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  1. Thank you. I appreciate another set of eyes on this, as mine are piss poor when it comes to matching. I've compared my collection of paints, as well as other paints I've come across in stores, but nothing seems to match right. It makes it hard since the pattern fades so noticeably. I can always tell which of my coworkers are wearing a new set and which one looks like they've used the same set two paygrades ago. Shoot, the set I wore today is only a few months old, but compared to a new set, one looks grey/green and the other green/grey.
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to paint something in the ABU camo pattern, but I can't settle on any approximate colors. Any ideas? Thank you.
  3. The two NASCAR Monte Carlos were supposed to be my last builds until next year, but I tend to build in sets of two, so I pulled this kit out of the stash. Its the AMT kit, and its a real quick build, and that's why I chose it. Few parts, few decals, easy assembly, new mold (good fit)... It was another good excuse to practice replicating the smooth finish on cars (as opposed to military aircraft) Everything was OOB with the exception of the homemade license plate. I used Krylon Sun Yellow for the body because yellow is a very sporty color, I liked how it stood out, and the Corvette had a s
  4. Glad you liked it. Jeff Gordon's actual Jurassic Park car was mostly red, with markings for Jurassic Park The Ride instead of just Jurassic Park. I have plans to build his real car in the future.
  5. Well, its sort of Jeff Gordon's 1997 Jurassic Park car... It's a what if version of the car that dominated the Winston that year. All of the decals were from a Monogram Jeff Gordon sheet except for the hood decal which was homemade. - Monogram Monte Carlo kit (round side) - Monogram 1997 Jeff Gordon decals - Powerslide tire decals - Testors Go Green Go from the rattle can for the body - Krylon Cherry Red for the stripes - Krylon Sun Yellow for the bottom and wheels - Krylon Pewter Gray Gloss for the chassis
  6. I used the Monogram round side kit instead of the slab side kit, so I could continue practicing my car building skills. The build was going so well, especially the body's finish, that I was greatly frustrated by the poor quality decals I was using. I had a no name decal sheet that I was planning to supplement with a Dale Jr BGN sheet. Both sheets were horrible quality, so I used bits of those sheets along with bits of a Powerslide and a Slixx sheet. I didn't want to cut into the Powerslide decal sheet, but those decals performed VERY well(I've ordered several replacement sheets). The build
  7. Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate them. Ray, there are no plans to, and this was actually the only Buick in my stash.
  8. Very nice Prowler you have there. I like the weathering and panel line detail.
  9. Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments.
  10. Great work. Its nice to see some of those older kits.
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