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  1. My favorite helicopter, the H-43 Pedro, Officially known as the Huskie. But nobody called it that, which was common for most aircraft. There was usually a name that stuck instead of the company name. A good 1/48th kit would be nice to see, along with a detail set or two. I did several missions in that thing. It was dangerous on the ground with the engine running and blades turning, but somewhat better in the air.
  2. Looking for the conversion sets for the H.B. Vietnam Commando car. I need to make a Air Force security police XM-706E air base defense vehicle, like I used to drive.
  3. Since the completion of the Space Assault Ship, Toronaga, I have started working on a companion ship that would provide accurate long range fire power in support of various missions. I havent come up with a name for it yet but have a couple ideas. This ship is based on another old battleship but will once again be a new class with different weapons and engine systems I have once again started with a brand new clean deck, modified some of the superstructure and elimated shole sections of others. The egine will look completely different. Free Time Hobbies is once again happy with me because of all the extra weapons and parts I have ordered, mostly weapons. I can still use any extra warship parts or photo etch left over. First, the primary sensors and targeting system: The ventral turret mount and scanner hoiusing: The primary engine: A few shots of the modified superstructure, still under construction: Two secondary gun mounts and possible landing bay doors Rear heavy missile turret, showing its tracking array. Rear superstructure: I have decided to give this one a name more in line with its intended purpose and capabilities. She's designed for long range, accurate fire support. I'm going to call it the William Tell. Still some detasils to add, as well as some touch up spots. The piece on the bow will represent a crossbow and a bolt will be added to the top. There will also be some railings and hatches, comm antennas, a couple searc lights, detail added to the main radar arrays and at least one more smaller radar system installed. A underside twin mount weapon will be installed on the bottom of the hull with 360 degree rotation, and maybe a couple other extra things along the way I just applied the paint, a German dark green for the lower hull and a German dark grey above that. The bow, showing its stylized crossbow that doubles as comm. and targeting equipment. The main tracking system and both main upper turrets can rotate to lock onto and follow a possible target. The lower slightly shorter range turret is not added yet The main missiles fired from the mid ship turret can also be linked into the main system for an added punch if necessary. The rear structure controls the rest of the missiles as well as the two long range turrets that can also be linked to the main system if necessary. The rest of the defensive turrets, including the strip of turrets that alternate high and low can be controled by the other fire control systems on the ship or linked to the main system .
  4. ikar


    Know what you mean.. See the patch and the vehicle to the right? I used to drive one of them and a M-113 during alerts back in the 70s in S.E.A in the Air Force. The rest of the time I drove various vehicles and did other things envolved with Law Enforcement until I went into flight operations. You be careful over there.
  5. ikar


    It officially runs Saturday, all day ling and goes until about noon on Sunday. We usually get a couple hundred entries and a lot of vendor tables set up. The ckub has been running its annual contest since just begore I returned from overseas in the late 80s.
  6. ikar


    Hurricanes in Florida? Are you kidding me? Dutch, where are you going? Club web page: https://www.ipmsorlando.com/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/130979320279016/
  7. We're coming up on the Annual Modelpalooza contest in Orlando. This year it will be held in October and at a different location. More information can be found at the Orlando IPMS web site and Facebook page. Who's going?
  8. I never had the chance to meet him. When I saw the thread, at first I thought that it was about another Cole that I worked for, back in the 5th F.I.S., during our transition into the F-15, Col. Cole, who was a mig killer during Vietnam.
  9. Thanks, I only have a couple little things to add and then it's on to the next ship, a fire support ship. I already have a ship to use for it. As I go along with this one, see if you can guess what the basic ship was originally.
  10. During the war I saw a lot of "D models launching every day. I wasn't in aircraft maintenance but I think aboui the only difference would be found with the engine podsand maybe a couple under belly antennas.
  11. I thought that area had been set up with Bomarcs for defense back then. When I was at Loring a number of abandoned anti aircraft gun positions were still there if you knew where to look as well as a missile launch facility not too far from the base. You could drive right up to it, walk through the gate and have access to the whole site. The missile bays were still there with one or two of the doors still open and one launch rail sticking partly out. You couldn't go underground to the site because it was completely flooded by crystal clear ice water. They left paintings on the walls, furniture and who knows what else, but you would never get through the water. I
  12. Flooding hasn't been that much of a problem in the past as far as I remember and the threat of a nuke attack was far more possible during the cold war. I had a chance to volunteer to be assigned to the S.A.C. elite back in the early 70s, but I turned it down. I had seen pictures of those guys, berets, cross draw weapons with stag handles, white ascots and all the rest (check a certain episode of Star Trek), but I decided I would rather be a regular patrol cop doing police work that a statue for 8 hours. Life on a primary target didn't appeal to me either and I tried to avoid it as much as possible, usually with no success. I was raised not far from a major instillation and remember the salesmen trying to sell my father a bomb shelter.
  13. I wonder if the underground sections were in the flooded zone.
  14. Yes, I'll take almost anything I can get. Photoetch left overs would be good too. On my last project I even used parts of the P.E. frames too. Youi never can tell what might come in handy.
  15. I'm trying to find a 1/35th duce 1/2 from the Vietnam war. The gun ring and cover for the back are noty necessary. I'm alsl trying to find the conversion kit for the H.B. V-100 that will turn it into the A.F. Security Police base defense version. The last two are a 1970s version of a C.J. 5 jeep and a M-715 weapons truck, at least that's what we called it back then, without the cover for the back.
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