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  1. Saw the price listing for this Bad Boy, they are talking OVER $240 Canadian for it! https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10733371 Yikes!!!!!!!! 😲
  2. Nice build! Where did you get the conversion kit from?
  3. Got my two Pre-orders the other day, with the full weapons and pitot tubes! They look amazing!
  4. That is so cool looking! Love everything you've done with this! 👍
  5. Excited to receive my two kits when they arrive!
  6. Whoa! That is amazing! 😲
  7. I'll say it again, "OH BOY!!!!! 👍"
  8. Gorgeous Scooter! Those enhancements are incredible!
  9. Bump still looking for decals! 😟😟 Thanks for any help provided! Rocketdrvr
  10. Hi Dutch, where are you posting pics of the build? Thanks,
  11. Looks good! Dynavector kits are rarer then Hen's Teeth so this might be a worthwhile purchase.
  12. Hi Berkut, Thanks for the great response. I have one question for yourself, that being are you familiar with the AK Real Colors line and if so do you think that their color matches to Soviet Aircraft Colors is spot on or does it need tweaking? I am really not a BIG Fan of the AKAN color line personally as it is something difficult to aquire. Thanks Again
  13. Looking for the 1/48 Scale F-106 49th Fighter Squadron Decals from Caracal and the stencils from Fundekals. Anyone can help me on this one? Thanks, Rocketdrvr
  14. WOW Berkut, that is a gorgeous MiG 31! What colours did you use on the cockpit and airframe? Thanks! 👍👍
  15. Nice additions to an amazing manufacturer!
  16. Great outlook Darren! Couldn’t agree with you more on this!
  17. WOW, if that is a failure, I should show you some of mine! Stellar job on that kit! Love everything about it!
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