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  1. I'm not sure about what all is in the above posts, but I can still get MM (that's the name on the bottle...I don't know about any of the holding company or parent line name changes) at my Hobby Lobby, local hobby store's, Michaels & Menards all day long. I use Rustoleum on my guns & never have a problem finding the color of the AO in stock. At least the paints most of us who build aircraft. Not sure about all that super bright & neon style colors for the cars & such. My buffing Metalizers are quite a few years old but are still good as new & I will still use them for certai
  2. Hey, fellers! I'm not sure what the mystery is with the quasi release of the Kitty Hawk FJ-3 is outside of China. COVID? Some kind of problem at the factory? The suits conspiring (sarcasm) or can't come to an consensus about when to announce the date? In any case, I found a Kitty Hawk FJ-3 from a USA seller on Amazon. Granted, the store owner is Chinese & she's certainly getting these direct from buddies in China & selling them via Amazon. No complaints from me, however. I ordered some RC plane (The Mrs. SgtMaj keeping an eagles eye on my hobby funds due to having three quite expensive
  3. I think I will stay with the Testors/Model Master since I have all of the metal hues that they offer. The paint will be for the Kitty Hawk FJ-2 that was polished natural metal which was the norm for the time if I'm not mistaken. I have the gloss lacquer sealer for this paint, but I've not used it yet. Thanks for all of your advice. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  4. Thanks again for that info. I wasn't aware of the clear coat issue. I looked at that AK Xtrerme line but they are almost $10 a bottle. Should a spray a base coat of black under the metal? Thanks. Semper FI, Masterguns
  5. Thank you. Would the paint lift using any other popular metal paint brand if a few clear coats were applied & dried the appropriate time before you mask for different tones? Semper Fi, Masterguns
  6. Hey, y'all....What is the general consensus about the quality or ease of use of the Testors(or what ever their called now) Metallizer paints for natural metal finishes on your model? Pros/Cons please. Better metal paints now days? Thanks. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  7. Why aren't there any in the shops in the USA? Was this kit released in 2020? Thanks. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  8. Roger that & thanks for that info. Thanks for your help & while we're on the topic of the KH 1/48 FJ-3 kit, does anyone here know when it might be released from CONUS shops or has it been already & sold out? Anyone scuttlebutt? I don't want to order from China & wait until June for it to arrive according to the listings shipping times for this kit from those sellers. Again, as always, thanks for your continued contributions to my endless questions. I hope y'all are being safe & well. God Bless. Semper FI, Masterguns
  9. So I can conjure up a quasi 6-3 wing for the FJ-3 kit if I, say, use a roll of putty along the bottom the slats & make accommodations for the wet wing or do you reckon it’s nots worth the trouble? I don’t mind leaving the kit wing as is if I have to do too much modification. Thanks!!!
  10. For sake of the camber in 1/48 on the FJ-3 do you think it would be quite noticeable. Or, would I have to do a bit of modification to make it look more realistic to the trained eye like a judge at a contest? Was the camber mainly at the leading slat where I could just add some putty on the bottom of the slat itself? Thanks for your detailed reply earlier!!!!! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  11. Hey, gents...I hope y'all are staying as warm as possible this winter. Anyway, I'm aware that the FJ-3 Fury was built with a 6-3 wing starting in 1955 which left the similar wing to the FJ-2 Fury a thing of the past. Well, probably not all save for some drones, R&D and other non-operational birds. From my research the only thing that I could find thus far is that that starting in 1956 all US Navy airframes were retrofitted with the AAR probe & drogue method the Navy & Marine Corps use on their aircraft. Does anyone know if this means Navy FJ-3 Fury's or just in general Naval Aviati
  12. I'm going to amend my OP to just the Caracal Decals 1/48 NORTH AMERICAN FJ-2 FURY Jet Fighter Part 2 as I have found the Part 1 & a kit. Thanks for your help!
  13. Thanks for your reply. Saw that on eBay & will pick one up. But can’t find Part 2 anywhere. Isn’t this kit a 2020 release? If so, why is aftermarket so hard to find? Thanks! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  14. Howdy, Yall. Been a while for me visiting the site. Glad to be back. I'm needing to buy Caracal Decals 1/48 NORTH AMERICAN FJ-2 FURY Jet Fighter Part 2. Anyone have this sheet that want to sell? Thanks for your help! Stay safe & stay well! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  15. Is the F -15E cleared/wired for AIM-9X opposite the AIM-120? I can’t locate any definitive pics on the www. Thanks! Semper Fi, Masterguns
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