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  1. Interesting, I have the same exact kit, aftermarket and the IPMS decals in my to do pile. Will be following.
  2. Was that the Real Colors? I just bought some, but I haven't tried them yet.
  3. Looking real good, I like that you also added the antenna wires. I didn't want to botch mine up trying that. Also, I believe Miss Virginia was a "G" model.
  4. Thank you and I knew that, I guess he's not posting here anymore. Shame that his images are gone though.
  5. Anyone know what is going on with Chuck? I noticed all the images from his fabulous build threads are gone except for his most recent build.
  6. markiii


    Well, I can tell you this. It is site related because I do not have this issue with other forums I browse. Only this one. So far.
  7. markiii


    So, on my Surface© I have one small ad banner at the top but on my phone OMG!! Please make it stop.
  8. markiii


    Oh and not pop-ups but actually intermixed in the forum, I have pop-ups disabled.
  9. markiii


    Yeah, I noticed to this about 2 hours ago. Really making it difficult to browse the forum.
  10. Christian, you have any Intel on the first photo? Thanks
  11. Thanks! I did not use the yellow decals and painted the tips.
  12. Thanks all, I think it took longer to paint and do the decals than to assemble it.
  13. Thanks, and here are a couple more.
  14. I just posted in the display case.
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