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  1. Cheaper than I've seen but still that's crazy money.
  2. No problem. Here's a scan of the Caracal sheet instructions: 1387795-49-instructions.pdf (scalemates.com) And the link to the reference photos mentioned on the instructions: Caracal Models CD48205/CD72129 - Reference Section
  3. Good luck. I've been trying to pick one up for years. If you do find one, the seller usually wants a mint for them. If it helps at all, Caracal recently came out with a NASA F-15 sheet that has the ACTIVE markings on it. All you need to do then is source a pair of F/A-18A-D stabs, scratchbuilt the actuator covers, and come up with a new flight data probe and you essentially have the Hasegawa kit.
  4. Looking for 1/72 P-3C Eduard Photo etch, primarily the cockpit set, but the bigger sets would be fine too: 73282 - Interior set SS282 - Zoom Interior set BIG7239 - Big Ed set Thanks! -David
  5. Got my order today safe and sound. Thanks again Dave!
  6. Just FYI, all of the Wolfpak sheets you are looking for are still available from Fantasy Printshop: https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/decals/aircraft-decals/wolfpak-decals/1-72-scale-wollfpack-decals/ -David
  7. Hey Whitey, If it helps at all, I think Xtradecal sheet X72081 has those markings as well. I don't have either sheet, but somebody else might. -Dave
  8. Found a set. Thanks to everyone that responded!
  9. Dutch, Yes, those are the markings I'm looking for. I might have a line on a set though. If it falls through, I will let you know. Thanks! -David
  10. Just picked up the old Testors YF-22 kit and it looks like it's missing the decals. If anyone has a set they aren't going to use, either from the Testors or the Revell kit, please let me know. Still looking for the 1/72 Concorde kit as well. 😀 Thanks! -David
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