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  1. Thanks everyone, the photos provided a great reference for my attempt at this model. I have always been horrible with the cockpits......blame poor hobby skills but 90% sure it's bad eyesight!! I have made the cockpit a priority and take my time with this one. I did find a Floquil train color, New York something blue or green that is amazingly close to those shades. May need some tweaking but very close. Thanks again everyone. Pat Green,
  2. Hello, Is there a specific FS# associated with this? I use Model Master Acryl for the majority of my painting. Pat Green,
  3. Hello, No clearance issues, just like everyone has mentioned, flutter. A very little loadout seen is 6XAIM-120. Just replace the inboard pylon with another rail adapter and LAU-129. Pat Green,
  4. Helloeveryone, just picked up Trupeter's 1/48 Mig-23 and trying to find a good cockpit color match. And, also looking for loadouts for this plane. Thanks. Pat Green,
  5. I found an old Detail and Scale book that I had completely forgotten about for the F-4E and G. The book has two great shots of the ARN-101 and a line drawing in 1/72 scale which I will blow up accordingly for 1/32 scale on my scanner and print it out. Then I will do my best to scratch-build the system. Thanks again everyone. Pat Green,
  6. Thanks Ben, I've looked at t b eir stuff and noticed that as well. I'm going to try and scratch build the TISEO based off one of my1/48 ones from a Hasegawa kit. Not sure if the AR/ARN-101 is in the kit though. If so, I will use it as a guide as well.
  7. Hello all, I'm trying to find out if there is a resin upgrade of this for the Revell F-4E. I have also tried figuring out the dimensions to possibly scratch build it. Thanks everyone. Pat Green,
  8. Yeah, I've never seen the GBU-8 on Navy planes. Maybe the stray Israeli bird but that's about it.
  9. Yep, that's the set. What is attractive about the AGM-130s is that you can leave off the AIM-7 rocket motor and have two other variants of the GBU-15. I Already have my Tamiya F-15E decked out or I would just buy the set and use more. I just want the large wing GBU-15........for the moment!!! I will probably cave in and just buy the set at some point. Pat Green,
  10. Jake, I was looking at the Trumpeter 1/32 weapons kits on Sprue Brothers and saw what I thought were the early big-wing GBU-15s, the ones in that particular kit are the ones I want but I know I won't use the rest of the parts in the box so that's why I was trying to see if anyone had bought the set and weren't going to use them. I love those USAFE Vipers on that decal sheet, especially the two TJ ones, I was there during that time frame and was in the 612th but I have not found any decals for them yet. I would certainly like to find them in 1/32 for my Academy F-16 and do a loadout from wh
  11. Hello all, I am looking for a set of GBU-15s, preferably the big wing or long cord type, from the Trumpeter weapons kits for my Revell F-4E. I looked at the contents of the kit and I would never use all the weapons. I would buy or trade for them if anyone would like to let a set go. Thank you. Pat Green,
  12. Thanks guys, I am going to hold off and see if anyone jumps on the aftermarket wagon and makes them because I think that is going to be a popular request. I am going to get some photos a d may attempt scratch building them. Thanks again for the inputs.
  13. Hello all, I just bought the latest Wild Weasel by Revell and I would like to know where I can get the outboard pylons so I can do the quad HARM load out. If anyone has any not used on their big Tamiya kits, I will buy or trade for them. Thank you. Pat Green,
  14. Yep, good old Hasegawa weapons set era TER there. Just trim off the two small pieces sticking up down to the next level and sand the next two smooth and you will have the correct height and enough material to replicate how far a real TER sets down on the plane. If you want pics of what I am talking about, please feel free to email me at exgbuloader@gmail.com and I will send you a photo of how I did mine for my Phantom. Hope this helps. Pat Green,
  15. Hello all, I was at Balad Air Base in 2007 with two ANG units with Spang and Misawa swapping out during that time frame. I saw no Mavericks but did routinely see a TER on the left (Station 3) with a slant loadout of outboard GBU-12 and bottom loaded GBU-12 then a BRU-57 with two GBU-38s on the right (Station 7). Spang arrived with HARMS I believe but quickly moved to precision guided bombs pretty quickly. Hope this helps. Pat Green,
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