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  1. Thanks! Harry already took the other Harrier to rescue his daughter 😄
  2. Build 1 of 2021 is a 99% out of the box build of the AV-8B Harrier II. The 1% is the scratchbuilt yaw vane indicator forward of the canopy and weapons from the Hasegawa weapons sets. WP-03 appears with the stores she carried in the bridge attack sequence in the movie True Lies. I managed to settle all the fit problems except the canopy. Not really happy how that one turned out. Also, part of the 'MARINES' decal tore so I had to replace it with a darker alternate. Otherwise, all acrylics and weathering with oil paints.
  3. Thanks for the kind comments! Thanks. The figure is from Hasegawa's US PIlot/Ground Crew set
  4. Thanks! Glad it turned out well.
  5. My 11th and last build of 2020 is a Vietnam War-era A-4F Skyhawk. I added the APS-107 RHAW sensor under the nose and armed the Skyhawk for the SAM Suppression mission which the US Navy calls 'Iron Hand'. Decals are from Superscale. Painted in acrylics and given slightly heavier weathering with oils to depict a war-time bird. With fellow CVW-21 stablemate from VF-211 Checkmates. NP-103 wears markings from 1968 however. A full build log and more photos can be found on my s
  6. Build 10 of 2020 was supposed to be a straight build of TOPGUN 51, an F-16A Blk 15 OCU deployed by NSAWC in 2002. The whole project turned into a nose-to-tail fit corrections and detailing exercise. Markings are from TwoBobs and the kit was painted with various acrylics. Weathering was light and done with oil paints. Many more photos and a (lengthy) build log can be found on my site: https://www.rocketpunch.biz/completed-acad-48-f16a-topgun51/
  7. Very nice! The ocean waves came out very nicely. Really like the added details like the flares too.
  8. It's also a challenge to me to get just the right amount of mottling to show through. I think the key is multiple thin coats and taking into account whether you'll be adding panel washes and other weathering on top. Thanks!
  9. Thanks you're too kind. Thanks for the kind words. The figure comes from the Hasegawa US Pilot/Ground Crew Set > https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-35007-us-pilot-ground-crew-set--158977
  10. Build 9 of 2020 is the Hobbyboss kit with Wolfpak Decals to represent an F-14A from VF-41 Black Aces. Callsign 'Fast Eagle 107' is 1 of 2 F-14As that shot down a pair of Libyan Sukhoi Su-22 Fitters during the 'Gulf of Sidra Incident' in 1981. My build shows how Fast Eagle 107 was configured right before the encounter. Compared to the Hasegawa this kit has a simplified parts breakdown so it builds faster. But it has some fitting issues on the intakes, tail and windshield. The starboard AIM-9 rail is slightly modified to show an empty rail. Painted with ac
  11. Build 8 of 2020 was supposed to be finished by 17 August, Indonesia's Independence Day. Better late than dead I always say! This is a straight build with decals from Caracal depicting TS-3011, an Su-30MK2 flown by TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force). Most of my time was taken up with fixing the nose profile and recovering from various finishing disasters. Painted with acrylics and finished with oils. Weathering was minimal as the TNI-AU maintains their Flankers quite well. I can't help but play t
  12. Thanks! Yes it is. But I picked the wrong decals to use. She's not wearing the Battle of Britain markings. Yes it's the Hasegawa RAF pilot from the WWII pilot set.
  13. Thanks! Yes, was told on ARC FB about the ailerons. Some thing to watch out for in my next builds. Good catch! I missed out on painting the prop tips. 😛
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