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  1. Once I had to go to the 48th FIS at Langley to help out because somehow they ended up short handed. One of the interesting things I saw was a area on the other side of therunway that was operated by NASA. They had some F-106s parked there that I was told they would send up to get hit by lightning.
  2. I watched his guy come back through my office window in 5th Fighter Ops. and his tail was still smoking. That hole was big enough to through a office desk through.
  3. Yeah, you're probably right, unless they found it in a military scrap yard for some forgotten type of aircraft. Those scrap yards were all over the place back then. I remember seeing a large field of nothing but canopied and turrets and another with assorted aircraft parts in southern N.J. when I was a kid and our home town had storage area not too far from a friend of my Father that we used to sneak into after dark, and a train depot in town about a mile from Picatinny Arsennel that was loaded with stacks of navy life rafts and other things in crates left there until the late 80s.
  4. I'd have to go to the F-106B, T-33, and F-4, followed by the F-101B.
  5. What, no jet pack? Where did you find this thing, how big is it, and dare I ask, how much? I remember when I was in Okinawa, I saw a add for a larger model of the SPV from main land Japan but when I checked the stores they told me it would not be shipped to Okinawa. You probably wouldn't like the reason.
  6. Where did they get the vertical tail that they used in the original Thing From Another World movie back in 1951?
  7. All us skycops assumed it was the CIA and we left it alone and kept quiet and as far away as possible. The CIA had a reputation back then that made most people avoid them if possible. Was it deserved? we didn't know of care to ask.
  8. If you like flying wings, there's always the YB-49. But for more conventional aircraft:
  9. Never found out for sure who they were. Somebody got posted each shift, each one informed that anybody approaching the aircraft with out a member of the crew was to be shot. We were not to go around asking questions. One day I took my jeep to that end of the base and we found out it had left during the night. We never saw it again.
  10. A bit large for a trainer, it was used to train navigators. Although basically a fighter, these were contracted to pull dart tows at Kadena. This was cheaper and also released the F-4s from South Korea from that job.
  11. Then there are times when you forgot landing gear might be nice to have: The B-70 tires were small for that large aircraft. Back in the 70s when most of the aircraft at the AF Museum were kept outside, you could just walk up to the. I remember standing next to the B-70 wheels and they didn't cpme u[ to my waist. But they did look good in silver.
  12. Here's some shots of a C-46 we had make a emergency landing at our base. It needed a new engine and sat for some time until a replacement finally showed up and they left. They posted a guard from our Air Base Defense sectionwith orders to shoot anyone trying toi access the aircraft vwithout permission of the crew.
  13. I can't help much with that As I have never given the subject much attention. However here's a shot of one I took at one of our Modelpaloozas: What you could do with the Horten is make it look like it does at the Smithsonian, or build a lineage starting with that and going through the Northrup single seat wing, the B-35 , B-49, and the B-2, all in the same scale. It would be a good pgogression display. From what I heard when it came time to build the B-2 they went to the museum and studied the Horten.
  14. Believe it or not, taking pictures of that thing was not allowed. It had a classified mission and the Thai A.F. Police guy I was working with that day was not happy I took the shot. It's a Austrailian Airtruk, at least that's what I've been told, and you have seen it in a Road Warrior movie.
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