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  1. Great build... Greetings
  2. Does anyone have more references for this AIM-7M?, maybe this is the first AIM-7M, I want to put this missile in my next F-14 1/48 Tamiya. Thanks...
  3. Espectacular... :D
  4. I have those kits too, and F-14 the from tamiya have the same or maybe more details.
  5. Here the pics, finally a great kit for a great aircraft. Greetings from Lima, Peru.
  6. Wow, espectacular.
  7. Second scheme, and this one was my request Thanks Martin... :D
  8. 1978
  9. Thank you very much... Now I have some fixed to do...
  10. Modex 201 with very lower white, I think is possible, maybe transition paint...