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  1. I'm looking at this picture of a phantom with LAU-10s: https://www.airhistory.net/photo/635531/151458/1458 and this picture of the Eduard LAU-10: https://www.eduard.com/aircraft-and-helicopters/1-48/lau-10-a-zuni-1-48.html?cur=2&&force_sid=egpcpqu43ti9lfclkmv3oduue61tcb7q Do the projectiles stick out that far in the Eduard part, or is that just for photographic purposes? Or, are the LAU-10s on that phantom actually empty? It looks like they have projectiles but they are farther back in the tubes.
  2. Looks like Eduard makes an early ejector seat: 648709 but they don't say what it is. Is it the martin baker H5?
  3. I have had reliable service from auroramodelshop and x-free hobby. Both have been much faster than they advertised in terms of delivery.
  4. So far I think I need: 1 - an early tailfin 2 - MB H5 seats 3 - an IRST pod?
  5. Thanks so far. I've ordered the Coremans book. I've narrowed it down to three airframes on the AOA decals sheet "Spooks from the Beach 2". There are two VMFA-542 planes that were at Da Nang in 1965 (150648 and 152232) and one VMFA-531 plane (151452). I've ordered the sheet but not received it so just looking at the review on hyperscale. The two 542 planes say the stab is not slatted but reinforced and the 531's is not slatted and not reinforced. Two of them look to have no antenna (?) bumps on the spine. I found two pics on the web of 531 planes supposedly at Da Nang in '6
  6. I'm working on the 1/48 Tamiya phantom and have started placing stencils. I imagine this question applies to many modern US jets but I don't really know. How precise is the positioning of the stencils? I'm about half done with the no step/no push stencils on the top and have just lined them up with my eyeball but I began wondering whether they ought to have a precise alignment? If they are supposed to be precisely aligned, how does one go about it? Those tiny decals are mighty fiddly....
  7. I'm using a Furball sheet for my current build and the decals are great.
  8. Thanks everyone! Thanks much! It looks like for hypersonic I just have to order direct? No problem with that, but if there is a US retailer it might be easier.
  9. I'm thoroughly enjoying building the Tamiya F-4B as a Navy jet. I'd like to build a Marine phantom early-ish in Vietnam. I'm assuming this kit is fine for that? What is a good reference work on the phantom to have? The Melampy book doesn't seem to be obtainable nowadays.
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