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  1. Inspirational! Congratulations. Nice to see the IAF out and about. Their schemes have always been interesting. Adam
  2. Agree with you 100% there mate. I have a stack of them to build, and already in the display case. Primarily a builder of the oldies. Looking forward to 2012 to get a few posted on the site from both of us. Cheers. Adam
  3. I told them I had a unit which I had acquired new in 2/2011. Hope that helps!
  4. Called them today: Answer: A470 is warrantied for 3 years, with no dissassembly. Thanks all! Adam
  5. Thanks. Did that, but would you believe it does not say anything, it just talks about "The Warranty". I guess its something like 1 Year or 3 years, but there must be some users out there that have done some kind of return with Testors in the recent past.. Standing by. AC
  6. Hi all. I need to find out the length of the Warranty for the Testors A470 airbrush body. Anyone know? (I recall that as long as it's within warranty, and never disassembled, then it can be sent to them for replacement.) Thanks in advance. AC
  7. Well done on a tough little kit, but like you say, there are lots of opportunities here. These are kits that fill a niche - and even took on somewhat of a new life with Airfix re-boxing them. Cheers! Adam
  8. scooter

    A-4K Skyhawk

    Great to hear - just out of interest, which decals are you using? Will she carry the Kiwi or the Fern? AC
  9. scooter

    A-4K Skyhawk

    Actually, the Argentine A-4ARs are ex USMC A-4s. The Brazilian AF-1 are the ex Kuwaiti AF-1s. The best bet is to find a square tail from another Scooter to make a RNZAF "Model" Great to see them getting a build! AC
  10. Dont forget the Falklands crest on the nose. The Typhoons have this too... http://www.british-towns.net/offshore/falklands/1435_Flight_Tornado_F3/21.11%20Desire%20the%20Right.asp
  11. Man... been there with the clot... no fun. It'll get better.. AC
  12. Nice effort on the Gold! IF its not completely done.. I think you need a parachute housing under the exhaust? Love them Scooters! AC
  13. Fo the IRIAF article... Go to http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=225167 Posted on Feb 6th, 2011. Thanks/Cheers! Adam
  14. Man,... this Buckeye thing is going radical places! next thing, I'll buy the Matchbox kit and see if I can feel the pain too.. Adam
  15. Thanks. Yep, the instructions are fine on the fin flashes.. but roundels are upside down.. I bought two kits in one box in 2000 at a Contest in Charlotte NC. So end up finally getting around to them, and made this one, and the other was an Iranian machine. Always like the Cuban scheme. Adam
  16. Just finished today is my MiG-29B 9-12B (aka Fulcrum) of the Cuban Air Force. This depicts machine 910 of No. 231 Fighter Squadron ca. late 1990's. This particular aircraft has been active since at least 1990 and was last seen in 2008. Ten of these were originally delivered, of which apparently now four remain in service. From the beginning, my goal was to build with no extra expense, and to use only what I had on hand as far as paint/decals/resources go. This old Hasegawa 1/72 kit is nothing special, and depicts an early version Fulcrum, but it went together well and it was a lot of fun
  17. Gutsy call Xavi. Could you just re-do the topsides and fuselage perhaps? Never done the brake fluid thing. wild! Cheers AC
  18. Thanks.. May I ask your wife a small favour please; Can she confirm that the numbers in Farsi(?) actually match the regular "3-6115" numbers on that machine? I am curious about the accuracy of the decals.. AC PS - I have an "Ali-Cat" in the stash too...
  19. Welcome! I really liked the MIG-15UTI (Somalia) on the link. Keep modelling! AC
  20. That is correct.. pastel green it is in almost all cases...
  21. Just finished today is my Mig-29 9-12B (aka Fulcrum) of the Iranian Air Force. This depicts machine 3-6115 of No. 28 Squadron ca. 1990's. From the beginning, my goal was to build with no expense, and to use only what I had on hand. The kit is nothing special, but it went together well and it was a lot of fun to try to replicate the paint scheme. The decals are from the High Decals set (HD72044) and I also enjoyed the research side of this as well. Enjoy! (I also found the use for an unusual mix of base USMC sand!)
  22. Thank you. Greatly appreciated. Standing by for the verdict.. Cheers AC
  23. Great to see Xavi! Maybe we could have a contest.... "South Texas Air" Cheers Adam
  24. Hi all. After following the (now found to be incorrect) after market decal sheet for my 1/72 Cuban Mig-29, I discovered that the roundels have been applied upside down. As you can all imagine, after a coat of decal softener, they will not budge, and now I'm in need of at least one roundel. These are the wing type roundels picture below: Does anyone have one they can donate/swap/i'll pay for. please..? Thanks in advance. Adam
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