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  1. Like,.... wow.. Excellent story - keep it coming!
  2. These are the IFF antennae used on most Soviet produced jets produced after about 1960.
  3. (Thanks) Here are some from the tail of a Mig-21 - they are the three rods on the top. Conceptually they look like this, but sometimes they are on a small base - and the three attached to a base are what I was looking for. Below that are some underneath and Su-22. just adjacent to the ventral blade. Usually in 1/72 kits they come like that which makes them easier to mount. They are basically a flat blade x 3.
  4. Thanks Ken. I'll start the search. Cheers AC
  5. To Tiger331:I am sorry to and destroy your unimaginable fallacy, and the other implicit remarks within your message can be read as a negative evaluation of my skills and work ethic. Now I see why some say the hobby and its traditional spirit of co-operation has deteriorated over time. It was a polite, simple, workable request, but evidently one that is met with some derision on your behalf. I apologize for wasting your time. Thank you to the others for the other polite suggestions, and I will move on.
  6. Humbrol 125/145 = Gunship Grey FS36118/Blue Grey FS35237 or Tamiya Dark Grey Xf24/Medium Grey XF20 - personally I think FS36118 is too dark at 1/72 scale, and I would add a drop of white just to lighten it up a tad. Adam
  7. After you print the decals, let them sit for a fair while until they are obviously dry. Then spray clear gloss over the printed sheet and let that dry. It seals in the ink and will give you a firmer top layer to cut through (and this a sharper edge) to your work. That will be better for a stencil, or a general print of decals anyway... Adam
  8. Thanks for the suggestion but thats not what I want to do on this one. Anyway, hopefully someone has an old Mig or a Sukhoi laying around in a garage or attic Кость Двор (Boneyard) AC
  9. The cutting is the hardest, repeat, hardest part. If you have the time and the sharp knife, you'll be fine... don't forget to spray clear gloss over your scanned copy before you start the cutting... Adam
  10. Hi all. I have a request;.... if anyone has a couple of spare 1/72 scale "Odd Rods" laying around, I'd like to take them. (These are the IFF antennae used on most Soviet produced jets produced after about 1960.) The parts are so tiny, they probably have no real value, but you would have my eternal gratitude, and one owed favor! even if they have been painted or have been stripped off an old model, that would work too. I will need two of them. But one is a start.. Thanks in advance; AC
  11. Great weathering!! Nice machine! AC
  12. Here you go! Enjoy them, and say hi to Karcsi for me. Adam C. McAllen TX. USA
  13. Yes - it is Szolnok. Have fun! Lots of Mig-21's and a nice SU-22. By the way, I just completed a build of "Csapeti" in 1/72. Regards AC
  14. Hi all; I spent some quality time in and around Hungarian Mig-21s last summer. Let me know if you need some pictures! AC
  15. Thank you... ................ands thats why I did the post. I will wait then. AC
  16. Can I help you out? Scooter (thanks Luis for the plug : )
  17. Sean - you seem like a Canberra expert.. I have a question: Which version of the Canberra can I use to make an Argentine Falklands version? Is it the Airfix 1/72?.... (my research has been somewhat confusing on this due to the lack of front-on photos) Thanks in advance. AC
  18. Awesome Andrew. I remember them well. Thanks for sharing! AC
  19. Thank you. I assume you mean USMC though..
  20. Hi all - Question: What is the current single color paint for the osprey? (any ideas on the FS#). Thanks in advance. AC
  21. scooter

    Hungarian Ar96

    Did you get the answer you needed? I have some HUAF sources that may be able to help. Adam
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