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  1. Gunny

    US Navy terminology question.

    -Geedunk in the USN has the same meaning of the USMC term "pogey bait," i.e, candy, fatty foods & drinks that can contribute to turning into a fat body. Extremely frowned upon especially in the infantry, & the Recon/Force Recon & Raider (MARSOC) communities where top peak physical condition is mandatory. Failure to meet decathalon type condition or fall out of something when you're not dead & you're done. Marine Corps as a whole because our very strict height to weight ratios & BMI standards are so strict that you can get booted out for failing to meet or maintain the standard as it applies to individual. Same stuff to stay away from even as a civvie. Stay lean & clean! -Scuttlebutt is a drinking fountain & the other completely non-related meaning are rumor/passing word that has not been confirmed or general conjecture & sometimes possibly true activity that is being passed amongst sailors or Marine's in groups or one on one. The unconfirmed Passing of the "word" summarizes it fairly well. General meanings I as I remember over my time in & they remain in use today. You get the picture. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  2. Gunny

    Mods, please delete

    Gosh dern-it! I already have some of those very same seats that I ordered earlier this year & forgot about in my accessories tubs. I guess I should’ve looks in my A-6 accessories box first. I feel like a space cadet now for asking. A big thanks to you for your reply! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  3. Gunny

    Kinetic 48033 F/A-18D ATARS kit decal sheet

    LAU-10/A Zuni pod. Four rockets per pod. Usually smoke for marking targets. However, laser guided Zuni based rockets are being evaluated. Now, or least were. Historically the older rockets weren’t that reliable. I think there are five shot pods are in the works. All that said, the former are the same Zunis in one form or another that that were cleared for use any other military aircraft. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  4. Gunny

    Return of the Hasegawa 1/48 A-4C next year

    This is why I buy several kits within a few months so I have what I might need years later & not have to pay eBay money. I can’t believe I still have a few original release Hasegawa T/A-4B & Cs left all these years later still needing to be built. You never know what Hasegawa & some other top rated companies will do (or not) with rereleases. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  5. Disregard. Found the answer. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  6. Well gents, I picked up a bottle of Liquidex acrylic translucent iridescent gold from Michaels & a Masters Touch acrylic 36 count .7fl oz tubes in a plethora of hues-all of which I opine I should be able to use in some form with future builds as well-from hobby lobby. If you have experience with these brands, in any capicity, good or bad, please share. Thank you. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  7. Thank you. I keep forgetting about using Future. I have what seems like a pallet of that stuff that i do use a lot but will realistically ever use all. I’ll prolly have leave to my children in my will. Thanks again. If I go this route I’ll prolly ask you yo walk me through baby steps. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  8. I’m not familiar with this stuff. I would be looking at for it at Honby Lobby tomorrow. Did you use acrylic or enamel based clear. Which color powder? Thanks. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  9. Do you have to use acrylics? I assume you one would do to ease of clean up if there was a booboo on the canopy. However, if you have the mixture you like & have tested on junk canopy could you use enamels? Reason asking is because I have many more enamels than acrylics in these metallic colors that I can thin like the nail paint which is essentially similar to what Fightng-84 used, correct? Feed me the knowledge, dudes. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  10. Out’freakin’standing! That looks very right on for a 48 scale effect on a Kinetic Prowler I’m going for. I wonder if can I get that tint here in town. We have one of those famous chain makeup stores my wife likes to go to. I just can’t recall the name. Thanks for sharing that technique, brah! I will be trying it soon. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  11. Hello! Please share your techniques for recreating the gold tinted canopy look like on the EA-6B for example. Thanks! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  12. Howdy, warriors! I yet yet again seek your wisdom. Anyone know if the ejection seats from the Aires late EA-6B prowler cockpit offerings are accurate or at least fairly accurate? I understand that the Quickboost line is part of Aires? so I’m asking about the seats with belts, too. I still have a few Black Box cockpits meant for the Revell or Monogram EA-6B. Would that set be compatible with the Kinetic kit since it’s a digital copy & improvement of the Revell kit? Please someone correct me if I’m wrong with bum intel. Sorry. I just haven’t had time to dig out all the resin & the many other accessories that I have for these Kinetic prowlers & intruders to check fit or accuracy. I can’t find any of my reference books for the Intruder & Prowler. Internet not good to me right now. You gents alway pull through. Thanks. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  13. Gunny

    F-5F + Rear cockpit detail in 1/48

    I’m not sure if I understand your question as it is written. But l’ll try to answer based on the are quite visible with the single seat F-5E. The F-5F is a two seater & thus those boxes you refer to on the F would have to be relocated elsewhere inside the airframe. Just because they are present in these F’s you have pictured does mean they are used. Just like many other kits are released with extra parts that don’t go with said kits because they are retained in the original tools due to anticipated further realeases of a different variant. All too common with just about every modeling company. HTH. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  14. Howdy, motivaters! I’m buildIng the 1/48 Tamiya F4D-1. I remembered that I’ve had the 1/48 Monogram Promodeler kit that’s roughly 15 years old (I’m not going to finish) that has the vintage tug tractor as a bonus. Can anyone in the know about various tugs advise me if that tug would be appropriate with the 50’s-early 60’s NavaI ground support equipment for a small diorama with the Skyray? Thanks! Semper Fi, Masterguns