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  1. I never had the chance to meet him. When I saw the thread, at first I thought that it was about another Cole that I worked for, back in the 5th F.I.S., during our transition into the F-15, Col. Cole, who was a mig killer during Vietnam.
  2. Thanks, I only have a couple little things to add and then it's on to the next ship, a fire support ship. I already have a ship to use for it. As I go along with this one, see if you can guess what the basic ship was originally.
  3. During the war I saw a lot of "D models launching every day. I wasn't in aircraft maintenance but I think aboui the only difference would be found with the engine podsand maybe a couple under belly antennas.
  4. I thought that area had been set up with Bomarcs for defense back then. When I was at Loring a number of abandoned anti aircraft gun positions were still there if you knew where to look as well as a missile launch facility not too far from the base. You could drive right up to it, walk through the gate and have access to the whole site. The missile bays were still there with one or two of the doors still open and one launch rail sticking partly out. You couldn't go underground to the site because it was completely flooded by crystal clear ice water. They left paintings on the walls, furniture and who knows what else, but you would never get through the water. I
  5. Flooding hasn't been that much of a problem in the past as far as I remember and the threat of a nuke attack was far more possible during the cold war. I had a chance to volunteer to be assigned to the S.A.C. elite back in the early 70s, but I turned it down. I had seen pictures of those guys, berets, cross draw weapons with stag handles, white ascots and all the rest (check a certain episode of Star Trek), but I decided I would rather be a regular patrol cop doing police work that a statue for 8 hours. Life on a primary target didn't appeal to me either and I tried to avoid it as much as possible, usually with no success. I was raised not far from a major instillation and remember the salesmen trying to sell my father a bomb shelter.
  6. I wonder if the underground sections were in the flooded zone.
  7. Yes, I'll take almost anything I can get. Photoetch left overs would be good too. On my last project I even used parts of the P.E. frames too. Youi never can tell what might come in handy.
  8. I'm trying to find a 1/35th duce 1/2 from the Vietnam war. The gun ring and cover for the back are noty necessary. I'm alsl trying to find the conversion kit for the H.B. V-100 that will turn it into the A.F. Security Police base defense version. The last two are a 1970s version of a C.J. 5 jeep and a M-715 weapons truck, at least that's what we called it back then, without the cover for the back.
  9. Almost to the end now. The bow looking form the bridge. The rear of the superstructure and the two missile tubes in the funnel. The heavy energy cannon located just under the bow. Two flight deck support vehicles and a possible visitor. The main bridge and the rotating missile banks on each side. The forward floodlight as well as the one on the starboard side can be seen. The forward light has a shield to protect the bridge. Finally, the main engine nozzle. You can also see the smaller auxillary engines under the ship.
  10. I was planning on my next design to be a fire support ship. I don't have a lot of ideas about this one yet except that it will be based on another famous battleship. It will probably have a limited amount of fighter craft but I will look into the rails for that one. It's a shame that I can't seem to fine small fighters and other craft that I can use on these projects.
  11. Were you referring to launching fighters? The main purpose of the landing deck is for launching and receiving utility craft like shuttles and other light craft as well as having its fighters land to be taken through the bay doors and prepared for another mission.
  12. Here's the next set of pictures as we get close to finishing. The lower area under the landing deck Partway down the dark area is the hanger door that protects the launching bay for the ship's fighters. A similar door is on the other side and each is protected by a triple gun turret just below the opening for the launch bays. The turrets can slide out for a short distance to provide a extra amount of protection. Here's the engineering section showing the housing for the main exhaust. The twin tail stinger turrets are mounted and can give a wide field of fire if necessary. The upper engine shielding has been painted since this picture was taken and the main engine nozzle will be mounted after a little more detail work is done. Almost a full length shot. I considered adding a couple large fins but this is a new class ship with a different mission. The idea is to get as close as possible to its objective without being seen. The larger antennas might be spotted and could end up having the ship mistaken for the Yamato, which would attract a lot of unfriendly and unwanted attention. Her job is similar to the small carriers I use today but with more firepower but not as much as Yamato or other class space battleships. The gravity plating for the landing deck has been added. A red and green beacon will be added to the front of the side mounted antennas which will have the ability to move up and down as necessary to keep clear of weapons fire, moving small craft, or just to signal by their position, like the old semaphore system, except you are using high power antennas instead of people outside. Some of the most delicate work are the photo etch antennas on the to of the pagoda superstructure, both at the end of the horizontal supports as well as on the front of the bar as well as the rear of the tower and on the deck near the bow. Some of these are ship's radars in a different scale and the others are pieces I threw together from various parts.
  13. That will be posted shortly, I hope. Sometimes you have to wonder what kind of reaction this project would have on the people who created the original Space Battleship Yamato. Would they like it? What do you think?
  14. Getting closer to the end now. The ship will be in three colors, two shades of grey and red brown. I'm thinking of adding the typical linoleum brown on the decks of the superstructure and maybe a pattern decal on the flight deck. I've added a communications array with a protective deck section around the more sensitive areas of the bow to shield it from radiation effects when the main weapons are fired. There will be some re-enforcement braces added to the bow shield. A couple tail guns have been added on each side of the engineering area as well as the screened platform at the edge of the deck. They would be raised or lowered as necessary just like the antenna in front of it, which will also have a navigation light added to the front of the spike. The pagoda structure has a scanner array added to the end of the bar and another type will be added to the front of the bar. These will be able to swing up or down to a better scan and will complement the round scanners on both sides just below the bar. Another array will be added to the back of the pagoda. The box launchers can be seen on their swivel mounts above the main guns. I found a couple places that needed a little more work and will be repainted this weekend.
  15. No problem, I just wanted to point out that this was a different model B-52. It also appears that there are two different types of quail in the rack. If you look at the different color radomes the sides are different between the black and the grey ones.
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