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  1. Direct Sale: 1/48 Academy ROKAF T-50B Black Eagles - Box open, parts plastic sealed —$35.00 1/48 Italeri #2642 F-4J Phantom II - Box open, parts complete & bagged to protect — SOLD 1/48 Academy Mig-29A Fulcrum A -Box open, kit plastic factory sealed Includes: Quickboost Mig-29 Corrected nose Eduard Brassin Exhaust nozzles Eduard Brassin wheel set Aires Mig-29 Cockpit. — $45.00 1/48 Academy
  2. Went ahead and ordered what I needed. Thanks guys for the input. I really don’t mind the wait as long as they definitely come in. Still had to clean and straighten the man cave for the next project. cheers!
  3. So is there anywhere we can order any Mr. Hobby Aquaeous paints? I need H-309 and H-340 and cannot seem to find them anywhere. TIA. cheers, Eric
  4. Dave, I bought some picture frame glass replacement (nearest the size of the shelves) available in Home Depot or Lowes. Have them cut to the same size of the Detolf shelves. Then bought some 3D printed Detolf clips off Ebay. Eric
  5. My year ender. Finished with Fightertown Decals. Happy New Year!!!
  6. I guess its going to be a busy 2021 for us hornet lovers.
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