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  1. looking for photographs or illustrations of this mount .
  2. Something was bugging me about the photograph and I have at last figured it out. The lumps and bumps on the nose and just below the fin, would seem to make it an ex swiss machine.
  3. If you can get hold of one the Revell 1/32 Hunter Mk 6 kit could be used for the sqn markings, and extradecal sheet X32-007 would provide the roundels and fin flash edged in white. You would have to paint the white lightning flash. Hope this helps just a little.
  4. Yes you are correct serial number for this aircraft was XR 992.
  5. I can confirm that the seial numbers are as stated dark blue on the red and black on the yellow. Just as a point of interest it took one week per aircraft to change the schemes, as weight was a critical factor.
  6. I was working in the sprayshop at 5 MU RAF Kemble in Gloucestershire and can say that the aircraft came in yellow, the paint was rubbed down to remove the gloss finish and then resprayed red. What ever serial the aircraft carried when it came in was the one it carried when it went back out Hope this will help.
  7. I am in the process of building the Revell 1/32 hunter as a GA11 version to be followed later by atwo seat version useing the fisher conversion. Can anyone confirm that the undercarriage legs were painted white along with the bays. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. looking for photographs of above hunter trainer serial numberXL596. This aircraft carried self adhesive flourescent material applied to nose, rear fuselarge and wings. need it for the hunter conversion by fisher.
  9. I worked at 5MU RAF Kemble in the sprayshop and we used masking tape to get the demarcation line between upper and lower colours. The top camouflage was done using measurements from drawings we had in the shop. The grey and green were then cut in using a spraygun filled with each of the colours. When dry we used a cutting compound to clean up any overspray. Owen
  10. owen

    German F-4F

    many thanks owen
  11. owen

    German F-4F

    What is the latest colour scheme carried by these aircraft, I know it looks like some kind of grey.
  12. decals in 1/32 please. Please also some shots of the underneath of this aircraft.
  13. owen


    what changes would i need to make to the tamiya kit of F-4E to end up with an F-4F of the german airforce. seriously considering having a go at the 50th anniversary scheme for JG 71. Regards Owen.
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