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  1. Ed, you did a great job beating those Trumpeter kits into submission! I tried to fix the problems with their 1/32 F-100D kit and that killed my appetite for F-100s for years. 😄 Also, thanks for posting the pics showing exactly where Trumpeter screwed up the F-100F cockpit. I've been trying to figure out where they went wrong. Sadly, they did it on the 1/48 and 1/32 kits, too. Easy fix in 1/72 is the AMT kit, for 1/48 we have the old but accurate War Eagle and Fox 3 Studios conversions for the Monogram kit. The 1/32 folks are on their own, for now. Ben
  2. Thanks for the correction, @Paul Boyer. I didn't scroll far enough back in time when I checked Scalemates! 😄 Regarding that odd canopy frame in the ESCI kit, I wonder if someone mistook part of the nuclear flash hood for a frame? Photo won't hotlink, so see F-100.org here: F-100D photo with flash hood If you don't have access to the ESCI or AMT kits and need the Vietnam-era 335-gal drop tanks, you can just add a 28" (scale) plug just forward of the leading edge of the pylon, just like they did on the real tanks. For another drop tank option, you could use a
  3. That's awesome! I hope somebody releases some 1990s USAir decals for it. Ben
  4. My only experience with CAM’s decals was they were brittle and didn’t want to lay down on compound curves. I have a couple of their F-100 T-Bird sheets for a future build, so I’ll be interested in your experience with yours. Ben
  5. The Italeri, ESCI, Revell, AMT F-100D and F kits mentioned above are pretty good, shape-wise. They just lack detail, especially the cockpits and the lack of extended slats. The same can be said for the Hasegawa F-100D, plus it has raised panel lines, IIRC. I think there were some aftermarket resin cockpits to dress these kits up, but I'm not 100% sure, since I don't normally build 1/72. There was a 1/72 "F-100C" by Pioneer that is best avoided. Revell also released an F-100C back in 1964 that is actually 1/70 and isn't worth building. The Trumpeter F-100 kits in all sca
  6. Hi All, I have the following airliner decals for sale. Flight Path 1/144 United A320 Blue/Gray livery $8 Scaleliners SL4-40 JetBlue A320 “Dots” $13 Draw Decal 44S-DC9-25 TWA Delivery DC-9-14 $6 Flightpath Fokker 100 USAir $8 Liveries Unlimited US Airways A320/A321 $8 Buyer pays shipping. PayPal preferred for US buyers. International buyers must use Paypal. No trades, please. Thanks for looking! Ben Brown North Carolina, USA bebrown1[AT]bellsouth[DOT]net
  7. +1 on the UMM saw. I've found those saw blades Micro Mark sells that fit the #11 Xacto handle difficult to use, because they're too flexible. They tend to bind up in whatever you're sawing. Ben
  8. Just a little idle thinking here. I have an Italeri 1/48 OH-58A in my stash. Can it be easily converted to a civil type? Based on what I'm seeing in the box, it looks like all I'd have to do is add a cover for the tail rotor shaft. Is there anything else that I'd have to do to de-mil the kit? I'm not up on my Bell 206s. Thanks! Ben
  9. I’d buy Mirage F.1 drop tanks and other improvements for the Italeri kit! Ben
  10. Too bad there won't be a D/F. Missed opportunity. Ben
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