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  1. OV-10A 23rd T.A.S.S.:
  2. Here's one leaving the Christmas tree in the 80s: There was a red/white stripe around the boom operator area.
  3. Good job, always liked shark mouths. Here's a couple future projects: Hopefully I can get at least one finished before this year's Modelpalooza.
  4. Don't forget the missiles...
  5. Thought that I'd ask because there were no pictures showing, and I had o idea what you were talking about.
  6. I thought that it was way back then but the labels are missing from the two old bottles. Like I said, the color is close to 1170 but not exact which coiuld be due to age. T price is printed on the top of the bottle cap.
  7. I just checked my bottles. Two say 1170, the other don't have labels anymore but are close to this. One is priced at 19 cents and the other on ie 15 cents.
  8. Where are you located? I have a couple bottles of Testors desert pink that I bought in about 1970. They have never been opened and look like new.
  9. Here's a couple shots that might help:
  10. Here's a few shots you might be able to use: Air Force Museum 1970 I still have a few bottles of Testor's old apricot desert pink paint. I bought these back in the late 60s, or about 1970 and they have never been opened, but still look good. I've been meaning to use some on a B-24 but have never gotten to it.
  11. If you're having trounle, just dirty up the area a bit after you paint. They didn't stay as clean as a operating room once they left the factory.
  12. If you don't mind a little extra work on the Monogram kit, You could modify the pylons a little and add some 1/72nd T.E.R.S and 750 pounders from the Hasegawa weapons set, instead of what the kit has. I remember when that kit came out. There were very .few pictures of the BUFF available, and they were mostly of the short tails and prototype.
  13. Would love to see them. I have a lot of shots on my photobucket from my two tours.