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  1. Hi Hornet fans, Inspired by photos from Jose “Fuji” Ramos I will be building the 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18D VFC-12 Red 47 “Pixelated Hornet”. I will use the Aero Masks to paint the design. Eric
  2. Bought extra picture frame glasses from Lowes and had them cut (free) to exact detolf shelf dimension. Next, buy 3d printed Detolf extra brackets from ebay.
  3. I have 4 Detolf Ikea and I have been adding extra shelves to make them home for atleast 12 1/48 jets each.
  4. Im in. Since I’ve been building hornets for a couple of years straight now, why not right? Eric
  5. I will second What Rodney said. Dave is a great trader. Got my kit on time and he corresponds to all enquiry fast. Eric
  6. Beautiful finish. I too am finishing up a 1/48 hase hornet. Eric
  7. Gentlemen, I am looking for the “M” sprue on the 1/48 Hasegawa legacy hornet. If you have one to spare I can buy it from you. Thanks, Eric
  8. Wow, this is so much interesting to follow since I have been building hornets now.
  9. Janissary, Another nicely build model. Always a pleasure looking at your projects.
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