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  1. There is no perfect model. All of them have something to correct or improve. AMK is not the exception. It only remains to make the best effort. Calm down
  2. Hello: I´m looking for this parts from 1/32 F-16C Thunderbirs, I´m planning to make the F-16 Artic splinter so, I need this pieces to make it right. If anyone have those spare to to trade with the equivalent parts from CJ version, please let me know. 2x R-11 (Wheels hubs) 2x R-8 1x P-9 1x P-6 1x P-5 1x P-12 (main landing gear door) 1x P-22 (main landing gear door) 1x Main Landing Gear (7803073) Thanks.
  3. Is great cockpit, but the resin comes with more details...
  4. Is great cockpit, but the front shield is too short. I used i my Barak (You have to cut a lot of the model)I prefer the Avionix cockpit, I Will use this one on my next F-16 Splinter 😄 CMK is an option too (This is just a replacement fort the kit parts, not so much to cut)
  5. I have two "pre Orders" as well From HobbyEasy and Sincere Hobby… Just waiting… The Day That Never Comes...
  6. Nice build… Which colors do you use for this SU-35s? Thanks.
  7. Yes, but the angle of IFR is off. The kit needs to be corrected
  8. The panel line need some adjustment… 😄
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