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  1. Hello: Any review for this Sparrow? It have the correct length? Thanks a lot
  2. Aires cockpit is great, but to short in the panel cover. I prefer Black Box cockpit.
  3. Already did it... I want more pics, another ones if is possible, maybe in some not so popular website.
  4. Hello weirich1, just a few pics in F-16.net, and just one in Airliners.net.
  5. Hello: I´m planning to build this one: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9264562 Can anyone help me with more pics please? maybe with some great inert ordnance… Thanks
  6. Replace them. But those brassin is not for the F-14D
  7. Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: PE)
  8. In transit... 2019-10-20 00:00Despatched to overseas (Country code: PE) Two AMK Tomcats on runway...
  9. Finally Sincere Hobby sent the TOMCAT
  10. They response finally…. continental.skc@gmail.com It Works, now I waiting for the shipment...
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