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  1. For me it started in 1990 with Jetfighter 2, I remember looking at the back of the box and being amazed on how much better this game looked than any Nintendo game. After that I was hooked and owned just about every combat flight sim since(Falcon 3.0, EF2000, Strike Commander, all the Microprose and later Janes games) For awhile a few of us ARCers (myself,KoenL, Berkut, Benner) got together and played IL-2 1946 with Ultrapack Mods, Battlefield 2/Bad Company 2/ and Battlefield 3. Sadly those days seem to be gone :(/>/>/> Lately I have been trying to get into DCS, but being a study
  2. Hello all, I have a question hopefully someone can answer. Was the Shenyang J-8 s/n 81192, which was involved in the mid air collision with the EP-3, a J-8B or J-8D? According to wikipedia 81192 was a J-8D, which would mean it would have the inflight refueling probe as seen in this pic. But as you can clearly see in these pics of the aircraft no probe exists. Im confused :unsure:/>/>/>/>/> Thanks!
  3. Hey guys selling a few more 1/48 aircraft: whats included: 1/48 KP Models Sukhoi Su-25UB/UBK Masterline series (rare, comes with in box resin cockpit) 1/48 Eduard Mig-21bis Profipack 1/48 Eduard Mig-21MF Profipack 1/48 Eduard Mig-21SMT Profipack 1/48 Great Wall hobby Mig-29 9-13 Fulcrum C price is 160 shipping included US only and paypal only. PM me Edit: Items are sold
  4. BuMP, still available heres some pics of the dragon kits in case anyone needs kit #'s.
  5. Still available Bill, if thats what your asking.. EDIT: SALE PENDING!!
  6. Same as with my other posting, I will never get around to building these. Paypal and US only please. Set includes All 1/35th scale Tamiya Tiger Early # 216 Tamiya Tiger Mid # 194 Dragon Panther D # 6299 Dragon Panzer IV Auf F2(G) 6360 Dragon Jagdtiger(Porshe) 6351 ( I think I forgot this and added the Hummel twice) Dragon Tiger I late 6406 Dragon Nashorn 6314 Dragon Kingtiger 6232 Dragon Hummel 6321 Dragon Panther G 6267 Dragon Tiger I Late 6253 Dragon Elefant 6126 Dragon StuG II 6365 Dragon Tiger I Late w zimmerit 6383 Dragon Panzer 4 Ausf G 6363 Dragon Panther G with road w
  7. EDIT: ITEM IS NOW SOLD! Hey Guys, Im selling off my 1/32 Scale prop collection set since I will never get around to building it. Paypal only, and US only too plz. Heres the list: 1/32 Hase P-47D Thunderbolt 1/32 Hase Fw-190A6 Galland 1/32 Hase BF-109F4 Tropical 1/32 Hase Bf-109G4 Hartmann 1/32 Hase Bf-109G14/AS JG300 1/32 Hase P-40E Warhawk 1/32 Hase Ki-84 Frank 1/32 Hase Ju-87G Stuka "Kannonvogel" 1/32 Hase Bf-109G6 x2 1/32 Hase Ki-44 Tojo 1/32 Hase Ki-61 Tony 1/32 Zoukoi Mura Ta-152H(rare kit goes for like 200 on ebay) 1/32 Trumpeter F6F Hellcat 1/32 Revell Ar-196A Seaplane 1
  8. On HOLD, SALE PENDING OK now that I have your attention please understand the following . At this time I'm trying to sell the kits listed as a BUNDLE So for the time being, no sets will be sold individually. Reason being is each of the kits are very large which means my local USPS is out of the question, which means I will have to drive 30 minutes each way to the nearest UPS store, so driving back and forth 10 different times would be somthing I would LOVE to avoid if possible. Also shipping in USA only!! and paypal only! . Finally shipping will be paid by you! I will obviously try to
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