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  1. Two-seater has apparently rolled over after landing in dodgy weather....
  2. Thanks, all. Yes, it's the 1/70th Fujimi Sea Sprite. A nice old kit, but the scale goof and horrid windscreen really make a fail. I was building it as a Navy companion for my YSH-2E, but a painting accident ended up in a what-if scheme. Back story?? The USAF insisted on twin engines for their mid-range rescue & logistics support helo, Bell's 212 / xH-1N was blackballed for the Canadian engine pack and associated Viet Nam politics. USAF had a good relationship with Kaman via the H-43's, so Kaman got the contract.
  3. Ive got a copy of Microscale 72-01 "US Insignia WWI to 1941". Roundels, from center out white,blue,red; and red-dotted white stars on blue discs. US Army & Navy Titling, stencil confetti. Is this more like what you're after?
  4. Freakin sweeeet!
  5. Those decals cannot be released soon enough!! Real aircraft, or what-it fodder, they are GOLD!!!
  6. I've got a copy of this Aviation Usk sheet, #7114. Would it be any good to you?
  7. Ho Lee Frack! That's amazing!
  8. No images with fish, but here's one slinging a Penguin... Sliding door as well.
  9. PM Sent
  10. Exceptional!! Helluva good job!!
  11. Come over to the Dark Side..........we have cookies! It's going to be one of these.....just haven't decided yet.
  12. Dunno if you're looking for 'serious' kits like the new Hasegawa and Bandai stuff, or just a diversion..... I've got this old ARII thing which includes all 3 modes of VF-1J and a "Thunderbirds"-style diorama base: