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  1. I saw 3 boxes of the 1:48 Revell GR.4 last week when I visited the local store of Sincere Hobby. For some reason, it is currently listed out of stock in their website. Maybe you can email them to order one.
  2. Hey, just try not to be off topic, but how's accurate is the 1:72 Hasegawa Eurofighter compared to the one from Revell? To me, the canopy of the Hasegawa Eurofighter looks a bit too large.
  3. Hi all, From Air Forces Monthly magazine (June issue), there is a small section which talks about the MiG-31 squadron in Yelizovo air base, Kamchatka peninsula. It mentioned the MiG-31 there carries the R-40TD1 missiles, and the badge looks quiet interesting. I just wonder if there is any decal manufacturer who will consider this squadron for their release. Here are some photos from the magazine: From Google, I also found gallery of the above squadron (but without the badge): https://eng.mil.ru/en/multimedia/photo/gallery.htm?id=34802@cmsPhotoGallery https://eng.mil.ru/en/multimedia/photo/gallery.htm?id=37700@cmsPhotoGallery
  4. May I ask the moderator to close this thread? I created it by accident and can't find the button to delete this thread. Thank you.
  5. I Just got my 1:48 exhaust for the Hasegawa f-16... They look really good. Unfortunately, on the bottom of the nozzle (closed), there are some surface imperfections. Maybe it happens only to the one I received. Understandably, it is pushing the limits of 3D printing. Overall, I am still satisfied with the product given you have two options (the open nozzle has no problem). I still want to use the close nozzle, so the surface imperfections will face down, if I can't fix it with mr. surfacer:
  6. I think we really need a set of landing gears for the ICM 1:48 mig-25. The current one is too weak, makes the model sit too high, and it has a conical shape at the end that makes it hard to attach the wheels without rework.
  7. Does anyone know if there will be aftermarket landing gears for the ICM 1:48 Mig-25 rbt? From the built up photos that I found in the web, the "stance" of the aircraft was not really right, looks like the aircraft sits a bit too tall and floating on three wheels. (not sure how to describe it). I think the aircraft should be more lower to the ground and at a very shallow upward angle (from tail to nose). Of course I understand this can depend on how much fuel it carries.
  8. While I may not able to touch or see the aircraft up close, I did feel the noise and exhaust heat from the Su-27 and Mig-29 on a few occassions. Here are some photos taken by me in the Zhuhai Air Show 2016: I will visit the Zhuhai Air Show in 2018.
  9. Since someone asked me to share more photos of the kit, I have created the following link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17Nw-7NCozwMpC7PwnIL7DHJFSzlVW0qn Just take time to view or download the batch of photos.
  10. It is true that taking actual pictures of the kit, giving out useful links, facts and objective opinion were called dumb in this forum. The following were what I posted since I received the kit: And things start to deteriorate and words like dictatorship, one single person tells everyone what they should think of, etc. were used. In my last post: "But anyway enjoy it, a new Kit is a result of many people effort. " It is as if the kit is giving out for free and I have easy money to throw at it and criticize it at every opportunity. A few people suggest stop the talking and let's build the kit, that's good for you if you have the time, but let me tell you the majority of the people who has the income to buy such an expensive kit will not have the time to start and complete many of these kits. It is similar to people who buy expensive camera / watch / cars only to admire it but not use it. Most of these kits will sit in the closet never see the light (I admit my stash is already huge and I make an exception to buy this kit) . All we want to see is to have well defined panel lines without screw ups, just like the Hasegawa 1:72 Su-33 / Su-35. Galfa, The kit surface is quiet smooth and it is not like the OEZ kit at all, it is just the photo effect of subject focus using small aperture (high F). From this ordeal, I firmly believe the force of the manufacturers is strong in the ARC forum.
  11. Looks like it is true that ARC is really a sponsor's forum, where one got a problem product and stated the facts, posted the pictures, but really get annoyed by the manufacturers.
  12. I just visited the Chinese forum and found out the kit has some issues regarding the rivets are too deep on the wings. You can view the pics and use google translate. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5536780010?pn=1
  13. Right on, Berkut. The most disappointing thing is there are people you trust in ARC that makes you buy the kit, and later found out it is all Sales and Marketing pitch. I guess there must be some incentives involved in the promotion of this kit. The fact that the no so good modellers always dream to achieve what the experts have done have taken advantaged by some marketing people makes me angry. I am just waiting someone to figure this out. And yes, it seemed to me they have different process in making the frontal fuselage, and the middle/rear fuselage.
  14. From my photos, there are three panel lines that need to be fixed by the modeler. 1. The one across the middle of the fuselage, where the line is too deep and wide (3rd pic). 2. Two panel lines, one on each side that is perpendicular to point 1 that has inconsistent width (2nd pic) joining point 1. 3. However, the frontal fuselage has many "fine" details and some lines are too shallow (the gun shield etc.) and in some areas (4th and 5th pic) that require the modeler to deepen the engrave lines consider those details will be gone after primer and paint. The depth of the lines are shallower than the front fuselage of their Mig-29 series. (But if you built any Hasegawa kit e.g. 1:48 F/a-18/f, you will need to deepen the lines of some details anyway). Regarding point 1 that could be a bad copy of the kit, I actually observe the problem was already there when they posted the pic of the test sprue in the model show (go to page 7 of this post). 4. The surface is fine and could be due to the lighting when I took the picture. You will need to prime the model and sand it smooth anyways for a good finish. It just that the CAD details sometimes don't translate well to the real plastic and there are very high expectations for this kit.
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