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  1. Never mind eh! Better late than never as they say! Dambuster looks good, done a few of them in the past, this was my last one, old 1980's kit, just like yours.
  2. Looks great but there's nothing to show how small it is!
  3. Further closeups. Thanks for looking.
  4. Para Short Stirling used on the D-D Landing which was unfortunately blown in half by flak. Made in memory of the crew & Para's who went down in flames, model was built for one surviving family member who was in the Para's. Hope you don't think there's too many pics ?
  5. What a great idea! Love to see book/film themed models.
  6. Yep contacted 'The Hobby Company' I've no idea why I had to pay seeing as I had proof but did say to take the kit back to the shop which was not possible as I got the kit whilst on holiday and is 150 miles away, they didn't budge in sending me the parts for free, wasn't too pleased I can tell you.
  7. Too complicated to remake the hinges ? I've no idea what they look like though, pictures of the glued up part might help.
  8. Customer service! In my mind sucks! A couple of years ago I'd purchased the Tamiya Lancaster kit and several clear parts had bubbles in them, the bubbles was trapped in the rear turret & upper turret glazing, these parts was no good, so contacted Tamiya in the UK who would not send me any such replacements, despite showing them the faulty parts they told me they are willing to sell me the entire clear sprue part for £12 plus post, I finally caved in a sent them £14, got the sprue's in the end but wasn't happy at all.
  9. Bill's health hasn't been too good over the past few years and needs a serious rest from it all, he's done some great one off decals for me. I wish him all the best.
  10. ''Suddenly got the urge to purge'' ✈️✈️✈️✈️
  11. Its always nice to look through old posts of built models from the forum but one thing that gets my goat is members who post up a thread of a completed model then after a short while, they delete the pictures!! Why do this ? It spoils good viewing!!!!!
  12. Having messed about with RC cars I never came up with this idea to stop crap from hitting the inside of the body!
  13. I can see the postage to Canada being very high Holmes The chap wants a 1/32nd kit by the way! Your beauty blinds yourself
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