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    I enjoy researching and building rare and exotic conversions of aircraft(ie AP-2H, OP-2E, A/B-26K). I also have a warm fuzzy for Vietnam-era aircraft and the F-14.

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  1. Friends, Deal with John B with confidence!! Our deal for decals was very successful!! Lost in Texas
  2. Hello, As the title says, I am looking for the following decal sets: Fightertown Decals 48080. Fightertown USA part 2 Furball Aero Design 48036 F-14 Air Wing All Stars Part 2 Furball Aero Design 48012 USMC Rhinos Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks again!!! Lost in Texas
  3. Just concluded a deal with Aaron Rhodes, AKA Strikeeagle801, and the man is aces!!!! Deal with him with absolute confidence!!!! Lost in Texas
  4. Hello All: As the title says, I'm looking for Furball Aero's 4809 Tomcat Color and Markings for the VF-33 lo-viz Tomcat. I would love to have the whole sheet, but I mostly just need the VF-33 markings. I will pay handsomely for the help. Thanks!! Lost in Texas
  5. As has happened before, Tim Smith, AKA Buckeye, has come through for my ongoing projects. Many thanks to Tim for the ongoing support and help!!! Deal with Tim with absolute confidence!!! Brian AKA Lost in Texas
  6. Hello, As the tile says, I am looking mostly for the Furball Aero #4809 decals for VF-33 lo-viz markings. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks again everyone!!! Lost in Texas
  7. Adamitri, Thank you for your quick response. What do you want for one? Brian
  8. Hello, As the title says, I am searching for Fightertown Decals 48012 and 48077. I would prefer entact sheets, but I am flexible. I will pay handsomely for these... Thanks again everyone!!! Lost in Texas
  9. Hello: As the title says, I'm looking for the Decals Carpena USS Forrestal Air Wing #4811. Would prefer a whole sheet, but mostly looking for the VS-28 and VA-176 markings. Will pay handsomely. Thank you. Lost in Texas
  10. Hello: I did manage to get my hands on a full sheet, so I'm planning on doing 390 and 287 at last chance prior to takeoff. Thanks again! Brian
  11. Just want everyone to know, deal with Tim Smith, AKA Buckeye, with extreme confidence!!! Man is aces in my book!!! Lost in Texas
  12. As the title says, I'm looking for the 48054 Lakenheath 'Varks. Would like a complete sheet, but I'm willing for a partial as well. I will pay handsomely. Thank you. Lost in Texas
  13. Just want to let you guys know that Buckeye is aces in my book!! He came through in fine style with some decals for me. Deal with him with extreme confidence!!! Thanks again!! Lost in Texas
  14. Hello all: Like the title says, I am looking for the Afterburner sheet for the 3rd TFW. I would prefer an untouched set, but I am really looking for the SEA wraparound and Euro 1 markings. Willing to pay handsomely... Lost in Texas
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