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  1. ikar

    Space Assault Ship Toranaga

    I'll have some more pictures soon,. There have ben some real world distractions after me lately. I already have an idea for another class ship in the series.
  2. In keeping with the series Star Blazers I decided to build my own Space Battleship Yamato. Unfortunately after I took a close look at the modifications they made for the series and decoded to abandon the project and just put my extra Yamato kit on the shelf. As things go I just couldn't let it go. Here I had a kit that I paid 30.00 dolllars for and ended up with a second box of parts from another kit. Eventually I got an idea, During the war the Japanese converted several types of warships into hybrids that could aircraft or in some cases took large ships and converted them into aircraft carriers, why not this one? I started to think about different ways I could convert my kit. Using the star Blazers kit as a rough guide, I started to test out ways to make the conversion. I started by putting on a new deck made out of a sheet of plastic. I took off the rudder and drive shaft parts and extra sheeting on each side for heavier armor and to cover up some of the contours of the hull. The wave motion gun of the original ship was not needed so I added a different type of heavy energy weapon in the bow and the heavy shielding around the two main gun turrets, a modified superstructure slightly smaller engine and a ff;ight deck. http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc4/ikar_photos/models/IMG_0044_zpsrspickdn.jpg] ://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc4/ikar_photos/IMG_0047_zpsjj8o6cig.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  3. ikar

    Post -War USAF C-46 Commando photos?

    The only real C-46 I ever saw, courtesy of the C.I.A. and a broken engine.
  4. ikar

    Post -War USAF C-46 Commando photos?

    The only shots I have are of a C.I.A. ship during Vietnam that made a emergency landing when it lost one of its engines.
  5. ikar

    Help and Advice

    I believe the Monogram kit was 1/400 scale when it came out. I used to have it but my Mother gave it away while I was on my first tour during Vietnam. I have only seen one or two since then.
  6. ikar

    Help and Advice

    If I remember right, my wife's brother said there was a fire on the Enterprise. He was on the Connie and said that they left some of the discolored area alone as a remindersince it wasn't in a vulnerable area. On his tour he had to do a double because their relief carrier caught fire. Wasn't there a conversion kit for the Tamiya kit to make it the original beehive version?
  7. ikar

    B-52D camo colors over Vietnam

    They also had a reflective stripe on the outside of the wing tanks that went from tip to tip with a break in the middle for the last three numbers from its tail.
  8. ikar

    T-39 Sabreliner

    I have the old vacuum kit and have partly started it. It would be in Air Force markings and I may have to make the landing gear myself but just might make it a in-flight model. Either way, the interior could be a problem. They also made a model of the C-140 aircraft which I just found. It should look good camouflaged like I saw them during Vietnam.
  9. ikar

    Cobra Company sets

    Ok. Excuse my ignorance, but I haven't been on the forum for a while now and don't know what your site is.
  10. ikar

    Cobra Company sets

    I know it's a lot tp ask but is there anything on the H-43 set? I used to have to fly with them on base recon/observation flight from the bases I was assigned to in S.E.A.
  11. ikar

    USMC KC-130 Crash, Fatalities

    A long time ago my wife's C-130 returned with a mialigned crgo ramp and gound damage. M.A.C. HQ. sent a accident investigation team down to find out what happened. On its way the pilot of the T-39 reported a in-flight emergency. He was informed that the hard runway would be foamed and to put it down there. For some reason the pilot set the utility aircraft down in the grass between the dirt strip and the foamed one. This meant that M.A.C. had to send down two more teams , one for the Herk and the other one for the T-39 since the first team was now considered witnesses and could no longer be used. I had heard that when a investigation is started, anyone with access to that aircraft could be called in for questioning, and their records would be gone over, sometimes all the way back to how they did in their particular Air Force schools.
  12. ikar

    Thud Pilots

    One of the weasel guys I talked to said they almost got a mig. They picked up a mig on their tail and immediately dropped their tanks and started evasive manuvers. At one point the G.I.B. reported he lost the mig but did see a ball of fire behind them. The only thing they could figure is that when the drop tanks fell away they can adopt a strange flight path of their own. It must have be very shortly after falling away one of them must have ended up in front of the mig who was too occupied chasing them in their big aircraft and didn't notice their problem until impact. They did a few more manuvers just to make sure, but they there wasn't another aircraft up there with them. When they landed they tried to laim the kill but it was denied on the grounds of no other witnesses, no gun film, and they didn't see the impact.
  13. ikar

    Thud Pilots

    Even though I was a lowly enlisted swine, I knew a couple of 105 Weasel guys. Quite a bunch. In bad weather days over the target they would have to do it again each day, same approach, altitude and usually time until it cleared and they could strike. What a system. You don't think the enemy wasn't waiting for them? Not meaning to crash the thread but there was another group that had a hard jpb too, the F.A.C. guys. Imagine going out each day and trying to get shot at. I worked for a F-15 pilit who had racked up 900 combat hours in a 0-1 Bird dog.
  14. ikar

    F-15C as bombing platform?

    EWhen I worked wing scheduling at Kadena in the early 80s we were told from on high to test the bombing capabilities of our Eagles using only the supplied on board equipment. When we told our three squadrons, they weren't overjoyed about this assignment but they got right to work on it. All results were sent to the pilots working in our office who sent them to the appropriate commanders. From what I was told, they did quite well for guys that never did air to ground work. This shot was taken during a airshow we had during a carnival for a local orphanage.
  15. ikar

    1/72 Monogram B-52D questions

    Good luck. They also had a reflective stripe along the outside of the wing tanks, from tip to tip. It had a yellow tint to it and I think was open enough in the middle for the last three of the tail number to show. It would have been a safety device so drivers could avoid hitting the tank.