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  1. Outside of internal updates and a paint change, what's the difference between the "A" version and the later C-5s? A C-140 would be good but it should be in 1/72nd, and a T-39 would help. For that matter, a C-9 Nightingale, T-29, T-43, and a Army C-7 Christmas ship while we're at it. I'm thinking C-123 Ranch Hand.
  2. Can you imagine putting some paratroopers inside the rear fuselage?
  3. I love this idea, wish I thought of it. Keep going.
  4. I've heard of some people using a drop of superglue to fill it and then sanding it even. Others use a little putty or epoxy.
  5. I would think that the 100 would need an adapter pylon. I think it was flying before the missile was developed.
  6. Have you tried squadron? They may still be producing their line of Vacuum formed canopies.
  7. An Iranian C-130 at Little Rock A.F.B,. having its pylon tanks replaced with ones painted in Vietnam colors after a slight problem during landing. The aircraft returned home shortly after repairs were made.
  8. When I was in operations I had to be cockpit qualified because part of my job was to change out all the maps and charts in our aircraft each time they updated. Those seats always made me a bit nervous when I got in.a F-106 or F-15. At least with the T-33 I could just lean over the right side of the fuselage and change them out. I had an offer to go up anytime I wanted when they had a open seat but refused to go.
  9. One day at Korat there was a line up of different aircraft taking turns on the runway. The 105s had just left and the F-4s were starting to go two at a time. Behind them were a couple OV-10s followed by a Connie. All of a sudden there was a roar from the OV-10 as a seat left and went into the sky, coming down directly in front of the Connie's wing, no injuries except for a couple bruises and scrapes. This turned out to be an incentive flight so the rider wasn't too up on cockpit operations and safety. He landed safe enough and everyone was amazed that the seat worked as advertised. More than one comment like Damn, zero-zero really does work. I'm sure he had several appointments with various commanders around the base after that, especially since they were still getting over a fatal seat firing in a hanger.
  10. The first two were. We were on a bus heading for the freedom bird when the driver slammed on the brakes as they went by. I was standing in the front of the isle and got the shots. The other two I took on my second tour at Korat. It was parked alongside a reventment at the end of the C-130 area. Had a feeling it might have come from U-Tapao and my have had a maintenance problem but never found out.
  11. I have never seen the Academy kit and haven't seen the Airfix one in years. Now I have to hunt one down. For one, I have a much simplier scheme in mind: I'm just not sure what version these aircraft are. The first two I took in 1972 and the second two I took in 1974.
  12. Are you tryng tooo zay I kandt szpell?