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  1. maXar

    Best resin ever

    No surprise there! When one sees the Quality of Your models and compares them to the "log" from many kits, this idea appears by itself... ;-)
  2. maXar

    Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 ...

    Hello geedubelyer! Thank You, that You told me! I have been reading all your posts in this thread. It's very interesting to learn about Your technological methods for working with models and parts. So I appreciate Your opinion. It was easier for you.. The front of the intake can be painted without any problems (for me ;)) because the airbrush can be positioned perpendicular to the painted surfaces. But I want to display FOD guard down. I found an interesting method here. It was used by Pete "Pig" Fleischmann when working on a kit F-16 (Tamiya). In case of F-16 such a white interior latex paint will do because the intake of F-16 inside is in white. But I'm not sure that the base white latex paint can be toned in the appropriate color of "steel" in case of Su-27. Sorry for my bad English... I must edit the text many times..
  3. maXar

    Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 ...

    Guys, share your experiences in painting the Zacto intakes inside! For the 4th time repainted, but I'm not satisfied with the result... It is very inconvenient to use the airbrush to paint inside the air intakes and always there turns out not a smooth coat of paint, but the "shagreen." When attempting to polish the inside of ducts after painting (which, as you know, is very inconvenient) the paint disappears constantly in some places... Although I firstly apply a prime coating of resin parts...
  4. maXar

    Su-25 and Aphid missiles

    I can give a fairly complete list of soviet/russian aircraft launch systems (APU, PU) - Unfortunately, I can not illustrate this list with photos.. Maybe some of the listed units not widely used in actual military service.
  5. maXar

    Su-25 and Aphid missiles

    Zactoman, In any case, the installed under the wing of rail APU-60-II with two missiles R-60 look very impressive! This part is fairly universal, and of course it will be good demand. And do not forget that there is a rail APU-60-III (P-62-3) - to install 3 of R-60! .. ;)
  6. maXar

    Su-25 and Aphid missiles

    Zactoman, I agree with ya-gabor that do not trust the appearance of the aircraft at the air museum. <_< Very often employees of the museum operates on the principle "that would be beautiful." And at the same time in addition to military equipment uses their broad imagination, plywood, cardboard, scissors and glue... :blink: :D Now there appears a lack of professionalism, as in all other branches of my country... Perhaps there is a theoretical possibility of using pylons APU-60-II on the Su-25, but the practical use of this option configuration of weapons is extremely unlikely. It is known that the pylons APU-60-II were used on fighters and fighter-bombers MiG-21, -23, -27 and Su-17, -22 and even on the interceptors MiG-25 and -31. This is supported by numerous photos of real aircrafts.
  7. maXar

    1/32 MiG-23 upgrades

    Chris, thank You!!! Of course, I will try to post photos. But, unfortunately, a problem that at me is less free time, than boxes with kits and wonderful aftermarkets...
  8. maXar

    1/32 MiG-23 upgrades

    OK, I have sent the Order once again on both e-mailes.
  9. maXar

    1/32 MiG-23 upgrades

    Chris, I three times sent my Order on your e-mail... And in the answer - nothing... :) May be my messages don't come to your mail box?..
  10. maXar

    1/32 Russian Missile Pylons

    Other photos -
  11. maXar

    1/32 Russian Missile Pylons

    Probably I do it already a little late and this information isn't so actual... But here some photo of missiles and launch rails from an air show of AviaSvit-XXI. Excuse for the bad quality of a photo - it was necessary to use a mobile phone.
  12. maXar

    NATO Missiles. 1/32 Scale Models

    Alexander, I see You`ve gotten Your hand in missiles. Suppose You already can turn the entire assortment of NATO`s or soviet`s pods in a week! And this will be cool! Looking forward! The entire assortment of air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and bombs! and all the plastic logs from the box lets send back to Trumpeter!.. :)
  13. maXar

    1/32 Russian Missile Pylons

    Today has received a post parcel! Excellent set! Professional work! Chris, Alexander - Respect and Uvazhuha!!!... ;-) <_<
  14. maXar

    Tu-22 Backfire

    See photos...
  15. maXar

    1/32 Russian Missile Pylons

    Романтик Вы, Alexandr... Однозначно - Романтик!.. ;)