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  1. ikar

    Enterprise and feminism?

    If I remember right the shape was derived somehow from designs of some old sailing ships. It was in a book that was published back when the show was on the air. I used to have a copy but unfortunately my Mother gave away or threw away most of my things when I was overseas. It looks like you got stuck with someone who's trying to push their P.C. agenda on students. You might try contacting a site called memory alpha that deals with the history of Star Trek or a club of fans of the show. Now Gene Roddenbury did have a argument with the higher-ups about the amount of women of the ship. They were concerned that if there were about a 50/50 mix then the audience might think there was things going on with the crew members when not on duty. To setle it he proposed that only 1/3 of the crew be women. What he didn't tell them was that he thought that 1/3 should be able to handle 2/3s, and they bought it.
  2. ikar

    A very famous sub

    I'd love to get the Seaquest kit or maybe another Nautilus, but larger this time. I have entered mine a few times but with no luck, even against the same kit that was not as well done as mine. I have a feeling the judge thought it should be covered in rust paint. It didn'tstay operational long enough to get more than a the beginnings of a rust build up. If you watch the movie it's mostly a dark grey with some staining. Even the studio model is like that. I got a couple shots of it on display at Disney one year. I have to get them scanned in and posted.
  3. ikar

    A-1h Skyraider Loadout, Dieter Dengler,

    From what I've seen most Air Force A-1s would carry a couple external tanks and then a load of 500 pounders sometimes mixed in with napalm or napalm and rocket pods. I have a couple shots somewhere of a couple Skyraiders escorting a Super Jolly Green Giant and carrying rockets and C.B.U, dispensers.
  4. ikar

    1/72 F-106B Two-seater ?

    I picked one up from Suadron as soon as they showed up. Just lucky in the timing. As for why they went so quickly, there never has been a dedicated model of the "B". produced, just a couple conversion kits. If they come out with a TF-102 the same thing will happen again.
  5. ikar

    Was the A-10 ever considered for export?

    The A-10s in South Korea were from the 25th T.F.S. who were transitioning out of the F-4 . When they returned to the Pacific they were given the tail code OS for Osan Air Base. They first showed up in the early 80s and would make occasional trips to Kadena A.B. to play with the units who would gather in Okinawa and soomwtimes just come over to shoot up the range at Ie Shima island and for the occasional aircraft display. Somewhere along the way they were fitted with a large finned cap at the end ov their cannon's muzzle.
  6. ikar

    AK Air Command f-15's

    During the 80s P.A.C.A.F. asked us to have some F-15s test the Eagle's ability to bomb with only the equipment that it came with, no extras. This idea didn't go over well with the not a pound for air to ground group but they had no choice. They took them out to Ie Shima and a couple other islands and gave it a try. To their surprise, it did quite well. They even tried using their conformal tanks as long as they were at it.
  7. Back in the 70s I was at Little Rock and there was a rash of Herk crashes. We lost at least two of ours. In the end they said that the control cables broke and the flight deck lost any ability to maneuver. They just smashed into the ground. Funny thing about a Herk, usually the tail will snap off at the paratroop door because there isn't much metal there. One of the wrecks caused the tail to snap on impact and go its merry way. When the rest of the aircraft hit, the exposed cargo deck acted like a cannon and the explosion shot at least one crew member out
  8. ikar

    F-106 going ballistic

    The 49th aldo had a detachment stationed at Loring A.F.B., Maine in the 70s. I remember seeing anywhere fro 2-4 aircraft at their pods near the ammo storage area, but it could have been during pilot rotation.
  9. ikar

    No grenades for you!

    At that time A.F. basic was 6 weeks. After that you were usually sent to whatever school you needed for your future job, admin., cook, aircraft maint., and so on. For the Security Police we had another 6 weeks and then some were either picked or volunteered for K-9 which was longer than the other schools. When you got your notification to go to South East Asia, you had to return to Lackland and its Medina annex. You also had to go to Camp Bullis for the more intense training, such as working with armored vehicles, field manuvers, bare base setup and defense heavy weapons, and so on. If you were picked to specialize in the 81mm mortor or 50 cal. you went to Fort Hood next. The 90mm recoiless and L.A.W. rocket were taught at Bullis but sometimes you might have to go over to Fort Hood as well. At that time the grenade range was at Medina and only used by the Police. The hole thing wasn't too bad if you didn't mind the spiders, fire ants, and rattlesnakes.
  10. ikar

    No grenades for you!

    When we went to the live range during combat school it was a memorable day. It's one thing to throw the practice egg type we used and a whole other thing to have a live egg in your hand. The weight is the same but the feel was smoother than the cast dummies.. As I waited my turn down the line the instructor suddenly yelled, "Oh S%#T!" and dove down by me. A second later there was a loud noise and it looked like the whole world was vibrating like in the cartoons. Evidently someone a bit farther up had let his slip during the throw and instead of it going straight out, it went up and curved to the right, giving my position a airburst. I ended up with a few cuts on my neck from the grenade that my instructor patched up and then asked me if I wanted to take a break or toss mine next before he sent me to the observation point where the rest of the class was waiting their turn on the line. I took my grenade and when he said to pull the pin my first live one suddenly felt a lot different. I got it out a sfe enough distance and then headed to the class to have my wounds rechecked .
  11. fulcrum1, watch out for those WWII diving targets, it's not unusual to find they can still be armed with live explosives. Anyway, what I try to do is get in some range time and kill some paper targets. I used to be pretty good with my M-16 and .38 in the Air Force but I just don't always find the time I'd like to have for shooting.
  12. Things are still crawling along with this mutant Cruiser/Carrier. Obviously not all of the vast amount of P.E. from the Flyhark set is going ot be used but much of it will be. I have done some painting of the ship and what I am curious about is the look of it. The gray is darker that the Mushasi I built earlier but thr instructions call for it. However I just doesn't look right completely flat. Shouldn't it be at least semi gloss, and if so, what should I use?
  13. I'm working on a 1/350th Mogami cruiser/carrier for a friend. He said he wanted some P.E. and wooden deck parts. There are no wood decks on this ship but I did pick up the Flyhawk P.E. set that has a lot of detail, some of which I am not physically able to use because of thier size. There are more than 15 frets in this set along with barrels and other things. The brass parts to cover the decks are very thin and they seem to line up with the detail easilly enough. It does take some effort to co-ordinate between the kit instructions and the P.E. instructions. The P.E. sheets have several nice color photos to help but some things could use some explaining. For instance, they show some parts colored red or blue but so far I haven't seen any explanation of what this really means. Do I cut something off the plastic part of cut through the brass? I'm not sure. I considered trying to contact the company but considering they are based in China and have shown a couple spelling errors in their instructions and Chinese companies are not exactly noted for customer service, I thought I might try here. Has anyone used this company's products before and might be able to give a few answers or opinions?
  14. ikar

    PhotoBucket Embedded fix???

    I just looked at the photobucket site to see if I could look at my photos. It doesn't appear that I can access my account anymore. They claiming that they are updating their system. Looks like I lost everything at this point.
  15. I was getting ready to paint a model of the Destroyer Yukazaki and wound up with a problem. According the the chart, part of the deck is listed as a Linoleum color. Does anyone have an idea of what color could be used to at least come close to this color? The instructions list the color as SC06.