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  1. Hi all. Does anyone know if there has ever been a kit built of a Winchester S.R. Hovercraft? Interesting subject that is rarely modeled... Thanks in advance. Adam
  2. Luis - AE-409 has now been added to the South Atlantic SIG web page at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SouthAtlanticSIG/ under "Photos". If there was a book on famous Hueys, then AE-409 would be in it! Congratulations! Adam
  3. Correct. = Smooth in 1/72, and likely in 1/48 as well. Cheers Adam
  4. Hope these help. From a Hungarian Mi-24. You should find some cabin and undercarriage detail here. Note the length markings etc on the interior walls. Cheers! Adam
  5. Luis - she looks great!!! I saw you made your own decals. What method did you use? Adam
  6. Awesome work Andrew. Pigs Rock!! AC
  7. My Firefly arrived too. Thanks to the GB leaders. Next years MM would be great! Adam
  8. A true Matchbox kit! The plastic, the lines, the trenches of detail. She looks great! Question: are they the kit decals? Adam
  9. Congratulations. She is wonderful... Adam
  10. I am congratulating you very much on this fine aerial specimen. Seriously, its great to see a OOB decal scheme - how sometimes it is easy to overlook how imaginative and innovative Matchbox actually was. Cheers!! Adam
  11. My Matchbox Madness GB entry. It's PK115, the Messerschmitt BF110C-3 M8+EP is now listed in the Completed Builds Section! Thanks to everyone. Adam
  12. Ok. It's done! Here is my completed Matchbox Madness GB entry. It's PK115, the Messerschmitt BF110C-3 M8+EP (3 colour ..ooooh!) of 6/ZG 76 "Haifisch", Le Mans, France 9/1940. The kit decals were used except for some True Details swastikas, and the upper wing German crosses. I was too fearful of the original decals cracking that I used them only on the underside, the fuselage, and of course, on the teeth on the nose. Overall it went together quite well. I did some minor detail work in the cockpit and did no weathering as I really wanted the original finish. The three colour thing was
  13. Hi all - latest pictures of the Bf110 attached after glosscoat. So far so good!! Will probably end up using the kit decals. enjoy. Adam
  14. Love that Gina and Victor. Wonderful to see built! Thanks. Adam
  15. Ernie Hows the Dornier coming along? My BF110 is assembled and undercoated - just awaiting a coat of hellblau. It's going to be a 110 C-3. (Learnt more about 110's than I ever thought I needed to know!!) Adam
  16. Hey Ernie - just saw this. Looks good! Adam
  17. Wonderful - congratulations on a great build. Thanks for sharing it. AC
  18. Welcome - I built that kit as a hypothetical RNZAF F-16A a few years back. The kit went together nicely, and provided me a nice understanding of an aircraft I knew very little about before then. Good Luck! Adam
  19. Wow - reminds me of that corner of the hobby shop that existed 30 years ago!! AC
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