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  1. You did a really nice job on the build and diorama!!! It all looks great! Brandon
  2. I am not really into clean builds... But that is an awesome build. That has to be one of the smoothest finishes I have seen. Great job all the way around. Brandon
  3. I just bought a Elegoo mars for $ 250.00 and am very impressed with it. I have already made a couple of instrument panels that look awesome. Wish I knew where to find some models like you posted above. Brandon
  4. Jon that looks great!! The colors and camo are very well done. Brandon
  5. SUPER!!!! Came out looking awesome. Brandon
  6. That looks awesome so far!!! I know you sealed it, but I would have been scared to death to apply tape over that insignia. Looks as if it worked out great tho!! Brandon
  7. Thanks for the clarification. I have the AH6J kit, and will have to check it out. Brandon
  8. Just bought an Elgoo Mars due to this thread!!!! Brandon
  9. I have been working on military and civilian aircraft for almost 30 years, and have spent thousands of hours in all types of wheel wells. When I first saw your pics I mistakenly thought they were references from a real aircraft. Very nice indeed. This is going to be fun to watch. Brandon
  10. That looks really great. The finish is about perfect! Very nice. Brandon
  11. That is some awesome paint work on this build. I really like the way you did the worn looking finish. Looks great in every aspect. Brandon
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