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  1. That looks sharp Andrew. Great looking paint work. Brandon
  2. Message sent on 1/32 academy F-16C. Brandon
  3. One of my favorites and as you know has motivated me to do the two seat version. I went to your website and read your article. I would like to respectfully disagree with you about your freehand finish. Had you used masks I think the model would have looked toy like. I have worked around theses planes and your paint job is spot on and very realistic for a newly painted aircraft. I looked a lot at the pics I shared on SMCG with you and then at your model. I think it is about perfect for a clean unfaded build. Brandon
  4. Looking good! Would have been cool for it to have made it to WEPS testing part of the program. I was out on the boat when you guys were out there doing taxi, and ship board movement, testing, and have seen them in the hangar in Pax while being there for a few weeks to take over the T-45 program from Boeing to L3/Vertex Aerospace. I even got the poster to prove it!! LOL! So I am a fan of the X-47B.
  5. Great looking work as always Andrew. I really like the finish applied to this one. Brandon
  6. Very awesome looking build!!!!! Brandon
  7. Very well done!! Great pics as well. Brandon
  8. Nice and original!!! Very cool. Brandon
  9. That is gorgeous!!! That rotor detail looks great as does the entire model. Brandon
  10. Love the finish Rodney!! That looks great! Brandon
  11. Nice job!! Have always liked the looks of the L-35/59 aircraft. Have a couple in 1/48 lined up. Yours loos great. Brandon
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