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  1. Nothing like a good ol' tweet, or 6,000 pound dog whistle as we called them. Not a bad job. Interesting to see something other than V.N.A.F. markings, not done that way too often..
  2. You're right, the Testor's kit is basic. It's so basic, it's almost hollow. You've done a heck of a job with that old kit. Very good. I remember catching a shuttle bus to the armory to meet up with some people who would turn over a prisoner I had to escort back to my base at Korat and we ended up behind a )-2 that was on its way to the flight line to take off for a mission. Very strange experience to be right behind him on a two lane road. For some reason the decision was made to park his squadron a few blocks from the flight line, leaving them no choice but to do this. We just happened to hit it at the right time and the local driver seemed to like to follow a bit too close. But as I said, you did a real good job, better than I could have done.
  3. Another thing that I remember about these aircraft: Sometimes I would see them preparing to go and there would be some orange discs sticking out of the top of the wings. I never went over to ask one of them what they were because they were usually busy with the their part of the war and not many people wanted to talk to us anyway. We weren't well liked.
  4. As far as I know, there are no seats available. I had to make my own set using drawings from the flight manual for the C-130. Maybe Lockheed could give you a copy of the drawings for a 130 from that time. It's worth a shot.
  5. I was looking at the first picture you showed. Wasn't that of a Verlinden project? He had a tendency to overdo things a bit. There was one where he had a piston engine sitting in the back of the reventment and the ground crew were wearing colored T-Shirts with job labels on their backs like the Navy would. Depending on the condidions, which were almost always hot and sometimes very wet, they would wear their jungle fatigue shirt, or just a white T-Shirt, or sometimes no shirt at all. This gave them an advantage over us. There would never be aircraft parts just laying around, especially near another aircraft. The reventments didn't look that worn out and dirty from what I saw when I went out to take pictures or drove around on patrol, and the reventment sides looked like a gray steel color. As far as growth on the top of the barriers, I don't remember there being any at Korat, but we did have some here and there at U-Tapao.
  6. While I was at Korat the 17th Wild Weasels were assigned and had the tail code of "JB". What do you show the F-4 squadrons assigned to be? I know the 34th T.F.S. used "JJ". Here's a couple pictures that may or may not help: I had a few others to post but as usual, photobucket was not co-operating.
  7. Thanks for the information. I was going over the instruction sheet for colors and I saw copper labeled as "D". I looked all over the instructions and did not find any reference to that color being used. Usually when you see the NX on the DVDs, it appears to have a copper or bronze base and some photos look that way too therefore, some confusion. was caused. I recently picked up a photo etch set for the shuttle bay and I already have a couple of the shuttle pods which I hope I can show coming out of the bat bay I have a lighting set that I got some time ago for this kit but it seemed a bit too bright when I tested it. I will also have to come up with some kind of heavier base for the ship to handle the power source. How did you do the front of the nacelles, just paint the base with the spikes transparent red? I considered something like that but woiuld coat the outer area flat.
  8. Deffinately have to save up. This one is not going to be cheap by the looks of it. The OV-10 was the second type of aircraft my wife could have beem assigned to work on, the 130 was what she got. Have to do one for the 23rd T.A.S.S. at Korat in honor of the guys I saw there.
  9. Thanks for the link, I'll have to wait until the first of the month to order so I have money on my disability card. What preparation did you do or what other colors did you use under the decals?
  10. The NX is one of my favorite ships. If I remember right it had a crew of about 85 or so. Do you have a link to those decals? I tried looking up ReCreation decals and all I get are sports, emergency organization, and misc decals.
  11. How are these kits and how costly are they? They are not in our area. I was in a 106 squadron and would like to do a couple from my old unit, especially one of the tubs. I'd also like to make one with a gun and one with a coffin.
  12. Always liked the Skycrane, even though it was Army. I used to see them all the time during high school flying here and there from Picatinny Arsennel. You know, a Jolly Green Giant would be good too.
  13. Waiting on this one, we had them at Korat. If I remember right there was a small tube that stuck out slightly from the point of the tail cone. Any idea what this was for?
  14. I used to watch my pilots come back after their flights and their faces would show the depressions from their oxygen masks as they made their way to debriefing. I used to have a standing offer to grab the back seat of one of our T-33s, F-106, or F-15s if I had the time and a seat was open. I thanked them but never took them up on it. From the looks of it, you like to live dangerously. Have you considered diving on the wrecks at Truk Lagoon or Bikini Atoll?
  15. Just a bit of over-kill on that one.