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  1. For me,The F-14D from AMK, copy shape, from F-14D Hasegawa... Just waiting for F-14A/B/D GWH
  2. 1/48 AMK, F-14D VF-31 TOMCATTERS
  3. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPQqu6q FINAL PICS
  4. I think, AMK need to correct: Fuel Tanks, lack details Wheels awfull. Bol launchers soft details Wing pylons, undersized Phoenix racks, oversized Chinpod, undersized Ejection seats, off shape Fuel probe bay, wrong place. Arresting hook, undersized to skinny GPS dome, to big Ladder oversize TARPS off shape And of course the hips and maybe some other details. Some of those I was try to correct, but now, the model is finished, it was a challenge. Soon more pics Greetings.
  5. Thanks the step is in facebok page: AMK F-14D: First Build, Baby!
  6. Eduard brassin shrink almost all their weapons... And other stuff too. They should be pay more attention to the details, shape and size.
  7. https://www.eduard.com/eduard/aim-54c-phoenix-1-32.html?cur=2&listtype=search&searchparam=aim-54 I would like to buy this set, but, anyone know if this phoenix came with the correct size? Because their Phoenix 1/48 is 4mm short. Thanks.
  8. For F-16D (1/48-1/32) they need a new more parts I think.For F-14B just a few things and decals of course... AMK need to correct a lot of things, but I think they come with the F-14B as well.
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