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  1. Hi, I'm looking for this decal sheet in 1:48 scale. Afterburner Decals 48-072 - Phantom Stencils For Slatted Wing F-4Es in SEA Camouflage I can pay via PayPal. Thanks Zigi
  2. New pics after long time... Now is time for stencils... Thanks for looking Cheers Zigi
  3. Build OOB Decals from TwoSix Decals Colors - the same as i used on Dreamliner cheers Zdeněk
  4. Build OOB :)/> Decals are from TwoSix Decals Colors - Gunze H, Gunze Super Metalic, Alclad II, Zero Paints (Pure Brilliant White) Thanks for watching Cheers Zdeněk
  5. Hi Gents, Phantom is almost ready for painting. I added resin racks from AIRDoc and True Details (center). Now waiting to Aerobonus, they have to issue new MER and TER rack (until after the new year) Cheers Zdenek
  6. Hi Gents, some work on ejection seats ;) continue of this build it will be somewhere in the future :) cheers Zdeněk
  7. No problem mate! Give me your mail and i send you drawning by which I rivet this Bird :) Thanks!!
  8. Hi Gents, I'm here with another progress and add some photos. I added resin AUX air intake and landing hook from Aires. Just finish the job on the canopy and Phantom goes to SEA scheme :) thanks for watching cheers Zigi
  9. Hi mate, I use JLC Modeling Saw to deepen the panel lines :) here is link http://www.rollmodels.net/ninbox/Tools/JLC%20Razor%20Saw%202/JLC%20Razor%20Saw%202.php# cheers Zigi
  10. Hi Gents, little progress in building my Phantom.... here is few photos ^_^ thanks for watching Cheers Zdenek
  11. Hi Janissary, nice start! But there have problem with the cockpit, you still have to move the cockpit back to cca 5mm and you have to grind a piece of plastic as I drew it on your photo. I look forward to further progress cheers Zigi
  12. Thanks Scott After some time a little bit of continuing :) thanks for watching cheers Zigi
  13. Hi Scott, thanks again for the notice !! cheers Zigi
  14. Hi gents, I continue in building my Phantom, here is small update : - repainted wheels - finished riveting on vertical stabilizer and the rest of the fuselage here is a few photos thanks for watching cheers Zigi
  15. Hi mate! no, I do the rivet before using Surfacer. here is my procedure - pencil draw rivets on the surface - riveting freehand - sanding surface(sandpaper 800/1000/2000) and then I use toothbrush, sanding under water - to get dirt out of rivets - then up comes the Surfacer :) I use 0,75mm Rosie the Riveter - It is recommended for 1/48 and 1/32 scale. cheers Zigi
  16. Hi mate! I send you email before a month(but I did not arrive), check mailbox (or give me mail and i send you drawnings wich i use for riveting) or go at modelforum.cz and check your PM :) To riveting I use tool from Petr Dousek - Rosie the Rivetter check this links http://riveter.wz.cz/RtR_letak.pdf http://riveter.wz.cz/SBS.pdf cheers Zdenek
  17. Hi Scott, thanks for the notice , I repaint it!! Zigi
  18. Thanks a lot gentlemen! for a long time I did something again on Phantom.I used to improve landing gear the placards from Eduard. Thanks for looking and sorry again for my english
  19. Thanks Neo, to be sure I did not count, but there will be much :lol:
  20. Hi Gents, I send you some pictures of my other build. I used two models from Hasegawa (due to wing) F-4J (only wings) and F-4E. I used pit, exhaust and wheelbays from Aires and placard form Eduard. here is a few photos Aires Pit Riveting thanks for watching! cheers Zigi
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