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  1. I have an unopened MRC 1/35 UH=1C , stil new in wrap and a OOP Cobra Company UH-1B backdate set that's opened. Ony the IP had been started but paint can be removed in case you wanna paint it yourself. I gave up my project converting the UH-1C into UH-1B due to lost interest. I'll only ship to the US only. Free shipping in the CONUS USD 110.00
  2. Thanks! But I was looking for the ones that are mounted on the pintle. Luckily, an ARC member has offered me his spare. Thanks for all the help, guys
  3. I have an old ESCI UH-1D kit and am going to build a VN slick. My dilemma is that the M-60's don't come with it and I understand that Cobra Company made them but unfortunately, CC is out of business . Need help to get a pair. Thank you!
  4. This 1/32 Revell UH-1H is finally done so I can move on with another build... VNAF ( South Vietnamese AF) Medevac circa '72
  5. Okie dokie, this is it! My last WIP photos b4 this bird goes to The Helipad... Thanx a bunch for checking my build out!
  6. Thanx, Triet! My Skyraiders are nothing compared to yours, bro
  7. Gary, I don't think there was ever a black Skyraider in VNAF inventory
  8. Hi all, This is my 5th ZM 1/32 Skyraider in VNAF colors built OOB. This particular bird belongs to 516th FS " Flying Tiger" based in Da Nang AB circa '66. Decals are from AOA decals, they cam out with 2 parts with enough decals for 18 VNAF Skyraiders ( that means I still have 17 more to go LOL) Folks at AOA did an excellent job, in artwork, quality and research IMHO and I highly recommend their decals. Thanx for looking!
  9. For the seats, I just spray painted them. I didn't use thinner so I guess that's how it came out like that. I used Model Masters enamel paints Dark Tan FS30219, US Army Helo Drab FS 34031 and Flat White
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