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  1. Thanks, Dave, that’s a relief! Pressing on with the kit tanks, then. Ben
  2. Just to confirm, did I read somewhere that Hasegawa’s Legacy Hornet drop tanks are too short? I have a spare set of Monogram tanks and they’re >1/4” longer. I found them in the bottom of the box after I’d already painted the Hasegawa tanks and applied the decals. That’s what I get for letting a project sit long enough for me to forget what I’m doing to it. If the Hasegawa tanks are too small, does anyone have an extra pair of “Death Angels” drop tank decals from Flying Leathernecks “Lords and Angels” decal sheet? 😢 Thanks! Ben
  3. FWIW, if you go looking for aftermarket replacements, you might want to try to track down the old SuperScale F-15E stencil sheet 48-464. Caracals' stencils are probably accurately-sized, although back in 1991 there were a lot more than what's provided. Ben
  4. Here’s something on Tommy’s blog that might help: LINK Ben
  5. Hi Jeffrey, Yes the ARN-101 mod would be for whenever Z-M releases the slatted F-4E. I just thought I’d get that suggestion in early! 😄 Jenshb, the nozzles would be open on takeoff because of the afterburners. They’d close at high power settings but out of afterburner. Perhaps @Gene K can stop by and educate us on when the nozzles would be open or closed. Ben
  6. Cutting Edge conversion with the Academy kit. Not a bad conversion except for the poor windscreen shape, which I never was able to fix to my liking. We really need a new kit or a decent conversion for an A or early E. I have the Scobi wing conversation in my stash. One of these days I’ll build an E with it. Ben
  7. I think the stab plates started appearing in the mid-70s. Thanks for posting the pics, Jeffrey! Also, suggestion for a future product (assuming Z-M doesn’t provide the parts): an ARN-101 conversion for slatted Es. It would have the doghouse antenna cover on the fuselage spine, a right rear console with the keypad, and a rear instrument panel with the display. Ben
  8. Looks good to me! I need to order the kit soon. Ben
  9. No, you'll also need slatted wings. The S wings would be similar, but the slats on that version were different from those on the E/F/G. With the exception of the catapult hook slots, the J wings are almost identical to the F-4C/D/EJ and early E wings. Ben
  10. I don't know what's available in 1/72, but a possible source would be the Mk5s for an F-8 Crusader. Unfortunately, I found the ones available in 1/48 to be a little smaller than F-4 Mk5s. Ben
  11. I have a scan of a sheet I got from Cessna many years ago to do what you’re planning. I never had a chance to have a go at it. The drawing has sectional shapes of the fuselage and I think the wing tips. The most difficult work will be on the underside of the fuselage (basically everything between the main gear struts is different ) and around the intakes. Next time I go by my computer, I’ll put them up on Dropbox and post a link. Ben EDIT: Here you go! LINK
  12. You're welcome! Let me know if you have any questions or if you need references for some 4th TFW F-4D decals. 😉 Ben
  13. Hi Kursad, I'll send you a DropBox link with what I have as soon as I find a couple of examples of the McDonnell factory camouflage pattern vs the T.O 1-1-4 pattern. Something I've been meaning to do for a while, but life keeps interfering. If that continues, I'll send you what I have and figure out the patterns later. Ben
  14. 4th TFW hard wing F-4Es, please! Kursad, if I haven't already sent them to you, I can provide info on the 4th's jets from "72-'73 at Ubon, including Fred Sheffler's MiG killer. Ben
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