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  1. I got a chance to drive one of them back when they first came out. When my 62 Comet was in the shop after being hit, the garage owner lent me his 'stang for the day. Much later I owned a 73 Mach 1. It got stripped down in my driveway and I ended up scrappinf it. Amazing how expensive parts for those things can be.
  2. As a matter of fact they said the blades could shatter in a sudden heavy downpour and in a monsoon there were times when you you could hold out your arm and nnot see your hand. One time I lost a three story barracks in the daytime and I was in the parking lot. I finally found it when they turned on the lights and I saw a pale glowahead of me. Sometimes rain like that could hold up B-52s and tankers from launching. Sometimes it can just form so fast it's on top of you in no time.
  3. One thing I've noticed about interior lights on many of these kind of projects, the lights shinning out from the hull often appear too bright. I have found a way to cut back on the glare by taking some frosted clear material and securing it over, or even on the clear windows. Another way might be to coat the inside of the windows with a matt finish of some kind like dull coat or something similar. I found a small supply of what we called diffusion sheet that we used to use when working on a light table. It's frosted to cut glare while trying to align film to get in focus. Sometimes it can
  4. Behind the side door seat was a metal ring that the forced penetrator sat in and was somehow connected to the cabin wall , probably by a metal strap with a quick release. The rear of the floor did drop down a little and had I think 3 rectangular doors for storage. The rotor blades were a sort of flat aluminum color with yellow tips. When I took my first flight they warned of how to approach the aircraft while it was running and that if it started to rain, we wouild be landing immediately, regardless of where we ere. The wooden blades couild break in a sudden downpour, especiall
  5. It appears that the ones I used to see at Dover most likely came from Westover in Mass. They stopped using them 1974 where thry were handed over to Vermont.
  6. You could always do ome of the Interceptor squadrons from the 80s, the 48th, 318th, or mine, the 5th. Their high gloss colore look good against the same grey on their F-106s.
  7. I used to halve to fly recon flights on the Pedro, Not always a fun experience. For its size it had a pretty good engine and lift capability but it racked you side t side as it flew in the other directions. At one point we mounted a M-60 in the side door, but that only lasted a couple days. We didn't want the crew to handle a weapon they knew almost nothing about and they didn't want us shooting the wooden rotor blades. Here's the Pedro I built using the Cobra set. There is a very large gap in the front on the cockpit that has to
  8. ikar

    What is this?

    My Father took these shots while this aircraft was visiting his base, (I think he was at Langley) for some reason: He overstepped his authority when he climbed on the wing and took the cockpit shot.. He got busted by the M.P.s and had to explain to his commander why he did it.
  9. When did the Vermont Guard fly the EBs? We used to get one in at dover every so often back in 1973 and the transit guys called them Ravens, but it was always at night and even we didn't get that close to them while on patrol. If I remember right we were restricted to about 50 feet unless there was an emergency.
  10. So what did you do o make the nacelle caps work like that? I also don't remember those four large rectangular lights on the top of the saucer back when the series first came pn T.V. back in the 60s. Was that a detail they added when they re-mastered the series or am I just getting old?
  11. Looks good. I have a couple Enterprise kits sitting around, including the NX-01. What lighting kit did you use on your ship?
  12. You could also get the phase cannons for the ship and have them lowered from their ports.
  13. The first time I saw a C-5A was during a recon flight in one of our H-43 helicopters. They were just changing the guard and he and the M-715 looked so small next to it. My Grandmother worked on its engines at a factory in town. They gave everyone a coin made from the alloy of the engine and sealed in a plastic container. She eventually gave ti to me.
  14. They'll try again Saturday. They said that they woiuld have to drain the fuel before letting the crew out. I had a vision of somebody going up to the rocket and siphoning the fuel out like we used to do with gas for our cars. They showed the traffic coming back from the cape area and it was packed, just like it used to be when we used the shuttle. Should have kept that thing flying. On a slightly note, today I say a good size bald eagle sitting on top of a dead branch in my neighbor's yard. Haven't seen one in a while.
  15. I bought the cockpit set for the academy kit a long time ago, so I already have money invested in the kit. Still, I will check on the other kit and the reviews. I still may just go with what I have and scratch build its E.C.M. pod, or whatever it is.
  16. I wouild normally watch the coiuntdown on T.V. and then just open my front door and watch. Mosty of the time lately clouds have been a problem and today doesn't look good . Still it's a advantage living where I do, a couiple miles east of Orlando.
  17. I have a couple over the years and even got a chance to see a couple at air shows in Okinawa. It started out as a small commuter aircraft and was eventually picked up by the J.M.S.D.F. for maritime patrol: There have been three versions made of the MU-2, a civilian job, and two of the military, the last one being released with resin parts for a specialized patrol type with tanks and one or two other things included. I think the last one would be the rarest one and I wish I didn't have to sell mine.
  18. Eventually I plan on building one of my old squadron's T-33s. I already have the Academy kit and decals that I need. I have never built or even seen one any great wall kits, so what is the problem with them or it?
  19. It's amazing that anybody got out of that at all. It's a shame they didn't show the other side of the track so you could see the actual damage. A standard track comes out at about 14 1/2 tons without people and weapons. Even that amount of aluminum is a substantial impact for a F-4. I guess the impact area would be on the other side of the vehicle. Anybody inside of that thing would be thrown all over the place. The driver would be in a smaller space, with a little room on his right side for the engine panel, a bit more room on the left for a recessed area for his weapon and ammo. T
  20. Don't forget you still have those vortex generators to deal with. Never understood why they put them there. I have some very thin plastic or aluminum from a printing plate I salvage from work. When I used to work there, Just left over srcap but clean.
  21. For those who are experienced with BattleTech/MechWarrior, here is a 100 ton Behemouth pulling its parking its parking spot. The kit came from the Macross series, but like some many other design from Crusher Joe, and and others, it was absorbed into the BattleTech story line.
  22. Outside of doing it the old fashioned way, about the only thing I can think of at the moment would be to contact someone like Aztek Dummies and see if they might be willing to expandind their line to include aircraft. He does good work on his line of science fiction subjects. It's worth a shot. You can't be the only one in need of all sorts of masks, I know I could use some various projects.
  23. I know exactly where, and roughly when. In the late 70s when I was attending A.F. Traffic Accident Investigation school at Lackland A.F.B. and it isn't a B-36: She was parked along side the road between Lackland and Kelly A.F.B. along with a few other smaller aircraft. For 50 cents you could go inside and look around. The wing shots were taken out of a open hatch or in the case of the nose shot, the pilot's window.
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