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  1. I am interested in obtaining 1/144 Delta markings mainly the wavy gravey type or any that anyone has that may interest me.. also if you have the minicraft 777 and are willing to part with the decals or trade me.. I have a three 777 kits but none of them are Delta.
  2. The 90th flew the hunter killer concept of the F-4G/F-4E which was then adopted by the 52TFW. Most of the pics of 90TFS F-4Es are in SEA Camo.
  3. I agree BRAC sucks and to some it doesnt make any sense. But since after Desert Storm you seen units and bases that you thought would never close but they have. You'll find examples of squadrons with alot of history being deactivated and some being reactivated for some reason - ie the 525th Fighter Squadron replaces the 12th Fighter Squadron at Elmendorf next year. Not all of BRAC is political - some of it is done from a operational point of view. Back during Desert Storm the Air Force deployed full 24 plane squadrons. Operation Iraqi Freedom brought only 12 planes per squadron and you've all seen ANG squadrons deploy as a rainbow unit with up to three squadrons and six aircraft each. Don't be surprised to see more changes in the future.
  4. Just don't fly the Canadian flag upside down!
  5. Tengu, Thanks for the information. Almost some 17 years ago my first duty station was at Kadena. I got the chance to participate is several real world scrambles when Naha F-4EJs would scramble out of Kadena when they would pull temporary alert there. Now I am wondering why it is now that JASDF has decided to swap out squadrons and equipment on Okinawa as the US up to 50+ F-15Cs stationed at Kadena under the security treaty. That being said I now remember that the Air Force has proposed Kadena as one of the first overseas bases to receive the new F-35. The F-35 will fly general purposes missions with an emphasis on air to ground. So I don't know if this may or may not been part of the decision with JASDF upgrading it's southern air defense sector.
  6. During their deployment during Desert Shield.... a couple Italian Tornados landed with KC-135 baskets!
  7. I am building a 1/144 777, 757, and MD-80 and I am searching for the "Wavy" Tail decals for these models. The only ones I have seen are for the minicraft kit (which I don't have) and also one for 737-800. I noticed on airliner-hobby.com that scaleliners makes Delta decals but there is no picture. Does anyone know where I can obtain sets or not use their Delta 777 decals? Thanks guys - this is my first endevour into airline modelling been doing mostly 1/48 military jets.
  8. Excellant Viper... welcome to the Tamiya club. Not to take away from your model ... your tail codes are reversed.
  9. Just try crossing the red line and see what these guys do !!!!!!
  10. Yeah the SNIPER does look good on a Kunsan jet
  11. BIG E went out on a world cruise last may and returned in November.... along with CVW-1... their back out after only 8 months...bummer...
  12. Well about 98% done - again still trying to master weathering... but overall it was a fun fast one to build... decided to use up one of the handful of LANTIRNs I have - but definately a SNIPER will be used in the next F-16.
  13. I really don't understand - it's an airshow .. if theres a problem why not take it up with the Airshow commitee that sets all these rules months in advance - tell them they are violating Montana Law! I can remember they did searching at the MacDill Airshow a couple years before 9-11. If it's so important to you why not just go and get it over with! Not to be so facscious but what makes it so that you want to bypass security????? I been on different ends of the airshow circuit.. planner, spectator, press, and aircrew ... I'm just rolling my eyes! Once you get past the gate ENJOY it!
  14. Actually its a left side HTS and the targeting pod on the right side.
  15. My goal is to get this jet done before I leave for the week... will be waking up next week in Memphis as 200 FED EX jets take off in the morning..
  16. Hey Scott.. again decals went on excellant...guess LANTIRN will have to do for this round - will have to save the SNIPER for something else -
  17. Thats a 1/48 HASAGAWA... need to thin out that stash even though I got some Tamiya's
  18. Shawn Hull....is back doing his wonderful stuff... check out www.shull24.com
  19. I was already in the process of building a F-16CG.... I was debating about what markings to put the darn thing in and decided it will be Eielson's Wing King bird. AB's decals came in the mail today and got quickly put on. Now the question I need to ask is has anyone seen Eielson's jet with LITENING or SNIPER pods? I seen the pilots wearing the JMCS helmets but I have yet to see a jet other then LANTIRN. I've checked the DOD website and also F-16.net I have a Sniper pod ready to go on this bird. Otherwise it will be going on the Kunsan Aggressor camo'd Block 30 F-16D thats also in progress!
  20. I read somewhere that the CJs at SPANG are using the full blown Sniper/HTS package and here's the first picture I seen of some of them. Here's a picture as they are leaving for Nellis. Notice the travel pod for the 52FW .. anyone know if that is actually the CC or another commander?
  21. It's never too late !!!!! In my opinion build as you want - don't let some group build dictate your life. But hey I think this would be a very cool and unique group build.
  22. Interesting article for those who really want to broaden their horizons... Insurgents push fighter pilots to new tactics By Eric Talmadge - The Associated Press Posted : Wednesday Jul 4, 2007 15:44:15 EDT MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan — Controlling the air is what F-16 pilot Maj. Paul Miller does for a living. He’s now learning how to fight a ground war. Four years into the war in Iraq, the challenges of fighting insurgents are changing the way U.S. fighter pilots approach their missions. The training has shifted from traditional tactics of air dominance to emphasize more specialized roles as eyes in the sky — such as locating buried bombs or honing in on small, highly mobile targets. “This is a lot more on the go,†Miller said from this base on Japan’s northern frontier. “It’s a pickup game.†With fighting insurgents, that can mean following up on intelligence and getting into areas ahead of troops to act as supersonic scouts looking for potential ambush points or bomb-rigged roads. “We may not be able to read a license plate, but we can tell you if the guy behind the bush is smoking, and whether he’s smoking with his right or left hand,†Miller said. “It’s that exact.†The demands in Iraq have also meant bringing in fighters from farther away. Two squadrons of F-16s that normally are stationed here to keep watch on North Korea and bolster a mutual security pact with Japan have been assigned to rotate in and out of Iraq since the beginning of the year. Miller, the training officer for the 14th Fighter Squadron, which just returned from a four-month deployment, said air superiority “is basically guaranteed†since the Iraqi insurgents have no air power to speak of — although factions this year have targeted lower-flying helicopters with more accuracy. In the first 4 months of this year, U.S. aircraft used 237 bombs and missiles in support of ground forces in Iraq, compared with 229 in all of 2006. The 14th accounted for about 50 of them. But Miller said the demands of Iraq have pushed fighter pilots to learn new ways to fight a very different kind of opponent. “In this mission, we are protecting the guys on the ground,†Miller said. “We’re not directly involved in kicking down the doors, but we are watching the rooftops. We support raids and convoys. We provide intelligence, recon.†Pilots are increasingly being sent on missions over urban settings and getting intelligence that seeks to prevent deaths on the ground from hidden explosives. They do this by flying over highways or roads that will be used by military convoys and by using surveillance equipment to locate any suspicious vehicles, people or changes in terrain. Miller declined to comment on the specifics of the technology, much of which is classified, but said the sensitivity of the equipment allows fighters to keep their distance and then stealthily zoom in for the attack. “They know if they are being followed by a Humvee, but they don’t know if we are on their trail,†he said. “We can get the bad guys after they leave areas that would involve a lot of collateral damage.†The F-16’s ability to shift from tracking to attack was demonstrated one year ago, when two fighters searching for bombs along a highway were diverted to a target near Baqubah, where they dropped two 500-pound precision bombs on a safe house where al-Qaida in Iraq’s leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was attending a secret meeting. He died the next day. Miller said the F-16 pilots are still working on their ability to find bombs. “We’re not 100 percent, but we can tell if the sand has been moved,†he said. “Any little bit that we can help makes a difference.†Crashes are rare, but an Ohio National Guard pilot was killed this month when his F-16 went down shortly after takeoff from Balad Air Base in central Iraq for a ground support mission. Another F-16 crashed last Nov. 27 in the western province of Anbar, killing the pilot. “We are at much more danger when we are on the ground,†Miller said. “In four months, we have had only one minor injury. That was a maintenance guy hurt in a mortar attack.†Miller, who is in daily contact with the squadron in Iraq, said the dozen or so F-16s deployed from this base are flying an average of four sorties a week, putting in from six to nine hours per sortie. Altogether, the 14th flew more than 1,400 sorties, with 5,800 hours in the air before returning to Japan. Along with about half the fighters in the 13th and 14th squadrons, nearly 900 personnel from this base are involved in the rotation in and out of Iraq. “Of course, when we’ve got a third of our base gone, you feel the pressure,†said Maj. John Redfield, the base spokesman. “We have an important mission here, to watch North Korea and all,†he said. “But we have to make up the slack
  23. The Wild Weasel/Iron Hand Group build is on the list for January 2008 and July 2008 Looking forward to seeing the SAM and Radar busting models!
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