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  1. That came put very nice. It's one of my top two Enterprise kits in the scale, the other is the NX-01. One Modelpalooza contest we had one show up with the hanger bay open, the nacelle caps running, and you could look into the bridge from above.
  2. When the A-10 first showed up in the late 70s we had one of the first production models come through Little Rock AFB on its way to its first assignment. It was being escorted by the aircraft it was replacing, an A-37. Its color was light grey. Not long after that some pictures showed up at a firepower demonstration for NATO. It showed an A-10 painted like a spotted frog doing a pylon turn around a tree as it lined up for another kill on some Russian tanks set up in a field. The paint scheme didn't last very long and they were back to light grey. There were a picture or two in the
  3. During the war we used "D' models with the big belly configuration, giving them an amazing amount of bombs in their bay. The pylons under the wings mounted 12 750 bound bombs under each wing. At first they aircraft were still natural with the white undersides but it wasn't too long before they went to camouflage with black sides, tails, and black undersides. Missions were launched at least every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for Christmas and the Bob Hope U.S.O. show. In 1972 the camouflaged "G" models arrived for a short time. I never heard of Skybolt missiles b
  4. If you de3cide to use the curve, mark the beginning and end spots to get the same points. Normally I laid down the tape and drew the lines on the tape before cutting it with a #11 bladed knife. I'm planning on doing a series of 106s from my old squadron because there was a change as they went along. Not much, but a change. I took a picture of one of our "B" models sitting it its maint. pod and it had a straight anti-glare panel. The other one had the usual curved panel. I'm even considering including one of our T-33 multi mission aircraft and our F-15A we picked up to repla
  5. Those colored panels started back on the early "G" models way back in the early 70s. In 1971 we got our first "G" at Ellsworthand whiole it was put on display for the base to see the "D/F" replacement I got a couple shots of it. Soon all the earlier models were shipped off to the war. Eventually some "G"s showed up to do what they could with a more limited bomb load.
  6. You're right, it was HG. One day I was on the flight line with my camera when a 111 came in with an engine blowing out blue smoke. I as they parked it in front of the reventmants on the upper layer and the fire dept met it. The crew got out as the firemen approached and then the brakes gave out and the 111 rolled into the sie of the fire vehicle. I could see it rolling, but could not get close enough for a couple pictures.
  7. Our two squadrons at Korat, the 428th and 429th had the NG tail code while they were there. When I was attending a class at Sheppard AFB in Texas, I found a few of the original F-111s in their grey and white paint, just like the Revell model from the mid 60s where they gave the option of an A.F. or Navy scheme. I managed to get a couple shots of them.
  8. So, who's markings are you going to use? We had two squadrons at Korat and they carried 500 pounders on their wing racks or cluster bombs and also mounted two ECM pods center line. At one point the A.F. told all squadrons to remove the shark mouths and the fight was on, for a short time. One shift of mechanics woult take off their mouths and the later shift would put them back on. Not long after that, they moved the location of the mouths. The F-4Es put them on the top of their AIM 9 rails and the F-111s put them on the nose of their ECM pods. The A-7Ds just went along with order
  9. ikar


    I have seen some try stressed skin on a couple models, mostly the B-52, which has some good ones in front of its wings. I tried it myself once and it didn't come out that well so I stopped. Most people don't want the stressed effect so I don't see the companies adding it anytime soon if at all. This leaves you with a choice, try it or don't. You could always practice on an old kit.
  10. And then there's the XC-99 that was brought from its resting place between Lackland and Kelly air force bases. It was the only one and I went through it on one of my TDYs to Lackland for either Combat school or Traffic Accident Investigtion school. It was an interesting aircraft and I got some nice pictures of its interior.
  11. I could be wrong about the 111s. It was a long time ago and I eventually had to sell a lot of photos I took from the war because I needed money badly. I wasn't making all that much at the time. I have some good shots of them with the wings out and getting full loads of various bombs, including clusters and other things. I didn't know the B-57s were there. What year was that?
  12. The B-10 bomber they have was found in 1973 during an air show one of our C-5s from Dover went to. A few of the people were walking around the base and stumbled on it in a hanger when someone looked through a window. A message was sent back and it was most likely relayed to M.A.C. HQ. Sometime after the show another C-5 picked it up and took it to Dover for what I think was an overall evaluation and I was told some minor work before it was sent to Wright Patterson. I was told it was the only surviving example left and they had been using it for maintenance training.
  13. During the war the F-4D as well as the F-111 carried laser bombs. I don't remember seeing any other aircraft using them, but then, I was Air Force. Our A-7Ds were used for close in work and took over the job the A-1 had as an escort for the rescue helicopters, using the call sign Sandy.
  14. Love the Phaser. That would look great next to my E.M. pistol and Phase pistol from Star Trek Enterprise.
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