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  1. Hi All, Anyone know where I can find six of the NO STEP markings found on F-4s and F-15s that are red with black letters? They look like a honeycomb with NO STEP inside. I have all black, light gray, and yellow with white letters in my stash. Thanks, Ben
  2. Is this the United livery you are looking for? LINK If I recall, Delta was still using the "Widget" livery back in the '80s. Joy Decals sells a set from 26 Decals (LINK). There was also a screen-printed set from Flight Path, but they are long out of production and you'd probably have to hunt some down on eBay. HTH. Ben
  3. If anyone has the kit decal sheet from the 1/48 Hasegawa Phantom FG.1 Royal Navy kit, I'd be interested in buying it. I'm only looking for the stencils and walkways (especially the wing walkways and No Step markings), so a partial sheet is fine. Thanks, Ben
  4. I can't help you but I came by the forum to put up a post looking for RN FG.1 decals, too! Best of luck to us both! Ben
  5. I was thinking I might try that. BTW, surfing around YouTube and found a video with a short walk-around of the A-4, including a great closeup of the boarding ladder and cockpit: LINK It has T-Birds T-38s, too! Ben
  6. Thanks for the offer, but Sprue Bros has the CAM decals in stock, and I have a give certificate, so I may risk it. Cheers! Ben
  7. Good to know. There's a set of the Victory decals for sale on eBay, but I don't want a BA A-4 bad enough to drop 40 bucks on a set of decals. I'll risk the CAM set. Thanks! Ben
  8. Okay, you guys have had me thinking about Blue Angels A-4s all week. What decal options are available in 1/48? I know Victory had some, but they're way out of my price range on eBay. Are CAM's the only game in town, now, and are they pretty good? I thought their T-Birds F-100s were well done, but I haven't applied them to a model. Darren, do you know what issue of FSM your article will be in? Thanks, Ben
  9. Anyone have a good view of the ADF antenna? I can see it in photos, but none of them are clear enough to get a good idea of the shape. I'm thinking that if the shape is known, one could print it on clear decal film and apply it to the inside of the canopy. Ben
  10. There is also a good article about the different afterburner nozzles at Tommy's Tailspin Topics blog linked above. Ben
  11. I'm like Drifterdon. That, and by the time I get to that stage, I'm ready to move onto something else. Modeler's ADHD. The airline I used to work for originally kept the jets relatively clean, but after the bankruptcy, they were allowed to get filthy. Ground crews would regularly write "Wash me" in the grime on the aft fuselage, and one CRJ carried an "I wish my wife was this dirty" sticker for a couple of flights, until it blew off. Ben
  12. The centerline tank had its own mounting pylon, built into the tank, unless it was one or the USAF's later F-15-style tanks, which also had its own unique mounting system. Are you wanting to mount a tank or weapons on the centerline? Ben
  13. Happy to help! Ben