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  1. The future lies out there in space. Yes Earth's resources are finite. Space is infinite. The resources of our solar system would alleviate pollution and environmental damage. The solution is out there and so is mankind's future. If we are to survive as a species we need to leave this rock and explore colonize and grow. TC
  2. From what I've seen on other sights the M60A2 may be next. AFV has shown a turret. Academy has already released an A2 kit but its based on their Tamiya copy M60. TC
  3. Don, every time we rolled out of the motorpool on alert we were in our go to war configuration except for small arms ammunition. The bustle rack was full of personal gear duffle bags c-rat s small personal bags. In 1978-9 rucks were not general issue to tankers. My tank commander the PLT SGT had mid night requisitioned 2 extra water cans, black plastic, in jerrycan racks on the bustle rack and an extra road wheel on the blower cover. We had to roll as if going to war every time we left the motorpool. The tanks always had a full combat load of main gun ammo and the machine guns were always moun
  4. The M60A3 had no over pressure system it had a vent fan to help clear main gun and coax fumes out by bringing in clean air but was not for NBC. The 60 series had a central gas filtration system that the crew had to plug their masks into. NBC engagements were a part of table VIII. Get caught without the crew being masked and fail the table. The slick M1 used the same system. TC
  5. You really need to read up on the subject before blaming socialism as the cause of all of the worlds ills. Here in the UK we have had a coalition of the Conservative Party (definitely not socialist) and the Liberal Democrat Party (a little bit socialist) since 2010 - an election is due in May thus year. The cuts in govt. spending here have been across the board including defence and have been driven by a Conservative (not socialist) Chancellor of the Exchequer. The reason for all of these cuts was due mainly to the massive recession and financial crisis caused by greedy, immoral and most proba
  6. Tomcat I'm not saying spend more. I just think we should be spending it wisely. That much money should be more then enough. I'm sure a lot of the prior budgets were wasted in Iraq and Afgahnistan paying for the wars which came out of the Pentigon budgets. Equipment gets used and abused and not replaced. I saw a news report that our nuclear arsenal is aging and falling into neglect. How can we afford to up grade that. How old are those minuteman missles? TC
  7. I thought so to until I got a look inside. I am trying to figure out when the turret was changed to cover the turret ring. I thought that came about after the 73 war showed it was vunerable. A quick look on line hasn't helped but I have to check my reference books on the M60. I wish I had the Hunnicutt book. I saw a picture of an Israeli parade of M60s with the improvement supposedly before the war . The Army still used the older turrets though, I saw M60A3s with the exposed turret ring in my National Guard service. TC
  8. The Beaurocrats are throwing the money away as usual. God knows how we could be spending 47% more money and cutting the size of the armed forces and reducing and canceling programs. I would like to see a line item comparison for those years. Must be the cost for all the Humvees we have provided ISIS. :bandhead2:/> TC
  9. I just remember REFORGER when we moved divisions to Europe to show our resolve. A company of Styrkers and some A10s. I bet Putin was hiding under his bed. Boy have times changed. Sort of makes you long for the Cold War. The decline of the UK is sad, socialism rears its head over the entire free world dragging it down. I'm concerned for my childrens future I've already ruined my life. ;) TC
  10. Just checked on an old Youtube video made by the Army showcasing the new M60 under construction and they had the cheek pieces. I would guess early to mid 60s. TC
  11. The kit has the cheek add ons and every tank I saw from 1977 on had them. I got my tank in 78 and they were on it. I say add on because it wasn't armor it was between a quarter and a half inch thick and an air space between, I had to replace a torn mantle cover and found out what was behind it. I don't think it could have served as spaced armor. I think its primary purpose was to make fitting the mantle cover easier. I checked a bunch of MASSTER Cammo pictures from mid 70s and they have it. Possibly tanks from the 60s without mantle covers like the first Tamiya kit wouldn't have the cheek pie
  12. I was saddened by the news as well, my son turned me on to Disc world, another talent gone. TC
  13. Looking it over again I also see that the loaders and drivers periscopes are poseable and 2 M85s are included. all hatches have detailed interiors, 2 types of sprockets solid and scaloped. casting numbers are molded on. The instuctions are on magazine quality paper with the cammo schemes in color. Although the color callouts are doubtful. Field green and khaki when it should be forest green and field drab for MERDC. I also believe more varients are planned. The left fender is in 2 pieces making a dozer version with the external hydraulics easier Oh and it has a STURDY BOX TC PS the fuel
  14. If you don't mind using some one overseas Luckymodel out of Hong Kong has good prices reasonable shipping and great service. The owner? Roy Chow also monitors the model sites and steps in to fix problems. The website has improved and the whats in stock lists are pretty up to date. I got 2 kits in less then 2 weeks and they came out cheaper including shipping then anywhere else. They also run specials I got 10% off. Also some after market items ship free world wide. I also use Sprue Brothers and Amazon. I got the Tamiya WW1 MKIV male for $58 free shipping it lists around $100. Some prices are
  15. Well folks I just opened my M60A1 last night and it is by far the best thing since sliced bread. AFV really out did themselves. The kit is right on as far as detail goes. The sprockets have mud holes, you get a mantle cover, both side loading and top loading air cleaners, both steel and aluminum road wheels, an extremely detailed drivers interior, clear lenses for head lights search light and periscopes. The cupola upper is clear so if careful you don't have to paint the vision blocks. The sponson boxes are open with seperate handles so the can be posed open. all the grill doors and handles ar
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