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  1. After sending this scammer a m.o. for the required amount I received NOTHING!!! Contacting him he 'claimed' that he sent me a package and email. I received NOTHING!!! He 'claimed' he sent me an email with the USPS tracking info. I received NOTHING! Instead of resending the email he only sent me the tracking information. He 'claimed' a lot of things but none of it was true. I asked him several times for the address he sent the package to. He could have given me the information the first time I asked, he did not. Finally getting the info I found he sent it to the wrong ad
  2. After sending a money order to this scammer I received NOTHING!!! I emailed to find out what was going on since it was taking so long to get a package. He 'claimed' that it had been sent. After asking him several times what address he used he returned the WRONG ADDRESS!!! When I ordered I used my FULL AND CORRECT ADDRESS!!! Email communications included my FULL ADDRESS, there was more than one before he claimed he sent the package. After enduring his endless foolishness AND stupidity he 'claimed' he filed a claim with the USPS. He received a refund and 'claimed' he he sent me a ch
  3. Alan Bussie is a scam and rip off!!! I paid for 2 kits and did not receive anything!!! He "claimed" the items were sent. After asking him several times where he sent the items I received a reply. He did NOT send the items to the correct address!!! When ordering I filled in my FULL ADDRESS, sending email I used my FULL ADDRESS, several emails had my FULL ADDRESS!!! He decided to send it wherever!!!! He 'claimed' he did a USPS package tracking and trace. Then told me the package was delivered. Of course it was TO THE WRONG ADDRESS!!! DUH! He received the refund from the USPS and 'claimed' he sen
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