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  1. For sale or trade. Shipping will be actual USPS from 20640 (Maryland). Payment via Paypal Good and Services only. All items are complete but opened unless otherwise noted. Trade wants listed at bottom. Thanks for looking! -David For Sale/Trade Aircraft 1/200 DML C-141B Star Lizard kit no. 2004 - $10 1/72 DML Su-24M Fencer D - kit no. 2502 - Includes Neomega resin cockpit - $20 1/72 Hasegawa I.A.I. Kfir C2 - kit no. D15 - Decals are pretty well shot - $3 1/72 Heller Saab Viggen AJ.37/SF.37/SK.37 - kit no 80325 - Inc
  2. Yup, they're releasing two different versions, one with lights and one without. With lights is going to retail for $140, and without will be $80. A little on the pricey side considering the scale, but the detail should be spectacular. -David
  3. I've got a few S-3A sets at home. I may even have some duplicates. I will check when I get home and let you know. -David
  4. Nah, just PM me your address and I will get them out to you on Monday. -David
  5. I'm building an A319 right now and I'm not using the V2500's. If that helps you at all, you are welcome to them. -David
  6. Sounds like fun! Here's a few ideas: VF-142 Ghostriders - Riders on the Storm - Doors VF-201 Hunters - Die Hard the Hunter - Def Leppard VF-213 Black Lions - Back in Black - AC/DC
  7. There is a really good documentary out there on Mr. Hoover. I picked up a copy when it came out a couple years ago. The website is here. -Dave
  8. In case anyone else is looking for Fujimi 1/72 F-14's, you can get the KA Models kit, which is Fujimi plastic with canopy masks, PE, and turned pitot tube for $25 brand new. -Dave
  9. I see Trumpeter and Zvezda have kits too. Don't know anything about them though.
  10. Looks like Scalehobbyist has the Meng kit in stock for $66 and the Tamiya kit for $34. -Dave
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