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  1. congratulations... i really like the reflections on the photo. brings out well feeling of the sea or water.
  2. hello mark, i have recently blonk some $ and got the IsraCast Sufa 1/48 conversion. thanks for the tip about those thingy to watch for on the RSAF F-16D 52+. i am looking to do this bird for the coming viper groupbuild and using the old hasegawa F-16B to convert. do you have some build thread to share?
  3. This is the official announcement that Black Knights is performing in 2008 Singapore Airshow. Mindef news - Black Knights
  4. there is few additional bits you may want to consider. Guided Bomb Unit-10 and GBU-12 Mountain Home AFB with Gunfighter sq insignia
  5. gear down with "no flight" tabs on. canopy open and ladder up. use up all the sprue from the box if you can. hee... hee... :D
  6. 1/72 Hasegawa SH-60B with modified folding rotors and tail. Decal: Hasegawa original and Macross Valkyrie UN Spacy. Thank you.
  7. aemkaei, i will try to post some pic in a new seperate topic thread. just managed to fix the problem with our forum moderator that we couldn't post new topic in this gb. this is exciting we got the same going and could learn from you on your build. cheers!
  8. i would like to join with a 1/72 Hasegawa SH-60B. promised this kit for a friend to convert it with folded tail and rotors. he commissioned this build for a scene in macross zero where there are 3 seahawks. the markings will be UN spacy. is this ok?
  9. you'll also find some of the antennas are shaped differently. the IFF antennas are sharper and longer looking then the strike eagle. they are in front of the nose land gear and behind the cockpit on top. also the antennas on top of the vertical stabilizer are same sized similar to the F-15I.
  10. yes, thank you. i got a few options for p&w engine left over from my F-15SG build. it's tempting to have their turkey feather's removed, from the original tamiya F-15E set :) i got another 2 cones from cec.
  11. many thanks "pig". you answered my question on p&w engines i got in late with this magnificant show and it's not even half time so it is better late then never.
  12. i saw in the shops last week had a quick flick because the shop was closing. pleasantly surprised with some new photos although there are heaps of phantomII books already. i am tempted to get it myself. edit: went to shop this evening. it's gone!!! sold!!! obviously someone else liked it too.
  13. i suppose the conversion isn't that complicated being both tamiya kit. any photos to share, completed or wip? jake, congrats on new the book. looks like i need to get one pretty soon.
  14. i have proceeded to get the tamiya t-bird nsi small mouth to save all the trouble. i seriously doubt the seamless intake would fit without major surgery. i went the easy way out, why not. have anybody done a 1/32 tamiya block 52? or wip on one? tks
  15. this topic was discussed in depth with several options including matching parts from academy, t-bird. question: has anybody got experience using cutting edge seamless (cec32131) for hasegawa to fit onto the tamiya? thanks for any advise.
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