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  1. I gave up on MM long before they were killed off, switched to Mr Color, and never looked back. Mr Color is pretty easy to get here in the States now. I get mine from Sprue Bros. or one of several eBay stores. Tamiya's LP lacquers are great and are useful for a lot of your basic colors. I've used Hataka orange label lacquers, also from Sprue Bros., and was pleased with the results. Ben
  2. Vintage Flyer has several sheets for DC-9-14/15s in 1/72. He might be able to print just the doors and windows for you. Ben
  3. Interesting. “Ludodactylus series?” A flying dinosaur whose name means “play finger?” 🤔 Ben
  4. Courtesy of the folks over at Hyperscale: Ben
  5. Norm Filer says it says “SRAM X” Link The Googles only come up with bicycle gears for SRAM X. I see a couple of logos for SRAM II, though. Ben
  6. I posted the photo over on Hyperscale. There are a couple of guys there who seem to know a lot about Boeing chase planes. Ben
  7. I thought so! Funny how I can remember something airplane-related that someone told me years ago, but I can’t remember where my car keys are or what I had for dinner last night. 🤣 Ben
  8. @Gene K, didn’t you fly the Skyfox or am I thinking of someone else? Ben
  9. Sorry, I’m not very familiar with UPS liveries. I just happened to have seen the auto paint for their brown while looking for another color. Over to you, Phil! Ben
  10. Based on what's been posted on Airlinercafe.com, Humbrol Rail Colour RC415 Pullman Brown enamel and Humbrol Acrylic AB2415 are perfect matches, if you can find them. Zero Paint ZP-1428 is matched to UPS brown, and Scale Finishes also has one. These two are lacquers that used by car modelers and are hotter than lacquers from Tamiya and Mr Color. You must mist them over a good primer coat (Tamiya, Duplicolor, or the manufacturers' own primers all work fine) so they don't attack the underlying plastic. They're premixed for airbrushing, so you can just dump them in the airbrush and of
  11. Hi Mike, Sorry, I just saw this. I’ll figure out the shipping when I get back to my computer and will PM you with the details. Thanks! Ben
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