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  1. I built the Hasegawa example and the only aftermarket I added were resin wheels and exhaust nozzles. Never built the Academy example, but I read somewhere that the vertical tails are too small and should be replaced.
  2. Excellent! So do you know when the LP series will be?
  3. ZM F-4J set is available. Probably more on the way.
  4. I had a NLG break on a Tamiya F-16 during an earthquake, I reglued it with Tamiya extra thin. Been fine ever since..... knocks on wood. PS: it's the one in my profile pic
  5. It takes lots of patience, I ordered some Live Resin figures in April. Until today, tracking showed processed through Moscow and now it's in Chicago. Finally 👍
  6. I have a set for the ModelCollect B-2. I haven't used them yet, but they look decent.
  7. Nice work Tomas, looking to see it painted up.
  8. Star Spangled Banner, gets me every time.
  9. It is exactly what you saw, they are moving to a new location and will be up and running after the move.
  10. Takes me back to the old ways. Nice job scratch building.
  11. Tomas, you seem to be making quick work of this build and very realistic also.
  12. Breaking news: the Acting SecNav has resigned amid the uproar.
  13. I have been taking advantage of this extra time working on a Tamiya 1/32 P-51D I started back in December. I have also been supporting the aftermarket community even though I don't have an income right now. Stay safe everyone and happy modeling.
  14. Tomas, That's looking amazing! You have not lost any skills from that 30 year hiatus.
  15. Hi Tomas, have you tried Molotow chrome pens? They work very well for small areas.
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