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    Retired in 2005, started mangling plastic kits at Junior school, can now do this on a daily basis, hopefully learning with every kit mangled.
    Other interests, reading, mainly books on WW2 (land sea and air), Science fiction/fantasy/alternate history, and thrillers (Clancy, Bond, etc)
    Lifetime motorcycle fan, following (not participating) MotoGP and Superbikes spent two years getting my CB750 back to the road.
    Heavily into DIY and gardening.
    Modelling interests:
    Aircraft, WW2, RAF/FAA in 1/32scale and 1/48 scale.
    Military, British and Comminwealth army WW2 in 1/35scale.

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  1. Genre is WW2 Aviation only Scale is 1/32 Manufacturer, mainly Special Hobby and Hasegawa, the former for their different subject matter and the latter for buildability. Favourite kit, anything to do with Spitfires. Cheers Dennis
  2. Though it was not as heavily damaged the fire at York Cathedral and the subsequent restoration should give the French some ideas. Cheers Dennis
  3. There was a thread on this subject over on Britmodeller and the late Edgar Brooks commented: This has been exercising us for some time, and we simply don't know, for sure. I think it's to do with the gun heating, since the bulges are very close to where the ammunition feeds/breeches would be on the outermost guns. The intensifier tubes, which ran through the exhausts then to the Brownings, are listed as having been designed (under mod 420) for the IIb & Vb only. If it was thought that the Vc would need the same extra heating (and that seems extrememly logical and likely,) without the intensifier tubes the heat could only come from the radiator, having first to pass through the cannon bays. By the time it reached the last .303" it's possible that the supply pipework needed to be fairly wide, to ensure enough heat was delivered, to do the job. Fatter pipe = bulged wing, at least that's my theory, and that's all it is, since, so far, I've not been able to find anything that I can use with certainty. Edgar The other possible explanation voiced was that it was for a modified aileron actuator. Here's a link https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234967425-spitfire-mk-vc-wing-bulge-question/ Cheers Dennis
  4. Must be getting old, I remember Dick Mann winning the Daytona race, and I have owned five CB750's, in fact I still have one, so I will be interested to see how this turns out. Cheers Dennis
  5. After not completing a kit in 2018 I hope to spend 2019 building the 2018 planned projects, 3 Hasegawa 1/32 scale Japanese subjects, the first a Ki84 was almost completed but needs finishing off, then next up is a Raiden and a George, as I know very little about Japanese subjects it is and will be a nice learning curve. Cheers Dennis
  6. Watched all the episodes to date, can't wait for more Cheers Dennis
  7. Great build, I must admit this one is tempting me despite me having a few Classic Airframes kits in the stash. Cheers Dennis
  8. Here are my usual wishes, all 1/32 scale. Boulton Paul Defiant Fairey Fulmar Fairey Barracuda Fairey Battle Blackburn Skua. Cheers Dennis
  9. All the best for 2019, happy modelling Cheers Dennis
  10. I airbrush standing up close to a window so that I can see the paint hitting the model, you can see it as wet patches, at night I do the same but stand back from the light, again looking at the paint hitting the model. Cheers Dennis
  11. I build two of these in the 90's and enjoyed the builds, but after being away for 10 years I looked at them and rather than throwing them away I stripped the paint, re scribed the panel lines, improved the engines and undercarriage and then with new paint and decals they took their place back in the display cabinet. Not Tamiya but very satisfying to try and bring them up to date Cheers Dennis
  12. Great work, it's good to see a P-39 built as a Soviet subject as they seemed to have gotten the best out of the aircraft and used it the most. Cheers Dennis
  13. Great work so far, I have fond memories of the old 1/32 scale Revell kits and more than a few of them are still sitting in my display cabinets. Cheers Dennis
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