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  1. markiii

    Hobby shops near Travis AFB?

    TIP: Get the yellow pages ( I know "old school") and look at the hobby listings. That's what I did when I was a road warrior.
  2. markiii

    Hobby shops near Travis AFB?

    Don't know if it is still there, but a Ace hardware near Cal Berkeley had a hobby section in the basement,.a sight to see. And in Sacramento there was Folsom hobbies. But that was years ago.
  3. markiii

    1/32 Aim-120

    In stock today at Sprue Bros
  4. markiii

    Best 1/48 F-16?

    Hands down, Tamiya. Unless you want a "B or D".
  5. Look a couple posts back
  6. markiii

    TMM I magazine

    Sprue Bros just received theirs not long ago, so maybe a shipping/ production problem.
  7. markiii

    Model Collect B-2

    Received the kit yesterday, and I agree with what was posted above. Well packaged with the diecut foam for the fuselage upper and lower and the wing parts. They are very stout parts. Molded in a dark grey plastic, so the parts that need to be painted white will need a white primer coat. The instruction guide has 42 assembly steps. It starts with a brief history and a list of the aircraft with Block numbers and serial numbers. There is a parts layout, followed by 10 construction steps for the cockpit. Next steps are assembling the landing gears and bays, the bomb racks and bays. Next is the engines with intake ducting and exhaust. I don't see any ejector pin marks on these parts after a quick look. The instructions note to put 50g of weight in front of the cockpit. Note: in step 12 the main landing gears are sandwiched in between the walls of the gear bays which would make them vulnerable to damage as construction continues. The remaining steps cover the wheels, more bomb bay parts, doors, NLG, and finally the wings. There is a painting guide at the end with top and bottom view and a chart with FS #s and model paint equivalents from 5 brands. MM, Humbrol, Mr. Color, Xtracrylics, and Mr. Paint. Decals from TwoBobs with markings of 3 aircraft. 1 photo etch fret with consoles and instrument panel that are pre-painted. Overall, a nice kit. The panel lines are crisp but a little overdone. If you want to arm it, go with aftermarket.. IMO. Mark
  8. markiii

    Model Collect B-2

    Sure thing
  9. markiii

    Model Collect B-2

    Roger that, on its way to me.
  10. markiii

    Model Collect B-2

    I received my shipping notice today, I was on the 1st pre-order.
  11. markiii

    B-1B Sniper pod pylon

    Roy had told me awhile back that the pod and pylon were in the works.
  12. markiii

    Modelcollect 1/72 B-2

    I ordered one from Model collect when they had a pre-order price of $69.99. Hopefully better than Testors.
  13. markiii

    Large paint jobs on fighters

    Great Wall Hobby is releasing their F-15C kit with those markings
  14. markiii

    Lucky model f-14 date???

    From what I hear, it was to be released stateside first.