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  1. Nope, get the same message : Due to recent regulations we do not currently offer our products to European customers. So to know what it is, EU regulation says a website has to say what is done with the collected datas, otherwise you risk some millions penalty and some years of jail. So since about one year, some US based websites block all EU access, in case it applies to them, or because they do not want to say what they do with the collected datas, or do not know what happens with the collected datas (using outsourced services) Norbert
  2. Made some research on google. He did some other great memorial sculptures Even if the MBU-12 O2 mask was not in service at this time...the most important is the memorial cheers Norbert
  3. Unfortunately, I can not enter the site, because of some s....d EU regulations... The model looks realy great. we reconignize well the PCU-3 harness and the survival vest, the life preserver, etc..and over all, we recognize Robin Olds and his sight. How is it that the model is not available to modellers so far ?
  4. hello ! After the pilot, wa have a RIO...that personnaly I finaly prefer to the pilot, even in pilots place... (US Navy post 2000) at our usual scales, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 cheers Norbert
  5. Pandemic going back here, more chance to move...
  6. It's ready for order, at www.reedoak.com. The left hand is over the throttle, knowing this position may change from a kit to another cheers Norbert
  7. Hello ! We did another sitted mordern US Navy fighter pilot (post 2000), but hands on sticks this time. A bit more difficult to do, as the hands must be at the right place. Some had a sight at my "F-18 cockpit" in my mans cave... cheers Norbert
  8. Hello ! As I was on the weight board operators, did one in a kneeling position, as often seen on the catapult area : Cheers Norbert
  9. Here are the latest figures from Reedoak : US Navy fighter pilot thumb up, and standing flight deck weight bord operator : and a civilian race car gentleman driver, with tied at waist overall : plus a magazine photoreporter : (and famous scale modeller, in our small french world...) Cheers Norbert
  10. there are also open exhaust in AFV blackhawk kits, the one with taiwanese SAR markings (bluehawk)
  11. I delivered already one, but ww2 version, had to make our pilot a bit taller, was a special delivery. But out of that, started to collect for the F-4. If you know how I can find a PCU-3 pilot harness...
  12. Have the F on the way, Maybe it's time to add some pilots to the 4 I already have...
  13. Collecting all I need for them...they will come Norbert
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