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  1. I have two builds on hold hoping you make it work!!!!!!
  2. That looks great!! On My last CQ Det I actually got to help the aircrew work on a stranded AWACS in Key West that had Hyd issues. Was really cool. Brandon
  3. Already have the parts to be a masochist, and extra fuse halves to try it. We will see. Brandon
  4. True. I am going to have these specially made.
  5. I hear ya... but 1/48 is not 1/32/35. I am totally with ya tho… The 1/48 options are far more superior. But who needs an accurate 206/oh-58?? We really need a few more 109's. Hell we all know there is a major gap for 109's. LOL!
  6. Thanks for the input Floyd. It is hard to believe that there are not more options considering the role this aircraft has provided over the years. I guess helos do not get the love that fixed wing gets. It has always amazed me that there is not an A-1G, UH-1B, or Jet Ranger in new tool kits. If I decide to take on this build I would like to reach out to for additional info for decals and such if that is cool with you. I really like challenges, and am pretty sure I am going to attempt a good detailed build of one of those airframes. Thanks, Brandon
  7. That looks awesome!! Well done on the bash! Brandon
  8. Looking to buy or trade for a 1/32 Bell Jet Ranger. Thanks Brandon bstewart17@yahoo.com
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