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  1. Dennis Buley

    Roden's OV-1A kit

    I managed to stuff enough weight in back of the cockpit and in the engine nacelles to get it to sit correctly without resorting to adding weight in the fuel tanks. Built the kit around two years ago and have had no trouble at all with the landing gear. Dennis
  2. Dennis Buley

    What's the best F-117 kit in 1/48th?

    :blink: I built the Pro-Modeller version a year or so ago and enjoyed the build. Fit was good. There was a second ejection seat complete with photo etch seat belts and photo etch intake screens. Kit came with bomb bay, but the real negative was the ordnance. Kit came with two (crude) GBU-10s instead of the typical GBU-27s. Decals were good also. Dennis
  3. Dennis Buley

    What do you want a new Eduard Phantom series to have

    :o I'd like to see a complete kit of a particular model F-4 that corrects a lot of the shortcomings of the Has kits. For example, the Has RF-4C kit does not come with the F-15 style centerline fuel tank, but the kit decals are for late a/c that should have that tank. Since this tank always seems to be carried, it prevents you from making an accurate late RF-4C. The Has F-4E kit does NOT come with the ARN-101 bulge (its in the RF-4C kit, but not the RF-4B) for the top fuselage spine preventing one from making the last version of the F-4E. The chaff/flare dispensers are the early versions and only are in the F-4E kits. The AIM-9 launcher rails leave something to be desired... As others have said, a better cockpit and seats would be nice. I'd pay $50 for them. Dennis
  4. Dennis Buley

    U.S. ARMY Fiat G-91 and Northrop F-5A

    :D According to Steve Harding's book: US Army Aircraft since 1947, the two Fiat G.91s that were borrowed from the Luftwaffe were as follows: One was an Italian built G.91R-1, c/n 0052 that served with the Luftwaffe (BD+102)The other was a German built G.91R-3 (c/n 0065) Luftwaffe EC+105. From the b/w pics in the book, it looks like both a/c were in Luftwaffe camo, but there appears to be an orange or red tail as well as an orange/red section around the lower nose area. The numbers on the tail were the c/n's (0065 and 0052). As for the N-156, the one that the Army used was 59-4987, which eventually became the YF-5A. The single b/w pic in the book looks like a natural metal finish with black radome and anti-glare panel from canopy to radome. There is a light colored band at the top of the tail and around the fuselage just aft of the radome. The a/c has no guns but has two underwing fuel tanks. Hope this helps. Dennis Buley
  5. Dennis Buley

    Cessna Grand Caravan in Iraq

    And according to the FAA database, the N number (N9698F) on that aircraft is not assigned or reserved...HMMM!!! Dennis
  6. Dennis Buley

    F-51 Korean War Decals

  7. Dennis Buley

    F-51 Korean War Decals

    :D Mine are blue...PHEW!!! Thanks.
  8. Dennis Buley

    F-51 Korean War Decals

    Recently, I purchased the 1/48th Tamiya Korean War Mustang with the intention of using one of the set of markings in the kit. However, I heard that the kit decals are prone to disintegrate in water. Has anybody had this happen to them? Does anyone make an aftermarket set of decals for a Korean War F-51D; I've looked, but can't find any. TIA Dennis Buley
  9. Dennis Buley

    AH-64A ODS

    Jon: Thanks for the offer. I checked my stash and I have an HH-60G kit that I'll take the tank from. Dennis
  10. Dennis Buley

    AH-64A ODS

  11. Dennis Buley

    AH-64A ODS

    On the opening night of Desert Storm USAF Pave Low choppers led several AH-64As on an attack of Iraqi radar sites. I understand that the Apaches carried Hellfires, rocket pods and a single external fuel tank. I have two questions: 1. 4 Hellfires and two rocket pods or 8 Hellfires and one rocket pod? 2. Is the fuel tank available in 1/48th scale anywhere? TIA Dennis
  12. Dennis Buley

    Hasagawa 1/48 F-4E

    Thanks to all of you. I'll leave the cameras off. Dennis.
  13. Dennis Buley

    Hasagawa 1/48 F-4E

    I'm building the 3rd TFW CO's bird: 71-1086 using the very old Aeromaster decals along with Shawn Hull's CBU-87s Dennis
  14. Dennis Buley

    Hasagawa 1/48 F-4E

    Thanks. I've never built the 1/72 F-4E, except for the version Hasagawa made in the 70s. Now does anyone know if they were still in use at the time of Desert Storm?
  15. Dennis Buley

    Hasagawa 1/48 F-4E

    I'm in the process of building an F-4E-49-MC (71-1086) which was based in Turkey during Desert Storm (was 3rd TFW CO jet). I've got the 30th Anniversary F-4E kit, which includes the TISEO, which is marked as "not for use" with the kit decals. My question concerns two parts, M6 and M9 located next to the TISEO parts and also marked "not for use". One of these parts looks like the combat camera located under the right wing root as shown in the Detail & Scale F-4E book on page 24, the other one looks like an alternate version of the same thing. Should I use either one of these parts on this particular F-4E and exactly where does it go? The photo in D&S is not clear as to exact location. Thanks. Dennis