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  1. I'll be interested to see if they include the additional cockpit parts needed for the ARN-101 jets. If not, @JeffreyK already has some nice ones in his excellent slat conversion set. Ben
  2. Based on what’s already included in the early F-4E kit, it will have the ARN-101 doghouse, TISEO, and an ALQ-131, so at least the exterior parts will be there for a Seymour Johnson jet. Hopefully they’ll also include correct cockpit parts. I just saw what Ultracast wants for the Afterburner sheet. Yikes! Ben
  3. I thought I'd reply to this question in case somebody else is searching for info about the Quinta cockpits for the Z-M and Meng F-4s. While you can use the set intended for the Z-M kit on the Meng kit, it's a bit more difficult to go the other direction and use the Meng set on the Z-M kit. I bought the Meng F-4E set for my Z-M build because it has the modified WSO console and instrument panel for DMAS/ARN-101 F-4Es. Dimensionally, what I found with the F-4E set will probably apply to the F-4G kits as well. I found that the forward cockpit instrument panels and consoles are just a
  4. The Monogram AV-8B, correct? Their AV-8A builds into a nice model with a little work. Worth a look if you can find one cheap. Ben
  5. The original issue of the Revell 1/48 kit has decals for the jet that killed a helicopter with a laser guided bomb later in the war. I can’t find anything that shows it flew on the first night. The only other decal sheets with DS-era markings are Repliscale - 48-5022 with City of Goldsboro, and Superscale - SS48401 with three 336th TFS jets and one 335th jet. Every other decal sheet I’ve found only depict postwar jets. Ben
  6. All kit boxes have been opened, but all of the kits are intact, except where noted. All reasonable offers will be considered. KITS Hasegawa 1/48 F-4E package – Kit No. 09805 RoKA with resin ARN-101 spine antenna housing. The following aftermarket is included: DMold resin intakes, Cobra Company afterburners, Royale Resin ailerons, True Details wheels. Note: This kit has been started. The fuselage has been opened up so intakes can be installed. Intakes have been primed white and and are ready to be dropped into the fuselage halves. The speed brake interiors have been painted by pre
  7. The world needs more F-100 decals! Ben
  8. Understood! I’m starting to have difficulty airbrushing large areas because my trigger finger cramps up after a while. Rattle cans are looking better and better! Ben
  9. Hi Philippe, C305 is FS 36118 Gunship Grey. The Tamiya equivalent is TS-48. Tamiya doesn’t have TS or AS rattle can equivalent of FS 36375 (C308) or FS 35327 (C337), and it looks like Mr Hobby’s line of spray cans doesn’t, either. If you have an airbrush, you can mix Tamiya XF paints to match or use the specific Gunze acrylic/Mr Color lacquer colors. Ben
  10. A couple of weeks ago my PayPal payment bounced because the recipient (SH) hadn't completed the sign up process, according to the email I got from PayPal. Email to SH have gone unanswered. Even if this is just a side business, it’s not a good way to keep customers. Ben
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