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  1. Thanks - is this the one? http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-202249515/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&keyword=laquer+paint+thinner&storeId=10051
  2. Hi all. Yesterday I went to my local Hobby Lobby with my 40% coupon, only to find that the Testors Universal Enamel Thinner 1/2 Pint (8 oz) price had increased from $9.99 to $14.99! WOW. So having said that, I wanted to ask everyone if there was a cheaper substitute that is available out there from somewhere like Lowes or Home Depot. I am using an airbrush with primarily Testors enamel paints, and the use for the product will be for airbrushing, thinning and cleaning. Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks Adam
  3. Thanks - found it on Page 752 in V.18 9/2012. Good catch. Adam
  4. Just a quick question for anyone: Does anyone have a contact/status update for whomever is publishing the (unofficial) Index for Scale Aviation Modeller international? I recall there was a person called Derek who was doing this for a while, but that was the last I heard. Any info appreciated! Thanks Adam
  5. Thank you everyone. Yes, the K-Car is not commonly known to many modellers, but if you were a Rhodesian ZANUPF/ZIPRA dissident in conjunction with your East German/North Korean advisor in the late 1970s in the general vicinity of Rhodesia, you were usually quite familiar with the type. The K-Car was operated mostly with a crew of three, (pilot, gunner and Fireforce commander) and used as a mobile command post to allow the army commander of the heli-borne troops to direct their operations from the air above them, although I have seen some photos of two seaters (like the one I built). Ammu
  6. Just finished today was my 1/48 Aerospatiale Alouette IIIB “K-Car†of the Rhodesian Air Force ca. early 1979. This is the Fujimi kit released in 1980 and heavily modified and converted to the unique Rhodesian version made famous during “Fireforce†operations in the Bush War of the 1970s. The kit when built out of the box assembles quite well, however the major modifications to convert the machine to a K-Car required including; Anti SAM shroud and the “Elephant ear†dust filters on air intakes. Also on the outside are the adding of antennas on the front of
  7. See: http://www.testors.com/faq#2 Cheers Adam
  8. So sad. Does anyone know which machines they were? The squadron is apparently 15®sq.
  9. Just finished today is my 1/76 scale “Hetzer†(Jagdpanzer 38(t)Sd.Kfz. 138/2), of the Hungarian 25th Recon Battalion depicted near Lake Balaton, western Hungary, in early 1945. The kit is from Fujimi, and is modified with the decals, antenna, a deck mounted remote control 7.92mm MG42, and overall panzer dark yellow basic paint scheme. The Hungarians received about 75 Hetzers in the latter part of WW2. The “Baiters†were known for their reliability and ability to be hidden due to their small size. It’s my first Hetzer. The build was fun, and the old Fujimi ki
  10. I picked up the MG42 in metal from Mini World. Its awesome. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Adam
  11. Thanks guys. Forums are amazing sometimes. I had no idea that such nice pieces were available. Then on eBay too! Cheers! Adam
  12. Hi all. I am looking to find out of there is an aftermarket MG42 (or a 34 will do) made in metal or a really nice plastic mold that can be used on the top of a Stug III/IV or a Hetzer? The kit version is pretty lame, and a nice metal piece would be preferred. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance. Adam
  13. Thank you. There is a Ferdinand in the Russian Armor Museum, which is from Kursk. The sole Elefant was captured by US Forces in Italy. I believe. - Adam
  14. Panzerjäger Tiger (P) Elefant (Sd.Kfz. 184) 2.Kp.Isch.Pzjg.Abt.653, SE Poland – August 1944. Finished today is my Trumpeter “Elefant†in 1/72 scale (#07204). This is an operational vehicle depicted from the 653rd Heavy Tank Destroyer Battalion, with weathering and decals to depict a machine in Poland in late summer 1944. 2 Company was formed as a consolidated Elefant unit from usable machines located in that area, and had a total strength of 12 on hand at that time. The kit goes together well, and was one of the first Trumpeter armor kits released in 2003. Include
  15. Well, I have about 60 books on this subject so I can speak to it. A few that come to mind are: From a fair perspective - Max Hastings book Battle for the Falklands is probably the best. Well written and affordable. Sea Harrier over the Falklands is Ok, as well as Vulcan 607, but both of these are written from a single perspective. Mark Adkins book on the Battle of Goose Green is quite compelling if you want something like that on the ground level. Air War in the Falklands is all about detail down to each aircraft and each action. Affordable too, and probably the best book on a spec
  16. Thanks Xavi. I appreciate that. Well, the Tritium TG Grex flat out rocks!! Adam
  17. Just finished today is my Hungarian MÃÂVAG Héja II ("Goshawk") of the Royal Hungarian Air Force ca.1944. This is marked up and intended to depict a mid-production machine V5+42 based at Matyasfeld, near Budapest. The kit is the Legato release in 1/72 scale from 2005 which apparently can make either the Heja I or Heja II. The Héja I was a Hungarian fighter aircraft copy of the Italian Reggiane Re 2000. Following licensing issues with the Italians, the new Héja II (as shown below) was entirely Hungarian built with locally produced airframes, engines and armament. The new fighter di
  18. BUMP - Well I bought a Grex Tritium TG when I was at the San Antonio show. I am thrilled with the results. Easy to use, cleaning is a breeze, and any issues or poor results are totally caused by the user. The TG is supposed to be the best one of the product line. A word to buyers - the standard version comes with only one needle (a .3mm nozzle). They sell others that are larger and smaller in size, which will be better when necessary. I have tried it with enamel and acrylic paints, also with flat and gloss cotes. Perfect results with all. Anyway, just wanted to put closure on th
  19. Luis - I remember your wonderful Canberra - and I still have my Macchi on the shelf from that build. http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal7/6101-6200/gal6102-groupbuild-Dempsey/32.shtm Cheers! Adam
  20. One of my first thoughts was to find out if there was a kit of a Bedford 4 Tonne truck, as used by NP8901. Note the Royal Navy plates. I think the model is an "MK" type and is available now in 1/72 and 1/35.
  21. (Just thought I'd post this and see where the discussion would lead.) As I was working on my current project, and dealing with the issues inherent in a limited run kit, it suddenly struck me that I am making the same mistake, and I do the same thing wrong from 35 years ago, as I do today. Yes, it caused me to ask - "am I a better modeller?" The answer, (I think) is yes!, I read, follow anticipate and work through the build and especially the finish of the final product. But ..however it struck me today that when I was 9, the following would occur: - didn't read the instructions closely,
  22. You know of course that I cannot shy away from the Matchbox F-16 in 1/72. (!!) Adam
  23. Hi Leo. Am currently building that kit. Its a grey interior. Just curious - did you finish yours? Adam
  24. scooter


    FS36320 http://www.colorserver.net/showcolor.asp?fs=36320 Dark Ghost Gray Hope that helps. Adam
  25. Thank you everyone. I am very happy with that build! The text decals were inkjet printed: "EJERCITO" was printed in Arial Narrow BOLD Size 17 and "E-480" was printed in Arial Narrow BOLD Size 22. The boom numbers were then run over with 1200grit sandpaper to give them a faded and scratched appearance. ...more dirt, dust and rocks flying around back there... Adam
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