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  1. Photos of my completed Nieuport Ni.17 Cheers, Nick
  2. Well its finished......... I'll add the rest of the photos in the completed builds section. Thanks for watching. Nick
  3. That looks really good so far. Can I ask how you did the instrument panel as it looks very realistic. Nick
  4. Seen these kits built up and they look fantastic when done well. Perhaps the only down-side with them is the tax they seem to attract. They're only available direct from the manufacturer in New Zealand and depending on where you're importing them to the import duty can be a nasty surprise. Regards, Nick
  5. Thanks for the comments. There's been a bit of a hold up as I've had to get hold of some french roundel blue paint as the decals didn't really sit very well around the edges of the rudder. Anyway the paints gone on tonight and I'm just about to start on the wood grain for the struts and the propeller which only leaves the tyres and the machine gun to paint before assembly and rigging. Nick
  6. Here's the progress so far, most of the sub-assemblies are together and painted. Decals have also started going down. I've also used the PART PE set to add some extra detail to the machine gun. Hope to get a bit more done this week. Nick
  7. I've now got the fuselage together and added some additional detailing to the centre section cut-out of the upper wing. The undercoat is now on and I'll start the painting proper this week. Nick
  8. It looks like it has both MiG-23 and MiG-27 style splitter plates included! Hopefully it will also be able to be built as a MiG-23BN. Looks great. Nick
  9. Not had enough time as I would like on this, however I've managed to get the interior painted. I've also had to mess about with the engine. The exhaust pipes were on the front of the engine instead of the back, so I've cut off the original pipes and added new ones out of wire in the correct positions. Hopefully I can get the fuselage together and the lower wing on this week. It is getting there, just very very slowly. Nick
  10. That looks fantastic! Its really good to see one done without the lozenge. Nick
  11. Looking great, love the finish to the streaking. But I think there wasn't any streaking on the axle wings. I think that they were either solid olive green over light blue or solid olive green top and bottom (depending on the aircraft). Sorry about that, still looks good though. Nick
  12. Started work on the Nieuport now and as usual beginning in the cockpit. First of all the seat. The seat provided by Eduard is a solid piece of plastic when it should have a perforated back. I cut a new seat back from plasticard and then added the perforations with a punch and die set. The seat bottom was removed from the kit part and the new back added. and the finished seat Looking through the reference photos it shows that the cockpit floor is not the solid floor depicted in the kit. So i've modified the kit part by removing the areas where you should be able to see through to the
  13. Here's the kit I'll be building.. and this is the scheme I'll be doing.. and this is the contents of the box (with some of the parts removed and cleaned up), I'll also be using the Eduard photo-etched French WW1 seatbelts This build marks a number of firsts for me, it'll my first biplane since I was a kid, my first entry in a group build and my first in-progress build. Anyway looking forward to getting into this and thanks to Old Man for the reference info. Nick
  14. I'd like to add myself to the list as well. I've got an Eduard 1/48 Nieuport 17 that I've been meaning to start for ages. Nick
  15. You could try adding talcum powder to paint before brushing it on, this would give a finer texture than adding sand and by controlling the quantity of talc added you can play around until you find a surface you like.
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