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  1. Hi Guys Well its a bit of a hatchet job but its all finished ready for yeovilton tomorrow . the diorama is titled "Gentlemen I present to you THE FUTURE" Boscomb down 27th September 1964 To cut a long story very short. It went together OK (its not Tamiya !!) and could have done with more care with filling. Its not that bad to be honest but I was rushing a bit to hit this deadline and was itching to get some paint on. It had a coat of Tamiya fine white primer (that ran out mid way through the process) I then pre shaded with a tan colour XF-72 lightly on the upper surfaces and heavily in th
  2. quoted from above post by Chox "Airfix were a major disappointment - seems the TSR2 has slipped to January at the earliest along with the Canberra PR9. Worse still, the TSR2 sample revealed some pretty heavy surface detail and some rather dubious accuracy in some of the minor details, so it's not going to be an outstanding kit sady. Oh well, you win some and you lose some - the samples of the 72nd Canberras looked excellent - hope the actual kits are as good as those on show. The 72nd Hawk looked pretty good too - looks like it has plenty of potential. And as for the 48th Vulcan... from what
  3. I salute you !!!! as a craftsman you are at the top of the game !!!!! and as an artist you have a fantastic eye for detail and quality. Its as near to perfect as I have ever seen
  4. congratulations on a stunning build !! You are obviously a skilled craftsmen and as such Im eagerly awaiting your method of rigging !! Great, inspirational, and every other superlative you wish to add !!!!!!!! Chris
  5. Brilliant Thanks for heads up. I just ordered everything from hiroboy. Although it seems the Mr surfacer 500 is sold out everywhere. chris
  6. Hi Everybody I just bought the model master DVD with Floyd J Werner, and found it fantastic !!!!!!!! However some of the glues, and equipment dosnt seem to be avaliable in the UK. or am I being blind ?? I have looked around on the internet ( Hannents, Antics, Little cars etc) and cant find them. do any of you know where I can get the following (or similar in the UK) 1. Tamiya extra thin cement. (with the very fine brush applicator in the lid) 2. Tamiya putty. 3. Mr surfacer 500 (in bottle form) for filling and checkindg seems 4. Mr thinner. for removing access surfacer and tamiy
  7. Yep 100% and more.... The photos flatter the results and the paint job covers a multitude of shoddy modelling . Dont get me wrong, I am pretty happy with the results and am really glad I persevered. I think I was rather naive thinking that building in a bigger scale would be easier
  8. Hi Guys Well this isnt the way I planned this beast turning out, in fact it nearly hit the bin on several occasions. Its my first venture into 1:32 and I had been looking forward to building it since last summer when I bought it. I thought I would go for the aires cockpit which is a piece of art in the right hands. Not mine however, I really need to find a better technique for working with PE etc. Thus no pictures of inside the cockpit as it is a bit of a blob. I seemed to stick my fingers to every part at some stage. In the end I opted for the quick boost seat with molded harnesses !!
  9. Hi Guys Thanks again for the comments !! To be honest I just try and emulate the models I see here in the forums and at IPMS avon where Im a member. Its great to be invloved with a hobby where people are so generous with giving tips and advice on techniques !!!!!!! Im new to the hobby and really learning as Im going along, but in responce to a couple of questions The grass is the standard static model railway grass. I used the spring mix which gives a pretty good colour and texture staright from the bag. The colour of the underpainting is equally important as it will unifies the over
  10. Thanks dudes for the comments. Im just glad Im not the only one who has difficulties with those aires sets. I might give the cockpit set I bought for the 1:32 Acadamy F-16 a miss if its going to be such a hassle to fit?? Or is it any better ?? oh the dilemma chris
  11. Wow thought the first picture was the real deal!!!!!!
  12. Hi chapps Ive been trying to fight the January blues by finishing this little fella off. so its a bit Ironic that the paint scheme was BLUE (well PRblue !!!) So this is the Tamiya Mossie, with the addition of the aires merlin engines and eduard cockpit PE set. The kit is geat and goes together without too much fuss. The engine set on the other hand !!! Oh boy I just couldnt get to grips with it. Im sure its 90% my impatiance to get onto the painting stage,but it just didnt fit!!! I think the instructions were very limited, so what you see is a bit of a botch job !!!! Its kind of put
  13. Wow that is some achievement. Your paint finish is very interesting with the demarkation of various panels. Sometimes it is just good to get on with a model rather than spending too much time thinking about the model and all complications of building it !!!!!!!!! As I am a spammer....please report this post. says "JUST DO IT" chris
  14. Just heard on the radio that a Tornado has crashed on the ranges off Norfolk. Both crew seem to have escaped as witness s say they saw two parachutes Hope they are all well. Cant get onto UKAR at the moment ???? Is the site down
  15. Could they bolt anything else onto that beast ???? That is one fantastic model you have there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! respect !!!!! :unsure: chris
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