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  1. PhotoBucket Embedded fix???

    I just looked at the photobucket site to see if I could look at my photos. It doesn't appear that I can access my account anymore. They claiming that they are updating their system. Looks like I lost everything at this point.
  2. I was getting ready to paint a model of the Destroyer Yukazaki and wound up with a problem. According the the chart, part of the deck is listed as a Linoleum color. Does anyone have an idea of what color could be used to at least come close to this color? The instructions list the color as SC06.
  3. 1:1 scale F-111 cockpit mystery

    When I was at Dover in 1973 we got a capsule in on a pallet. It was waiting to be sent on to its next location and from the looks of it , deffinately fired from a real aircraft, not clean and neat. When I was in a couple fighter squadrons they always had a cockpit training device to help the pilots remain up on their various procedures . The sitting pilot would react to problems given by another pilot who would watch the student and see which control he would move in response. Even I had to use a more elaborate one to get cockpit qualified so I could sit in the seat and do what I had to do and I had to do this for three different types of aircraft.
  4. Star Trek: Discovery

    Caught the last half of it. Reminded me ofa J.J. production and just couldn''t get into it, especially if I had to pay to see more. Oh well, back to DVDs It was said that some of the performances were a bit wooden. So was The Next eneration at first. It can take a bit of time for the actors to feel comfortable with their roles. Almosta shame I will mot be seeing how they do later...if they do later.
  5. Best of luck to folks in Florida

    My wife's about 20 miles north in Lake Mary taking care of her brother who needs constant watching and may need to be taken to he hospital if the power goes out. Meanwhile his wife is working at one of the hospitals during the storm. I have to stay to take care of my animals and watch the house. My wife's brother sent out a general invite to the rest of the family to head to his place up in Georgia. I can't make that long a trip myself due to complications from military incurred medical problems. Oh well, this isn't the first storm I've been through.
  6. Modelpalooza

    Hope you can make it. My wife and I will be manning the club's table. If you can, stop by and introduce yourself.
  7. Modelpalooza

    Anyone going to this year's contest in Orlando? Pre-registration is underway. There is a story going around that that is the only way to enter, there will be no walk in registrations. I don't know how this started but it's wrong. Would that make any sense to not have walk in registration?
  8. There's some areas of the Pacific well over 20, 000 feet deep, an aircraft going deep would probably crush itself from the impact. I heard there's a B-29 in the lake at the Hoover Dam, I thik it was. It's supposed to be in pretty good shape and was part of a research project of some type.
  9. Trying to find the conversion kit to turn the HB Vietnam armored car into the Air Force Security Police XM-706E2. Hopefully they got all the seats and benches that were inside correct. There is also a detail set for the hatches. The other is a model of the M-715 truck, which we called a weapons carrier. I have tried to order the conversion but I have not been able to do it and the 715 is way too expensive when the shipping from Europe costs more than the kit.
  10. Water color

    I have a 1/700th waterline model of the carrier Wolverine and besides wishing it was 1/350th scale I need to know what the color of the Great Lakes is
  11. An Interesting Mod Idea?

    That is an odd conversion. It looks like the rear of the mount, don't know if you can call it a turret anymore, is elongated. This could be to accomidate the length of the weapons and kept open to allow all that brass to escape That many guns in such a small space would fill it up quickly otherwise, eventually jamming the weapons. It makes you wonder hwo aimed the weapons, someone in the nose, or up in the flight deck.
  12. 1/700 Hospital ship

    E-Bay lists a few models of hospital ships, mostly the old Revell box scale kits. This might be your only hope unless you can find one at a vendor's table during a contest.
  13. Air Force armor conversion

    Normally K-9 didn't ride in the armored vehicles, they had a few duce &1/2s as well as a couple M-151 jeeps, and maybe a M-715 weapons carrier, depending on what the assignment was and what extra vehicles were available at the time. When this shot was taken we were holding a little display of our vehicles and most of our weapons types after a base attack. I was surprised to see them actually let the public see we had a couple .50 cals. They were usually kept hidden in the armory because they were not allowed on our base because of their range and power. I guess they thought that the base might need to see what we had to protect them because most of the base had no idea of our capabilities, and it might help answer questions about what we were doing all the time. Anyway, if I remember right, one of the handlers put his dog in the duck while he helped with something to do with the display. For some reason I think the dog's name was Tiki
  14. 1/700 Hospital ship

    There's a 1/700th scale WWII Japanese hospital ship. It's in the waterline series and not to bad a kit. It's from Hasegawa, I think. I thought I heard of a re-release of one of the old box scale hospital ships, but I haven't heard anything since then.
  15. WWIII

    If it still works the same these days, like when I was in, all branches should have their own audio visual units or something similar.