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  1. 1/35 Tamiya Challenger 2 OOB. Kept clean. thanks! Eric
  2. Congratulations on a nice build. Like the camo work in particular.
  3. First quarantine build done! 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18A VFC-12 “Bandits”
  4. I believe its on all the legacy hornet although I do not know why. Probably a sensor or something. I do know that the one next to it (almost rectangular in shape) is a door for one of the tie down points on the airframe. They attached a chain to an anchor point inside it. Eric
  5. ES, I’d say you did a great job on getting rid of the bird slicers and the extra antennas on the bottom fuselage. keep it up! Eric
  6. Its the 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18C. I have not tried the Kinetic though.
  7. Here is a CAG bird (VFA-151) build I have from last year. cheers
  8. Nice selection. Now go and finish that Vigilantes bird.
  9. ES, Let me know if you are building any legacy in the future. I might be able to help some research for your build. Eric
  10. ES, You can still carefully sand it, prime and paint that area. Also check the jet you are making. Might not have the IFF bird slicer in front.
  11. A and B legacy hornets have the bottom antennas and none on top while C and D hornets would have the pair on top and shaved the ones on the bottom. Cheers.
  12. Eszczesniak, Very nice progress specially painting. I was just wondering if you are building the C hornet where you have the pair of AN/ALQ-165 antennas on top fuselage. Do you have plans of taking out the pair of AN/ALR-67 under the fuselage near the chaff dispensers? Just an observation.
  13. Decals came in the mail today. Thanks
  14. Diane pm sent on: AeroMaster Stars over Europe 2 F-104G & f_104S Starfighter 48-724: $ 15.00 plus shipping
  15. Ben, The pods came in today. Thank you very much for the help. Eric
  16. If you don’t have the decals that’s fine. Let me know how much for them. Thanks, Eric
  17. Hi All, I am looking for spare1/48 an/apx-95 Tact Pod from the 1/48 Hasegawa Weapons D. If you have some and are not planning to use them I can buy them with shipping. Please let me know. Thanks, Eric
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