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  1. Ho Lee Frack! That's amazing!
  2. No images with fish, but here's one slinging a Penguin... Sliding door as well.
  3. PM Sent
  4. Exceptional!! Helluva good job!!
  5. Come over to the Dark Side..........we have cookies! It's going to be one of these.....just haven't decided yet.
  6. Dunno if you're looking for 'serious' kits like the new Hasegawa and Bandai stuff, or just a diversion..... I've got this old ARII thing which includes all 3 modes of VF-1J and a "Thunderbirds"-style diorama base:
  7. Revell and Dragon both make decent Humvees - I say decent because the wheels and tyres of both brands are horrid; best replaced with resin aftermarket. Dragon does a bunch of different variations, but Revell is the only one to do the high-cab ambulance version; depends of what you want in your diorama. I can say that Zvezda do some really nice 1/72nd modern US infantry in their "Hot War" series of wargame figures; Preiser also did some nice figures, but they're much more expensive.
  8. Dean, I've got the hubs, legs, and 7 of 8 wheel halves. Any good to you?
  9. Great job on the paint-work!! Beautiful work!!
  10. I also failed to reach the finish line in the last Helo GB. I need a shot at redemption.
  11. Ace Hardware is now down to just two aisles of plastic kits - one for aircraft, and one for everything else. Still a great stock of provisions; paints, glues, materials, etc. Sadly, the kit space is a shadow of the modelling Mecca it used to be. On the plus side, they kept the doors open - so many brick & mortar shops have just gone, it's not funny. Secondly, I was told they plan to refocus the stock on more current product, so they're holding sales to clear space for new arrivals.
  12. And how long until some worthless little waste of skin comes along and sprays graffiti all over it?? I give it six months, tops. ('Though the way people act these days, I should probably cut that to six DAYS.) <_<
  13. So I just read that ACE has moved a couple of blocks from the old location.......did they keep the model section?????
  14. Essentially identical, but note the stretch behind the cockpit, in front of the doghouse fairing. J-model doghouse is at the edge of the glass, T-model shows about six inches of sheet metal. The Fujimi J-model kit is kind of a dog. The fuselage has shape issues, the main rotor is terrible, and the weapons are sketchy. The path to a J-model I recommend is kitbashing the Monogram G fuselage and rotor with the engine cowling and weapons of the Italeri T. Especially if you are doing the Iranian J - you need the TOW missiles and TSU from the Italeri kit. They are both raised-panel-line kits, so the parts match nicely, and the cut line for the engine transplant matches the Monogram fuselage panel lines.
  15. Oh yeah!! Love that pairing!!!!