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  1. Build 8 of 2020 was supposed to be finished by 17 August, Indonesia's Independence Day. Better late than dead I always say! This is a straight build with decals from Caracal depicting TS-3011, an Su-30MK2 flown by TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force). Most of my time was taken up with fixing the nose profile and recovering from various finishing disasters. Painted with acrylics and finished with oils. Weathering was minimal as the TNI-AU maintains their Flankers quite well. I can't help but play t
  2. Thanks! Yes it is. But I picked the wrong decals to use. She's not wearing the Battle of Britain markings. Yes it's the Hasegawa RAF pilot from the WWII pilot set.
  3. Thanks! Yes, was told on ARC FB about the ailerons. Some thing to watch out for in my next builds. Good catch! I missed out on painting the prop tips. 😛
  4. Thanks! I overdid the chipping so I spent some time toning them down. Luckily the end result is OK. 🙂
  5. Build 7 of 2020 is a straight build of the RAF's unique/strange turreted interceptor from WWII. Except for the upper to lower wings fit, everything came together very easily. All done with acrylics and weathered to taste with acrylics and oil paints. More pictures and a build log at my site > https://www.rocketpunch.biz/works-airfix-48-boulton-paul-defiant/ All comments welcome! 🙂
  6. Thanks! Didn't think they'd be friction fit. I thought you used magnets. Thanks!
  7. Simple yet effective snow effects! How did you manage to make the missile pylons friction fit into the wings though?
  8. Thank you sir! I think the new Academy kit might be an easier and faster build. Agreed on the plot, but anime are usually more convoluted and melodramatic than they ever need to be 😄
  9. Hi. Thanks for the kind comments. I'm impatient so I don't leave the oil wash there for more than 5-10 mins. So long as it looks dry I'll deal with it. Some folks wipe with a dry towel but I use a paper towel that's damp with odorless thinner to help it along. Then the nooks and crannies are dealt with cotton buds that are again damp with thinner. HTH
  10. Whoa... coming from you, that's very high praise! 😄 Thank you sir! The AMRAAM is technically fictional but I believe the prototype Super Tomcat did carry it. Yeah! Unfortunately the Tomcat got totally owned by the SV-51. Heh...
  11. My 2nd build of 2020 is my take on Shin Kudo and Edgar Laselle's F-14A+ Kai that appeared in the anime Macross Zero. I mixed and matched the parts from the Hasegawa F-14B 'Super Tomcat' kit using screencaps as reference and modified some generic pilot figures to model Shin and Edgar. Decals are from a Chinese seller on eBay. This was a time consuming build but I'm liking the results. All comments welcome! More pics and a build report on my site > https://www.rocketpunch.biz/completed-hasegawa-f14kai-tomcat/
  12. Thanks! It's all the kit. I just painted it. 😄
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