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  1. Ben Brown

    FS: Authentic Airliners 1/144 Embraer E190

    The sale of the kit is pending, but the decals are still available. Thanks! Ben
  2. Hi All, I'm thinning the herd and have an out-of-production Authentic Airliners 1/144 Embraer E190 for sale. It is unstarted, but the APU section was temporarily tacked into place on the fuselage. $50. I also have a set of Nazca decals for a JetBlue jet (Emb-190-6 "Bubbles") for $10. Paypal only, please. I can ship international. Thanks! Ben bebrown1 (AT) bellsouth (DOT) net
  3. Ben Brown


    Have you contacted HLJ? They're the only ones who can address any problems with the shipping charges on their web site. Ben
  4. Ben Brown

    1/24 Tamiya Calibra DTM

    That’s probably the same one I was looking at. 😮 Maybe someday they’ll release it again. Ben
  5. Ben Brown

    100 years ago today

    My grandfather, my dad's father, arrived at the front. He passed away in 1968, so I don't remember much of him. He told my dad that he got to the front and the war ended the next day. According to my dad, he ended up guarding the bridge at Remagen for a while. Oddly enough, my wife's grandfather ended up guarding what was left of the Remagen bridges after WWII. Ben
  6. I'm glad to hear Paul and his family are okay. Hopefully, his home and business survived. Ben
  7. Ben Brown

    1/24 Tamiya Calibra DTM

    Love it! It looks really good in flat black. I just recently discovered the DTM race series and the Tamiya and the Revell kits. I haven't found the Revell BMW for less than $80 US. Like you, I would love to get one. There are some good-looking aftermarket decals for it. Ben
  8. Ben Brown

    Pinto Cruising Wagon done - Rollin' in Style (?)

    Nice model! A friend in high school had one of those. It was a metallic brown, IIRC One of the few cars my '78 MGB could beat at the street light! 🤣 Ben
  9. Ben Brown

    Kitty Hawk Banshee 3-4 in 1/48

    Yes, I stumbled across that thread a couple of days ago. His correction might make me reconsider buying the KH -2. Fortunately, I already have a Collect Aire -3 in my display case. 😁 Ben
  10. Ben Brown

    Kitty Hawk Banshee 3-4 in 1/48

    If they plan to use anything from the -2, especially the wings, then they shouldn’t even bother to release a -3. The -2 kit was just too big a mess. If they do a -3 with unique sprues, then they have a chance to have a really nice kit. I hope they go the second route. Ben
  11. Ben Brown

    Fujimi 1/24 scale Ferrari 330 P4

    Joel, You are certainly doing that beautiful car justice! I'm still taking notes for when I build mine. 😁 Ben
  12. Ben Brown

    Fujimi 1/24 scale Ferrari 330 P4

    Looking good! Ben
  13. Ben Brown

    Trumpeter 1/48 F-100 opinions please

    Yes! I guess until then we’ll just have to make do with what’s available. At least now we have options besides the old ESCI kit! 😮 Cheers! Ben
  14. Ben Brown

    Trumpeter 1/48 F-100 opinions please

    Hi Thomas, I think I said it in my post over at Z-5, but if you want accurate, go Monogram, if you want easy to build, go Trumpeter. You can throw a lot of aftermarket at the Trumpeter kit and get it to maybe 80%-90% of the Monogram kit's accuracy. Disclaimer: I may be more biased against the Trumpeter kits than most folks, because of all of the time I spent trying to fix their 1/32 F-100D. I got caught up in all of the minutiae with that one, and it kind of ruined F-100s for me. 😞 I never did come up with a way to fix the wings, short of using a set of Monogram wings, but you can at least fake it and get the model to sit correctly by shortening the main gear struts a couple of mm and replacing the too-tall kit wheels with some correct ones from Royale Resin. I wouldn't waste my time or money trying to fit resin gear wells, because they don't fix the problem of being too shallow. Cheers! Ben
  15. Ben Brown

    F-8H VF-201 Decals

    Oh no! So sorry to hear that. Tom was one of the good guys. Condolences to his family. Ben