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  1. Anyone have access to a CRJ-700? Need a photo

    Thanks! I'm attempting to use my limited Inkscape skills to draw up some America West Express decals, and those jets had green wings with all-white markings. I always seem to choose the most difficult liveries when I build an airliner! Cheers! Ben
  2. I would have thought it would be Biggus Dickus.
  3. So, our intrepid sky artists only got their wrists slapped: LINK It was a juvenile stunt, but the five year old in me is still laughing his butt off. Their squadron mates would be negligent if they didn't decorate an entire tree with these in their honor: Christmas ornament Ben
  4. Compressor Question - Lowes

    I guess that would depend on your needs. Do you use air tools often? Those little compressors aren't good for much beyond a nail guns or blowing dust off of your work bench. I have a Campbell Hausfield 2-gal compressor that I used for years. It's loud as hell and can only be used in the garage. I eventually replaced it with a dedicated (and very quiet) Pasche unit that I can use inside my house and can't imagine why I didn't make the switch sooner. It looks like the Lowes unit you're asking about is a lot quieter than the C-H unit I have, but still wouldn't lend itself to indoor use: LINK My 2-gal compressor never got much use for anything beyond airbrushing, since I'd go to my 30-gal compressor for air tools. Even that is sitting idle for everything except filling-up car tires, since I've been converting to more convenient battery-powered tools. I haven't used my air impact wrench for years. Ben
  5. New 1/144th Scale B-52D/F

    Did they get the wing right, or did they just recycle the too-thick wing from the H kit? Ben
  6. Planned New Releases from Minicraft

    A 1/144 B-50 would be nice! Ben
  7. Hi All, Does anyone have access to a CRJ-700? I need a good, close-up photo or two of the wing emergency walkways for a decal project. I've tried Airliners.net, but the shots from overhead are not high enough resolution to give the details I need. I'd just order a set from Nazca, but I need to do the walkways in white. Note that the -700 walkway markings are different from the -200 and -900 walkways. Thanks, Ben
  8. Operation: Resurrection. Part 1 - AFX BA 737-200

    For the cockpit windows, you can cut out bits of styrene to the dimensions given in the second post of this forum: LINK I looked, but unfortunately, I don't have a spare cockpit section from the Daco or Minicraft kit to send to you. Anyone else here have one they can donate to 320 Driver? You'll probably have to carve new hinges from styrene, unless they are floating around in the Purple Power somewhere. Try pouring it through a coffee filter and see if they turn up. It shouldn't dissolve plastic. Cheers! Ben
  9. GT Resin Products new 1/48 F-4 Seamless Intake Line!!

    Given how well the one intake fit, the bad fit of the other one could have been a fluke. Cheers! Ben
  10. GT Resin Products new 1/48 F-4 Seamless Intake Line!!

    I have the GT Resin intakes for the Z-M kit, XMM intakes for the Academy kits, and some CE, DMold, and Rhino intakes for the Hasegawa kits sitting in front of me. The GT intakes look very good compared to the others, and even have faint, raised lines to show where to place the intake RWR antennae. It will just take a swipe with a fine sanding stick to remove them if you're not using the antennae. Yes, the intakes do drop right in. Intakes for the Academy kit that fit better than XMM's would be great. One of XMM's dropped in, while the other took a lot of massaging and never really fit all that well. Any intakes for the Hasegawa kits will require a little more work, due to the way the fuselage halves are molded. A Dremel comes in handy with these. Gary, any word on when canopy interior details for the Z-M kits might be available? Cheers! Ben (no financial relationship with any of the resin companies)
  11. Hi All, I just put some kits up for sale in the For Sale forum, but thought I'd point out the airliner stuff here: Revell-Germany 1/144 737-800 $20 Authentic Airliners corrected 737NG engines and winglets for Revell Germany kit $15 Welsh 1/144 EMB-120 Brasilia vac/white metal $10 Buyer pays shipping. PayPal preferred for US buyers. International buyers must use Paypal. No trades, please. Thanks for looking! Ben
  12. All kit boxes have been opened, but all of the kits are intact. Everything is 1/48 unless otherwise noted: KITS Hasegawa F-16A Thunderbirds $15 Fine Molds D4Y2 Judy $25 Hasegawa Ki-43-II Kit 09508 $20 Hasegawa B7A2 Grace Kit #JT49 $15 [NOTE: COCKPIT AND PROPELLER PARTS HAVE BEEN PAINTED USING ACRYLIC PAINT. EASY TO REMOVE.] Classic Airframes Sea Hawk $20 Airfix Sea Harrier FRS.1 $10 Monogram F-100D Super Sabre $15 Revell 1/140 C-130 US Coast Guard $5 Revell-Germany 1/144 737-800 $20 Welsh 1/144 EMB-120 Brasilia vac/white metal $10 Revell 1/144 F-19 $5 Trumpeter 1/144 YF-23 2 @ $5 each RESIN Authentic Airliners corrected 737NG engines and winglets for Revell Germany 737-800 $15 Cutting Edge 1/48 F-4J/S/RF-4 intakes $20 Scale Aircraft Conversions F/A-18 landing gear (for Hasegawa) $10 True Details 1/48 P-40B/C cockpit for Hobbycraft kit $5 DECALS Microscale 48-0181 F-106As 5th FIS, 49th FIS $8 Aeromaster 48-319 Ki-43 IJAAF Falcons Part II $8 CAM 48-124 F-4S VF-302 & VF-161 $8 Aeromaster 48-408 Thunderjets over Korea Pt. II $8 Buyer pays shipping. PayPal preferred for US buyers. International buyers must use Paypal. No trades, please. Thanks for looking! Ben Brown bebrown1 AT bellsouth DOT net
  13. Operation: Resurrection. Part 1 - AFX BA 737-200

    Yup, you can filter and reuse Purple Power, too. Cheers! Ben
  14. Operation: Resurrection. Part 1 - AFX BA 737-200

    I've had good luck with Super Clean. The enamel paint on my last model I stripped just fell off of the model after a 24 hour soak. You can reuse Super Clean if you pour it through a coffee filter in a funnel. If you put a "looking for" ad up on this and the Airlinercafe forums, you might find someone with a spare clear cockpit section from a Minicraft or Daco 737 kit that might be a little easier to install than trying to fill the cockpit opening with plastic card. You can still paint over it and use window decals, if you prefer. Ben
  15. F-4 B/N Kits w/ Followup ?? about AM

    Hi JN, The RIO's controller I was referring to is the little fire control joystick on the instrument panel. I can't recall what the correct term for it is. It's true that the Navy F-4s did not have flight controls in the rear cockpit. I haven't seen GT Resin's F-4B conversion for the Tamiya kit, but his other products looked very nice when I checked them out at RDUCON last weekend. so far, I only own his 1/48 F-4J afterburners and APS-107a antennae for the 1/32 F-4D. I also would have jumped on his ARN-101-equipped F-4E conversion if I hadn't already spent way too much $$$ collecting everything I need from other sources for that project. Cheers! Ben