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  1. Just finished today is my Mi-171(aka "Hip-H") of the Ecuadorian Army ca.1996. This is marked up and intended to depict machine E-480 of No. Brigada de Aviación del Ejército No.15 "Paquisha", immediately post the Cenepa conflict of 1995. The kit is the Hobbyboss Mi-8 in 1/72 scale (which is incorrectly labelled as the contents are more apt to be an Mi-17). From the beginning, my goal was to build with no expense, and to use only what I had on hand. The kit was nice to build, with plenty of well placed lugs and the fit was excellent. I also made a few modifications for the antenna runs.
  2. Just saw your Hound. Very nice. The Hobbyboss line is quite good and buildable.. Congratulations. Adam
  3. Please let me know, thank you. Adam
  4. Interested in the Matchbox P-12E and the Zvezda Mi-8T. Will be at the San Antonio show if you want to finalize it there... Adam
  5. Heller has one also: Gazelle SA342M Scale: 1/72 #80284 Cheers Adam
  6. (Hi all - I searched the site before I posted and found the above.) So, its now 2012...and this post was 2010. I am going to be in Houston for a few days and want to check out a store or two. Ideally I am looking for one with some old kits (Airfix, Matchbox etc) and paints, supplies and such. If anyone sees this, can they let me know which of the three is the best to go too, bearing in mind what I am looking for.. Thanks in advance. Adam
  7. Update: The Alclad Gloss dried pretty much all over within a day. There was two areas that took about 7 days to fully dry. I think it was probably me applying too much to those areas. No doubt, the product is excellent though. I am very keen to see the flat and semi-gloss they do as well. Appreciated all the feedback, thank you. Adam
  8. Well, after following your instructions, the result was OUTSTANDING. I will send photos on completion. Thank you very much. Adam
  9. Thanks - yes that is the dullcote I am using, so off to Lowes I go.. One final question then.. I want the coat to be as flat as possible, so is 50/50 the best mix for this, or 70/30..etc? Adam
  10. Thanks - just wanted to confirm that.. So for Testors Dullcote its a 50/50 to Testors thinner. Correct?
  11. Yes, its been 36 hours and its still a little tacky, and not really able to be touched in most areas. Even sat it out in the sun and breeze all day today... Will keep you posted. Adam
  12. I used the Alclad Klear Gloss yesterday.. Its been 36 hours and its still a little tacky in some areas. Am I correct to say that I need to wait a few more days before I can handle? OR If I spray (Testors) flat over the top, and the flat dries quickly, will it basically "dry" the gloss? Thanks in advance. Adam
  13. luckymodel.com is my favourite for the latest stuff. The speed of delivery is incredible from HK to the USA. All the others are good. I think the majors are all pretty good, with mixed customer service. Welcome back. Adam
  14. ...not being an early adopter of many things, I just applied Alclad Gloss Klear Kote to my current project. I had always used another brand, but saw this at Hill Country Hobby in San Antonio a few weeks back. Awesome coverage and flow through my Aztec w/General nozzle. A great start to the model year of 2012! Cheers all. Adam
  15. San Antonio in February please! Thanks again everyone for all the info. Adam C.
  16. Thanks Hawkeye. Enjoyed the show and learnt a couple of things - especially the "fishing line" trick. Still, without a Grex to try out, its hard to justify the expense. Perhaps one day.. Adam C.
  17. Nice job. That pic of the port quarter ladder almost made me want to jump right in. Congratulations on the three machines. Adam
  18. Thank you very much. I have subscribed to the site and have the info on my calendar. Cheers! Adam C.
  19. Thanks for the video.. Ok, that answers the operation question. Questions to the owners/users: What is it like to clean? How long does it take to clean? Acrylic/Enamel - any issues? Thanks in advance. Adam
  20. Thanks.. Hmmm.. now I need to find one to demo... AC
  21. Hi all - been rather intrigued with these Grex Tritium Series Airbrushes. The eye catching, and logical looking trigger setup looks interesting. On the other hand, I saw the price (around $200) this weekend. I'd like to get some feedback from anyone who has/knows/used/tried one of these please. I currently use an Aztek, which I am very happy with and don't necessarily wish to get away from... unless its worth it. Comments please..Xmas is coming... Thanks. Adam
  22. Thank you everyone! As per the comments, for the standard frisks and walkways etc, they are from the Matchbox kit. The FAA decals are from Aerocalcas Argentina, set # 72011. Cheers Adam
  23. Well, …just in time for the end of the year! Attached are a few pictures of my just completed Argentine Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Argentina - FAA) CH-47 Model 308 (similar to the CH-47C or BV-114). This was a somewhat lengthy conversion of the old 1/72 scale Matchbox Ch-47D, then a modification to rebuild the nose to the longer CH-47C. The rest of the kit is out of the box, except for the decals, which are from the Aerocalcas Argentina set. FAA H-93 (CG-073 B-802) was supplied to Argentina in 1980 for transport and Antarctic support. The machine was originally painted in the Antar
  24. Nice job. The "Model" (NZ translation for "Scooter") in Euro 1 is truly the best paint scheme - Agreed!! Well done. Thanks for sharing. Adam
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