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  1. Hi Bill, I once started putting together the info for building a T-Birds C, but never actually got around to actually gluing plastic. I found that the medium-sized stars were about the same size as the ones used on the later Ds. The smaller stars would be about 2 mm across (for a 1/48 model) and the large ones would be about 3.5 mm across. Sorry I I was never able to obtain the exact measurements. I think Darren is right, that the F-84F sheet might provide what you're looking for. The F-105 only had 2 sizes of stars, so the Warbirds Thud sheet won't do you any good.. Ben
  2. Just a wild guess without dragging my Spey and J-79 kits out, but the toolings for the Spey kits' wings are different, so maybe WP had to make different parts to fit the respective kits. Ben
  3. Mine just arrived. They are nice! I see what Gary is doing. These are "gateway" model parts. You see how good they are, and then you decide, "Oh, maybe I do have room for a 1/32 F-4S after all," and it's all downhill from there. Ben
  4. Hi Gary, I won't be able to attend any of the events. Too far away. If you do decide to release the short nozzles & trim, I'll be first in line to buy a set! Thanks, Ben
  5. Oh, you sneaky so and so! Here I was, saving so much money, because I don't have room for 1/32 Phantoms, and you go and start releasing 1/48 stuff! PM inbound. One thing that might be pretty cool, but would have a very limited number of markings opportunities, would be some short nozzles and the associated aft fuselage parts, so one could build a Blue Angels F-4J. Ben
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. I guess I'm all in for building a BA A-4, now. I just won some Yellowhammer decals off eBay. Did any of the other Hasegawa A-4E/F kits include the Super Fox intake parts, or was it just the Blue Angels release? I'll probably end up picking up Darren's set the next time I order from Sprue Bros, but I thought I'd check all of my shopping options. Thanks, Ben
  8. Test shots here. Still can't tell if they carried over the G/H wing. I hope they didn't. Ben
  9. Hi All, Anyone know where I can find six of the NO STEP markings found on F-4s and F-15s that are red with black letters? They look like a honeycomb with NO STEP inside. I have all black, light gray, and yellow with white letters in my stash. Thanks, Ben
  10. Is this the United livery you are looking for? LINK If I recall, Delta was still using the "Widget" livery back in the '80s. Joy Decals sells a set from 26 Decals (LINK). There was also a screen-printed set from Flight Path, but they are long out of production and you'd probably have to hunt some down on eBay. HTH. Ben
  11. If anyone has the kit decal sheet from the 1/48 Hasegawa Phantom FG.1 Royal Navy kit, I'd be interested in buying it. I'm only looking for the stencils and walkways (especially the wing walkways and No Step markings), so a partial sheet is fine. Thanks, Ben