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  1. Yup, they're releasing two different versions, one with lights and one without. With lights is going to retail for $140, and without will be $80. A little on the pricey side considering the scale, but the detail should be spectacular. -David
  2. I've got a few S-3A sets at home. I may even have some duplicates. I will check when I get home and let you know. -David
  3. Nah, just PM me your address and I will get them out to you on Monday. -David
  4. I'm building an A319 right now and I'm not using the V2500's. If that helps you at all, you are welcome to them. -David
  5. Sounds like fun! Here's a few ideas: VF-142 Ghostriders - Riders on the Storm - Doors VF-201 Hunters - Die Hard the Hunter - Def Leppard VF-213 Black Lions - Back in Black - AC/DC
  6. There is a really good documentary out there on Mr. Hoover. I picked up a copy when it came out a couple years ago. The website is here. -Dave
  7. In case anyone else is looking for Fujimi 1/72 F-14's, you can get the KA Models kit, which is Fujimi plastic with canopy masks, PE, and turned pitot tube for $25 brand new. -Dave
  8. I see Trumpeter and Zvezda have kits too. Don't know anything about them though.
  9. Looks like Scalehobbyist has the Meng kit in stock for $66 and the Tamiya kit for $34. -Dave
  10. The MiG-29 and F/A-18 from Tamiya are actually reboxes of Italeri kits which aren't that great. The Revell F-14 is an ok option but there are better ones out there. For a MiG-29, check out the new kits from Zvezda and Trumpeter. For an F/A-18 the Academy kit is really good. For the F-14, I would really recommend one of the Fujimi kits for an "A" model. KA Models is also reboxing the Fujimi F-14A plastic with some really nice decals as well as photo etch and canopy masks. I recently picked up a couple of the KA Models F-14's from Free Time Hobbies for a really good price. Pretty much any 1/48 Tamiya WWII kit is going to be a fantastic build for you. I would also direct you to check out the build forums on here as well as the Modeling Madness website for kit reviews. Hope this helps and welcome to the forums! -Dave
  11. That would be correct. All in good fun though. -Dave
  12. Like "What if" Star Trek didn't suck??
  13. FCM does a beautiful 1/144 sheet with these markings on it. I don't think they ever did that particular scheme in 72nd or 48th though, even though they do have -114 sheets in those scales. -Dave
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