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  1. The Pedro was an interesting thing to ride in and could provide all sorts of diversions besides what a mission in one allowed. I'm looking forward to a H-43 kit in either 1/72nd or 1/48th. Any idea when they might be available?
  2. I'm looking forward to it. Finally a chance for a good kit in a scale that I usually build aircraft on. Don't underestimate the Pedro. They were also used to support the local villages by bringing in supplies of all types from food and medical to whatever they might need for a new irrigation system. There was one time it landed on the road outside the base clinic to pick up a critical patient and transport him to a hospital in Bangkok. It took a couple refueling stops, but they made it. I flew several recon flights in those things. We used to cover the local area around the base, looking for enemy activity of any type. One night someone tried to bring us down with a high intensity light beam. later we took out a car that was running guns for the enemy. Yes it was not all that pretty, it was dangerous to be near with the engines running and the blades turning. It wasn't as glorious as the real combat copters catching the headlines, but it did one heck of a job that most people never heard of and in some cases the designers never thought of having it do and I'll always be grateful I had a chance to be on board for some of them.
  3. I'm not familiar with Navy base security, having been in the Air Force, but unless you have a need to be on the base I have a feeling that your chances of getting past the gate are not that good. Especially since the recent shootings. Even when I was in you had to get permission to enter, and have a valid reason, and be vouched in by someone who will take the responsibility of your actions..
  4. Something you didn't see very often: Then there's this, a grey AC-130, while the others were either cammo top over black or all black. Just because I like the B.U.F.F.: WE had a lot of them and eventua;;y gpt spme "G" models in.
  5. I'm sure someone's probably working on them but be patient, after all, it's a tankless job.
  6. I want to make another AF. Security Police M-706 from the Vietnam war. Last time I had to completely rebuild and detail the entire kit from its Army V-100 configuration to Air Force standards: I know there is or was a conversion set out there but I don't seem to be able to find it. Does anybody know where I can find these sets? I know Squadron carries the wheels, but after that, it's like the Moody Blues song goes, lost in a lost world.
  7. BN7149, AS far as I was told, the A and C models were practically identical except for some electronic and probably instrument changes. Thanks for the compliment about the 5th markings, I did a lot of work on the design and built several of the Monogram kits with variations of the markings until the Commander approved the final set. The initial concept for the design showed up during our squadron contest and came from a guy in maintenance but it needed a lot of changes and modifications before acceptance. I spent weeks making changes before Col. Coe approved the final design. I also managed to add the lightning bolt name plates and a couple other things along the way. At this point I'll take any set that fits. I tried looking at Squadron, something I don't do very often, as well as Freetime and sprue brothers but never found anything. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll start looking into those kits.
  8. Since I got no response in Spare Parts: I have a Hasegawa 1/48th scale kit that needs a engine set without the Turkey Feathers. My intent is to build a F-15 from my old squadron, the 5th FIS.
  9. I have a Hasegawa 1/48th scale kit that needs a engine set without the Turkey Feathers. My intent is to build a F-15 from my old sauadron, the 5th FIS.
  10. I saw this team perform back when I was at Minot. They did a good mass ship formation takeoff and landing. Was it me or did she seem a bit surprised that the military was conducting the investigation?
  11. ikar

    Vietnam loadout?

    Can you imagine seeing that...or worse yet, being the pilot? It happened not all that long after they dropped their F-`04s, in which they were very good, according to our pilots who would go up against them every so often. In S.E.A. we lost a A-7D in a crash on base. The guard in a tower normally should be looking toward the perimeter but sometimes you just have to look around the rest of the base that you can see. Most of the posts were that way, you get bored and look for changes. One day the guy in a tall tower was watching the aircraft moving around the flight line when he heard a jet. Most of the aircraft lining up at the time were props and as he watched them the noise got louder. He turned around and saw a A-7 coming in and heading directly for his tower. He started down the rope used to haul up the machinegun, realized he ran out of time and just dropped the rest of the way. The fighter slammed into the tower, knocking it over and then slammed into the grass. Major damage. Fortunately his approach angle was enough that it missed the runway All waiting aircraft were delayed but they did eventually leave for their missions.
  12. ikar

    Vietnam loadout?

    There have been several accidents with the AIM9 in the past. There were two at Okinawa, one was a F-15 in a long trail formation during the O.R.I.. Somehow one pilot accidently fired a missile towards the front of the formation. Fortunately it wasn't warmed up and sent off towards parts unknown, causing the formation to scatter. The missile self destructed soon after launch. It was interesting listening to his squadron commander trying to explain what happened to P.A.C.A.F. HQ. Lot of tap dancing on that one. The other one was a NAHA Airport. There was a scramble of a couple JASDF F-15s in progress and the lead ship managed to fire one of his AIM9s while taxiing to take off. This time it was completely ready to destroy something when it left its rail. We got a partial report of what happened but the end result was that it went streaking across the base to what it locked on to. It hit a car in the base HQ parking lot and the pilot had just gotten out and was on the steps talking to someone when his car blew up. We never heard the whole story but I'm sure it was told at the Commander's briefing later. Enlisted not invited.
  13. Back in the early 80s, when Empire Strikes Back arrived on base this is what our ships looked like: This was the only ship I saw with its side tanks. I spent most of my time in the Ops. building, I knew when they flew with live missiles but rarely got to see them loaded.
  14. If it helps, the Mass ANG guys got our aircraft F-15As 5th F.I.S., after we shut down in the late 80s, maybe a little earlier. This is a shot of the wheels used on one of our first aircraft during the acceptance ceremony: It was very cold inside the hanger and outside even colder...60 below 0.
  15. The Monogram kit was a very nice kit when it came out in the mi 70s. It may have raised lines but it comes with a detailed cockpit and the detail is good. I have never seen or even heard of the HB kit so I CAN'T SPEAK OF IT.
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