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  1. Time to get busy if I am going to finish. The kit was an old kit and was missing the decals. So I am going to have to fabricate something that looks close to an instrument panel.. The floor seemed a little to narrow to me, so I widened up a little with some strip styrene.
  2. That looks really nice! Brandon
  3. Nice!!!
  4. Stunning looking build! Well done! Brandon
  5. That looks awesome!! Great looking finish! Brandon
  6. NICE!!! Looks great! Brandon
  7. Well once again I had to go out of town for work for a period of almost a month. which means I have been away from home more than at home for this year so far. Life of an aviation career I guess. But I an determined to build something for this group build. I wanted to do a UH-1, but will not have enough time to build it like I want and meet the deadline for the group build. So I dug out this little Tamiya kit I had, and am going to give it a whirl. NO AMS on this one (I have to keep telling myself that)!! Tamiya kit with Fireball decals, and a LITTLE scratch building.
  8. UGGGHHHH!! Sorry to hear that. Hope you get well soon. Brandon
  9. That looks great. I especially like the third picture! Brandon
  10. Looks awesome!! Beautiful weathering. Brandon
  11. That is an awesome build!!! Well done! Brandon
  12. Sweet job on all of the completed builds!!! Hats off to ya all! Brandon
  13. Looking real good! Brandon
  14. Nice!! Have two of these kits. Nice to see it builds up well. Brandon
  15. Coming along nicely. Built one of these before, and it is a huge model. Brandon