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  1. Can somebody let me know how to do this? Been trying to send emails over the years to various people and haven't had luck getting it done. Trying to reduce online presence. Thanks!!
  2. Just a few more kits left! Get them before they are all gone!
  3. Okay guys, well there are still some kits left but I can't mail anything else out (except those models that have already been purchased as of today) until January 2 because I will have family visiting for the holidays during that time. But you can still buy the models and I will mail them at the beginning of the new year. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the nice words, enjoy the models! -Santa
  5. Thanks for the feedback, enjoy the model! Merry Christmas!
  6. Okay guys, in an effort to clear out all these kits by Friday, here are some new deals! All 4 Super Hornets for $55 Shipped! ($18 Savings!) All 3 Accurate Miniatures Kits for $69! ($18 Savings!) All 14 Tamiya Kits for $274! ($42 Savings!)
  7. It is the case X wing. It is the boxing that has the F-102 with the yellow and black tail on it.
  8. Anybody who purchased a kit yesterday or today will have their model shipped first thing tomorrow morning! Keep the orders coming
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