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  1. That cradle looks awesome. I need to build one like that for my 1/48 OH-6. Brandon
  2. That photo would have made my mind up for me!! That scheme is awesome! Brandon
  3. Thanks for the info on the vent. I will fill mine in as well. I am going to use the same rockets from Fireball. Mine are the loaded version. I agree that the fit in the HB kit is awesome. It goes together a lot like their 1/72 kit, and the fit on that kit was awesome. Here are a couple of pics of my attempt at the 1/72 version.
  4. Twong that is looking awesome. I have started to do the same thing over in the Helicopter group build. I plan on leaving the filters and wide cord tail on mine and was going to leave the doors closed. I may incorporate your idea (hope you do not mind) for the aft cabin and open it up now. You should enter this build in the group build. Brandon
  5. WELL I AM FINALLY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so looking forward to this group build, and was really psyched up for it, and wanted to do 2 builds. However two days after it started January 3rd I got an assignment to give one of our other contracts a hand replacing wing spars on T-38's. I have been working with the Navy for 14 years with T-45's, so it was really cool to get to work T-38's while they are still in service. But I took 2 months away from me being in this group build. So now that I am back I am going to do a quick build of the Huey with the Hobby Boss kit, with a few add on's from the Monogram kit. I want to do another Sea Wolf, and am thinking of adding the B rotors and stabilizers to the HB kit. The Sea Wolves were known to use the tails from C models and intake filters on the B's. I am not really getting crazy on this one and the interior is going to be basic and from the kit. I am keeping it simple and fun. Here is what I am going for. The Huey in the background.
  6. Just a guess, but probably a camera, or bore sight reticle. They look like that on the planes I work on. Brandon
  7. Came out looking great!!! Brandon
  8. Great idea for the blades. Looking great so far. Brandon
  9. Awesome job!!!!
  10. NICE!!! I have always liked that color scheme. Brandon
  11. Awesome paint work and finish!! Brandon
  12. Very nice. Where did you get the ATAC decals. Would love to do an ATAC Kfir. Brandon
  13. Great looking builds! Brandon
  14. Nice choice of markings. Great job. Brandon