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  1. Here's a "First look" type review: http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/details/dream/detail_dream_48022.shtml
  2. He'll always be the Waco Kid to me. RIP, Mr. Wilder
  3. Funny this subject should come up, I spent part of the past weekend binge watching the old Barney Miller series. After all these years, it still has relvance and is still considered one of the most realistic portrayals of police life ever put on TV.
  4. Some years ago, Pavla made a resin cockpit set for that kit that included a vac formed canopy: http://www.pavlamodels.cz/katalogy/detail.php?k=cockpits&c=C72037&styl=styly.css It's not up to their current standard, but the one piece vac formed canopy should make your life much easier and makes the set worth tracking down.
  5. In Canada in the 1980s, there was Gary 'O and his song "Shades of '45" about the Enola Gay:
  6. When you look past his own music and take into account how many songs he wrote for others that became hits, the scope of the loss is magnified that much more. His own music may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there very likely is a song or entire CD done by someone else over the past three decades or so that you do like that has his signature or fingerprint on it as either songwriter or producer. Even if he had never had a career in the performing end of music, his loss would still be felt in the songwriting and production end of things. He wasn't just a performer; he was an influencer an
  7. Those are chaff dispensers and they were unique to the EW version. From what I've read, they were specifically made for the purpose and not modified from any exisiting drop tank designs, so I'm not sure what a good starting point would be for scratchbuilding them.
  8. I've seen the soft covers on Slovak Fulcrums: There's also this hard intake guard I saw on a Polish machine that might interest you:
  9. It's definitely silver paint. Probably RAF High Speed Silver. This link has various suggestions for how to achieve a close match: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18707-high-speed-silver-hss/?hl=HSS+High+Speed+silver
  10. He's clearly in a grey area as far as the force goes. He wants to be dark, but isn't as dark as he'd like to be and is having trouble getting there. He's clearly designed for audience empathy and the hope that he's not too far gone to be redeemed.
  11. It's been a while since I built that kit, but I recall there being relatively few ejector pin marks of any great consequence on the insides of the gear doors or flaps. However, I recall the main wheels each having a couple of ejector pin marks on their backsides that required a bit of elbow grease and finesse to clean up well. Though I think you can cut your work down by hiding those behind the door that attaches to the main gear leg and covers most of the wheel backside. The most difficult ejector pins to clean up were on the inside surfaces of the airbrakes. However, there is absolutely no
  12. Bare Metal did a sheet under their "Experts Choice" banner. It was sheet 48-60 in their catalog: My linkhttp://modelingmadness.com/others/decals/williamsec4860.htm As it came out in 2002, you might have some trouble finding it.
  13. Douglas O-2H going by this picture: net photo
  14. That reminds me of something I once heard said; that for all of Minot's shortcomings and the weather, people would take a transfer there to get out of Seymour Johnson AFB. From all I can find online, Seymour Johnson and the adjoining town of Goldsboro are about as dull as can be.
  15. Here's a link to an obituary with "guest book" to leave a message in: http://tributes.maitlandmercury.com.au/obituaries/maitlandmercury-au/obituary.aspx?n=ross-blackford&pid=176650441
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