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  1. I have a couple of these decals that I hope to use on my 1/35 Kittyhawk MH-60L model. Each marking has a number reference , I presume for location. Is there a reference or instruction sheet to indicate these locations ? Thanks, Walt Haynes
  2. Those are two really impressive models! I am so envious of your abilities! Walt Haynes
  3. Wow!! That is one impressive -60! Are you using oils to highlight the painting? It is looking fantastic! Walt Haynes
  4. That is one fine looking -60. Fantastic!! Walt Haynes
  5. Man !! That is one good-looking Apache !! Great job ! Walt Haynes
  6. Jon, yeah, I've got at least one- will check when I'm back in town. E-mail me at whaynes@lowcountry.com Walt
  7. Great Huey- very realistic !! Can't wait to see your Vietnam era ship !! Walt Haynes
  8. Thanks, guys. I may go ahead and get the kit on ebay.. Also looking for the decal with the "Nose Art" for the 240th AHC Maddog nose art. Anybody have one they want to sell? Walt
  9. Anyone have one of these they might want to sell? I have been asked by a fellow former SCARNG pilot to make one of one of his Vietnam aircrafts. Thanks, Walt Haynes
  10. Yeah, me too, waiting for correction set. Hang in there Floyd. Walt
  11. Greyhounds- slick platoon of 240th AHC. Brother flew-H models with them after first flying -M models in Maddog gun platoon. Not sure if I have picture but will look. Walt Haynes
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