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  1. 1/72nd scale Helicopter decals

    PM sent
  2. CD48121 - 1/48 Piasecki H-21

    A beautiful sheet, and a great choice of subjects!! I too beg for this to be scaled down to 1/72 - PLEASE!! (I can loan Italeri and Hobbycraft kits to you via Starbucks when it comes time to size things up.) Wink wink.
  3. USAF HH-2D RescueSprite

    Fixed the pics. Village Photos gets my vote.
  4. Two-seater has apparently rolled over after landing in dodgy weather.... http://www.journal-news.com/news/thunderbird-military-plane-crashes-dayton-air-show/9hYLy25uRDPep71YW9P2HJ/
  5. USAF HH-2D RescueSprite

    Thanks, all. Yes, it's the 1/70th Fujimi Sea Sprite. A nice old kit, but the scale goof and horrid windscreen really make a fail. I was building it as a Navy companion for my YSH-2E, but a painting accident ended up in a what-if scheme. Back story?? The USAF insisted on twin engines for their mid-range rescue & logistics support helo, Bell's 212 / xH-1N was blackballed for the Canadian engine pack and associated Viet Nam politics. USAF had a good relationship with Kaman via the H-43's, so Kaman got the contract.
  6. LF: WW1 USAAS AEF Roundels

    Ive got a copy of Microscale 72-01 "US Insignia WWI to 1941". Roundels, from center out white,blue,red; and red-dotted white stars on blue discs. US Army & Navy Titling, stencil confetti. Is this more like what you're after?
  7. Bandai 1/72 TIE FIgter

    Freakin sweeeet!
  8. CD72065 - 1/72 U-2A/C Dragon Lady

    Those decals cannot be released soon enough!! Real aircraft, or what-it fodder, they are GOLD!!!
  9. I've got a copy of this Aviation Usk sheet, #7114. Would it be any good to you? http://www.jaysmodelkits.com/jaysmk/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=674
  10. Gold Canopy Tint Experiment

    Ho Lee Frack! That's amazing!
  11. Seasprite help needed

    No images with fish, but here's one slinging a Penguin... Sliding door as well.
  12. Got 'em!

    PM Sent