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  1. So what do I have to do to post pictures these days? It just isn't the same if you can't post pictures, so I left for a while in the hopes that this problem might be fixed.
  2. I'd love to find a kit of the Pedro. I flew several recon missions over and in the area around our base during my two tours during Vietnam. I was in four near misses with other aircraft, a light fight with a person in the jungle who used a held held search light and we took out a car that was running guns by blinding him with our lights.
  3. As much as some dislike photobucket, I still use it. However For some time I have not been able to post photos here. What's the trick to it? I have no problems anywhere else.
  4. During my second tour for the Vietnam war the C-130 gunships used mostly black with a camoflaged top on the A models and the H models were black overall. Then one day a H was flying around the base and eventually landed that was a light grey with its tail markings, WP, painted a slightly darker color. This aircraft would show up a few more times and never again. Some time after that the H models started getting a grey paint job that was darker. I have a shot of they original grey model as well as a H with just one engine nacelle grey and the rest black, and then there was grey with a black
  5. ikar

    B52D At OIA.

    The "D' model was always my favorite. During the war a set of tankers and at least 3 "D" would launch to hit their targets somewhere in South East Asia. Sometimes they would not return for hours and once in a while a mission would come in for a landing in a much shorter time. Many times at least one out of a cell of three would come back with hung bombs. I saw one land just past the markers and when the chute door opened the entire parachute went rolling down the runway. Evidently it was not connected properly if at all. The bomber took the entire runway plus a bit more. It went through
  6. Thanks for the missing parts. It's been a long time since I went over the story and even then I didn't get all of it. I remember having a C-5 land at Utapao in 71 and getting a shot of it from a Pedro copter. That M-715 truck looked pretty small againist it. I saw a lot more of them in 73 when I was at Dover and even got to fly in one for a airshow in Cleveland.
  7. Back in the days of Spooky, in the lae 60s, there was an incident where one of the flares malfunctioned and ignited in the aircraft. One of the guys in the back took the burning flare and carried it to the cargo door and managed to drop it out before there was any serious damage. As a result, he received the medal of honor and I think was medically discharged due to his injuries, which were sever, most likely losing the use of his hands.
  8. I sed to hit some small stores outside Kadena's gate 2 that were on side streets. I think the other store by Shimas was called Franks and wasn't that far away, only a few blocks. I would hit several stores each payday after going to the base bank and loading up on yen, sometimes 20,000 or more.
  9. The NX has been one of my favorite ships since the show came out. I may try to have one ready for the next Modelpalooza this year.
  10. It does use a lot of plastic to pack pits that way. It might be better just to place a layer of tissue paper or something like it between each layer and then seal the box. In Okinawa I would often look at the parts when I was in the toy shop before I bought the kit. But that was some time ago.
  11. Check back every so often, that's what I have to do sometimes to get things like the red nacell caps or masks.
  12. These were the original ones that were being used as training devices at Sheppard A.F.B. for aircraft mechanics. If you ever say the Revell original F-111 kit you could do either grey or cammoflaged. I believe this was when the Navy was considering getting the F-111 too.
  13. Check Federation Models, they might have what you want. I'm collecting things to build another 350th scale, this time with phase cannons deployed, possibly a shuttle pod being pulled in, and lit up.
  14. I have shots of the "A" models from S.E.A. and even caught a couiple of the A.F. originals in the grey/white paint scheme that were being used as training aircraft for aircaraft mechanics.
  15. We had a Loas T-28 make an emergency landing at our base one day. They were low on fuel, lost and radio out. The aircraft was escorted to a parking spot by a couple jeeps, a M-715 weapons truck and a M-706 armored car and carried a 50 cal under each wing with a simple air shield.. Since we shared the runway with the local Air Force, they took custody of the pilot and back seater for a few days before sending them home. It gave me enough time to sneak up with my jeep and grab a couple shots, since sometimes I had to patrol in the area anyway. I'd post a couple pictures but somewhere alon
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