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  1. Hello, if one would to build a 1/32 QF-104A Starfighter old colorful drone in 1/32 after the impossible to find Victory Productions sheet is there nothing more out? Only Victory covered this subject?
  2. in the next sheet 48198 there will be inside the markings for the FIRST prototype Ya-10a? I'm trying to built this from many years. mio web NZrVV9t-c1wS8Wpcgl_nRj_OLOevAM39tKJRHzTsFc0.webp
  3. They used " Mr. Color No.328 Blue Angels Blue " Will try to find!
  4. Hello, I would to reproduce a Blue Angels Hornet. Having read that today the Blue Angels use a commercial Krylon BLUE (not available in Italy where I'm) and not the dedicated FS paint available elsewhere I would to ask this: is there a tint from any modeller's paint firm that can reproduce the modern Blue Angel's Krylon blue? Alternatively, someone have idea of how to do the mix to reproduce this Krylon Blue using the usual modell'er's paints? THANKS!
  5. When in the 80's the Usaf has evalutated the PIPER ENFORCER they should have go forward with the project
  6. I'm the owner of this: I have this and also the Iwata CMC-PLUS, to me they look the same, I risk of to say the GSI CREOS airbrush are made from Iwata. the feel of use of this airbrush is the same of the Iwata CMC plus. Not a cheap product
  7. seen this afternoon a video from Youtube https://youtu.be/9O-lJlX8bto I'm curoius because on a pair of F-15E there is a strange PYLON/THING connected on the left rear pylon near the engines. I speak of this "thing" what is? a MER Pylon or what? A dummy missile ?
  8. yes it's true, I found several times inside the house BIG RATS deads... the cats love to show how much they are good to hunt
  9. I purchased years ago the "New Academy" F-4E when I discover what have purchased... was too late: I used it for a Whatif
  10. found this patch on Ebay: LINK is of any interest in this topic?
  11. I would to do this First Prototype Strike Eagle using the original old Hasegawa F-15E 1/48 box. Reassuming: The seats are Escapacs, the airbrake is the short type: where can I get somewhat of detailed to see how much the airbrake is different from the standard type of brake on the modern f-15s? The front Instrument panel should be a standard F-15B/C panel right? The unique difference is/should be the fake All Digital Panel on the rear seat.
  12. The Martian??? There is in this movie a scene that is the key of all the movie: when in full 2015 I see a movie where an astronaut go out in space and from there guide the incoming space module with hand gestures I think they consider all stupids In this scene is lost the part where the astronaut sign the UPS receipt for the delivery
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