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  1. I take the opportunity to tell I'm looking for an intensive walkaround of one JHMCS helmet, if somebody has, PM me.
  2. 1/72 will be ready in a few days, 1/32 and 1/48 are done
  3. Hello a long time I did not show something, worked on our first jet pilot sitting on his desk US Navy, 2000 / 2015 era, roughly the challenge was to get it inside so, expect some adjustment depending the model you use. cheers Norbert
  4. If the tow tractor is in 1/35, I think oliver was looking for one
  5. Les chiens aboient et la caravane passe, Keep your own modelling style Oliver, we like it as it is
  6. windshield first, you will need to force a little the alignment (do not forget to future it before)
  7. Song himself said today on one of his FB group he will do the Huey in 1/35, so it becommes plausible !
  8. You're right compared to the published pictures, and with the reason why. You see that now also on pictures taken in russia. Russians told me the visor down is only for the photographers, they have normaly visor up. However, a visor down version is also scheduled, as we did before with our arctic pilot. Norbert
  9. We usualy do not sale through reseller, as we produce on order. You can find all products direct from our webshop at www.reedoak.com We ship worldwide, Alaska and Hawai included (and also China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Brasil, Argentina, Russia, Australia, South Africa, United Emirates...etc, etc) cheers Norbert
  10. would love also, but lacking some ejection seat straps so far (US and russian)...
  11. Hi coming next is a russian pilot in summer flight suit, to match with our previously released ground crew. Note that the flight suit has a sand and a blue version, so you have the choice of color. Geared for ground attack, without G-suit Cheers Norbert
  12. There is something when you reach € 350.00...
  13. Hi, We made a russian ground crew in tropical dress, for the Syrian theater, but there are also russians in other tropical countries. The figure is here in 1/48 scale, but you can get it in 1/32, 1/35 and 1/72 as usual. 3D render the figure out of the variants, it's our 10th russian related to airfields cheers Norbert
  14. the lady at the main scales : 1/32, 1/48 et 1/72 : Cheers Norbert
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