience when I need to modify or complete surfaces until I do not see the difference with th
  7. Hi In addition to the previous pilot hands on sticks, we converted our US Navy modern fighter pilot sitting 6 (RIO) to the JHMCS helmet. cheers Norbert
  8. yes we have, but they will be entirely new figures
  9. could not try with the E/F and legacy back seat, but since they all have Naces seat...
  10. All Yes, in addition to 1/72 and 1/32, like all other Reedoak figures
  11. hello ! We did a variant of our US navy pilot sitting 5 with a JHMCS helmet instaed of the standard HGU68 helmet Here the RIO carries the standard HGU-68 helmet and in the model : cheers Norbert
  12. Nope, get the same message : Due to recent regulations we do not currently offer our products to European customers. So to know what it is, EU regulation says a website has to say what is done with the collected datas, otherwise you risk some millions penalty and some years of jail. So since about one year, some US based websites block all EU access, in case it applies to them, or because they do not want to say what they do with the collected datas, or do not know what happens with the collected datas (using outsourced services) Norbert
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