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  1. F6F-3 Hellcat, Eduard 1/72 weekend edition, Lt. Stambook, VF-27
  2. Dear Winners, Please send your postal address to order@ericyymodel.com with your ARC user name. masking tapes will be sent to you for free. Happy modeling. Eric
  3. Dear all, sorry that we encounter DNS and domain problem for our website ericyymodel.com we have re-directed our site to http://www.sealmodel.com/ericyymodel/ email is the same at this moment order@ericyymodel.com sorry for the inconvenience caused best regards, eric
  4. Dear All, I would like to let you know that ericyymodel website was down , however, we had fixed the domain email, please send email to us if you have enquiries sorry for the inconvenience caused. Eric
  5. If you cannot remove the Enamel X-19 by its Enamel thinner, better to repaint if you use Enamel X-19 as wash, it works well on Mr Color (Solvent based) and gloss Mr Hobby Color (water-based) and probably other acrylic color (gloss), do not leave the x-19 on painted model surface for a long time
  6. would like to clarify if you are using Enamel X-19 Smoke on your work, and what is the type of paint of base color?
  7. Dear Shion sent pm to you
  8. Dear all one mdeler has not make contact with me welcome for enquiry BjornB17 Mist Julien (UK) Guilherme Kosciuv Zmey Smirnoff Sebastijan Janman f12aaa Laurent Tomcat RIO C5sparkcatcher In addition to the prizes above, I'm throwing in one KAZAN conversion for a Su-11 in 1/48 scale. The winner (chosen by the throw of a dart) is Zmey Smirnoff. I hope everyone had a good time and maybe we can flood the IPMS/USA 2009 nats with Russian aircraft! - Patrick
  9. Dear All, will send you the prizes after gathering all address and detail, and process at the same time welcome for enquiry
  10. Yes, beware the Italeri reboxes with the big name of tamiya, all kits mentioned by old blind dog are made by Tamiya, also the Mosquito family and Fw190D-9, Tamiya's Mosquito is one of the best in the market, enjory it
  11. also the new Me262, it is better than hasegawa one, academy's 1/72 ground kits, like jeep is also good
  12. colorful noseart on B-17, B-25, B-26, also B-24 He111, Ju88 (winter and desert scheme) Me262 too
  13. the decals of JT93 and both B-26 are "white", after these kits, near all of hasegawa decals(new release only) become "white" those re-released regular items are still with ivory decals
  14. Great shark mouth. Keep it up.
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