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  1. Thanx, Triet! My Skyraiders are nothing compared to yours, bro
  2. wow, this Cobra looks mean!
  3. Thumbs up!
  4. Gary, I don't think there was ever a black Skyraider in VNAF inventory
  5. Hi all, This is my 5th ZM 1/32 Skyraider in VNAF colors built OOB. This particular bird belongs to 516th FS " Flying Tiger" based in Da Nang AB circa '66. Decals are from AOA decals, they cam out with 2 parts with enough decals for 18 VNAF Skyraiders ( that means I still have 17 more to go LOL) Folks at AOA did an excellent job, in artwork, quality and research IMHO and I highly recommend their decals. Thanx for looking!
  6. For the seats, I just spray painted them. I didn't use thinner so I guess that's how it came out like that. I used Model Masters enamel paints Dark Tan FS30219, US Army Helo Drab FS 34031 and Flat White
  7. Thank you all for following this thread, here are my latest progress:
  8. Thumbs up!
  9. Thanks, guys! The cables were fashioned with electrical wires stripped from the housing
  10. Hello guys, I am back! Been neglecting this project for a while, a little update today
  11. I am just gonna scratch build the hinges and glue them shut Just finished gunners seats, not too happy but they will do
  12. My condolences to you and your family! I am so sorry for your loss
  13. Thanx for kind words, guys! Rod, The B pillars are from Fireball model works but unfortunately they are discontinued
  14. A little update today...
  15. LOve HUeys, especially the UH-1H's, D's! Can't wait