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  1. And then there's the XC-99 that was brought from its resting place between Lackland and Kelly air force bases. It was the only one and I went through it on one of my TDYs to Lackland for either Combat school or Traffic Accident Investigtion school. It was an interesting aircraft and I got some nice pictures of its interior.
  2. I could be wrong about the 111s. It was a long time ago and I eventually had to sell a lot of photos I took from the war because I needed money badly. I wasn't making all that much at the time. I have some good shots of them with the wings out and getting full loads of various bombs, including clusters and other things. I didn't know the B-57s were there. What year was that?
  3. The B-10 bomber they have was found in 1973 during an air show one of our C-5s from Dover went to. A few of the people were walking around the base and stumbled on it in a hanger when someone looked through a window. A message was sent back and it was most likely relayed to M.A.C. HQ. Sometime after the show another C-5 picked it up and took it to Dover for what I think was an overall evaluation and I was told some minor work before it was sent to Wright Patterson. I was told it was the only surviving example left and they had been using it for maintenance training.
  4. During the war the F-4D as well as the F-111 carried laser bombs. I don't remember seeing any other aircraft using them, but then, I was Air Force. Our A-7Ds were used for close in work and took over the job the A-1 had as an escort for the rescue helicopters, using the call sign Sandy.
  5. Love the Phaser. That would look great next to my E.M. pistol and Phase pistol from Star Trek Enterprise.
  6. Sometimes paint will last longer than you think they would. I still have some Pactra paint I bought back in the 70s and a couple bottles of Testors paint that I had intended to use for a B-24 desert camouflage that I bought at the same time. They still look like the did when I bought the in the last century. I will not be building the B-24 so I will most likely be selling them at the next Modelpalooza in October.
  7. Way back when my Father took me to the museum when I got drafted and decided to go into the A.F. the whole placed was completely different. Most of the aircraft were outside and in some cases you could get into the bays, or with the B-36, they had a maint. scaffold you could walk up and see into the flight deck. The XB-70 had other aircraft parked under it and you could just walk over and touch the wheels. The B-24 was sitting alongside a rail car with the Goblin on it and a B-58 was parked off to the side waiting for a spot. I didn't see the Memphis Belle there but there was a B-17G
  8. One day I was talking to a C-47 Load Master and he said a few days previously they had a load of perforated planks for a base a bit up north. He said the pilots had a tough time getting off the ground and he saw both straining at their wheels and just barely got off the ground. They were having trouble getting altitude and he went and checked the cargo. According to the manifest they were hauling perforated aluminum planks but when he really checked he found out it was actually steel planks and they were almost 1/3 past their gross weight limit. Tough little aircraft. My Father was flying
  9. I'd like to but for some reason I have trouble posting on this site. It's not easy easy as it used to be. I can post it over on the Aircraft section on Fine Scale's forums, I have no problem there.
  10. Seafoam green was quite popular in the A.F. The inside of our barracks had the same color. Eventually we got used to it, tired of it and it became somewhat of a bad comment. Every barracks and most of the offices had the same color. If you flew you had t be surrounded by the same color.
  11. A long time ago I had some decals for one of the F-15s for the 5th F.I.S. I had been working on the design during our transition from the F-106 and after it was approved and they started to show up in our squadron parking area two of us went out in about 60 below weather to get some shots. We submitted them to Bare Metal who made them in 1/72nd and 1/48th scale. Eventually we went to Fighting Pirannah decals to get a couple sets for 1/32nd scale.
  12. I have a shot of F-4 number 463 with all six kills and also a kill marking for a Firebee drone. It's on the right column on the top of the other markings. I caught it on my sedcond tour when the aircraft make a short stop at our base and they parked it along side one of our reventments.
  13. It's good work, but what is the Sky 1 fighter doing there and I don't remember there being any Shadow Mobiles stationed on the moon.
  14. Never heaqrd of it. Where is it and what happens there?
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