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  1. Funny you should mention this. I lost a small part from the Academy 1/48 P-47N this morning. The part was one of the two pieces that glue to the cockpit floor - the part that the seat frame fits into. It is less than a quarter of an inch (6mm) long. I found it in my gray carpet by vacuuming and then dumping out the vacuum canister. Note that my vacuum is bag-less, and it was empty before I tried this. It wasn't too difficult. But I have tried the masking tape trick too.
  2. This happens very frequently to me, and my standards aren't that high. I've come to realize the even after 14 years back at the hobby, I'm not that great at it. Getting back to your original question, I save any parts (including decals) that I think might have use in the future (or that someone may request on a hobby forum like ARC) and toss the rest. Stacey
  3. What store did you buy that at? I don't think I've ever seen that brand. Stacey
  4. Package has been sold. I've got a few aftermarket items for 1/72 props that I will never use. I want to ship them as a lot. All you have to pay is shipping, which will be USPS priority. Sorry, but I'm going to limit this to US buyers for now. Here are the items. Squadron replacement canopies 9102 P-47D Thunderbolt Bubbletop (3 of these) 9109 Hurricane (2 of these) Eduard PE SS 129 Tempest Mk. V (Academy kit) SS 107 Spitfire Mk. V (Revell kit) SS 267 Fw 190A-8 (for Academy kit) True Details resin wheels 72041 Hawker Hurricane smoot
  5. Gary, I've got a copy of Aeromaster 48-678 Best Selling Stukas Part II. It has a Romanian D-8 and two German D-3's on it. It's yours if you want it. Send me a PM. I'm in California. Stacey
  6. Package has been sold. I have a pair of 1/72 kits for sale. I'd like to sell these together. The kits are Hasegawa 00728 1/72 Beaufighter Mk. 21 'Green Ghost' (shrink-wrapped) Tamiya 60770 1/72 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 'Bubbletop' (open box, sealed bags) The price is $30 for the lot, plus shipping. Since it fits in the box and I'll never build it, I'll throw in an Airfix 1/72 Henschel Hs 129, kit 02032. All kits are in their original boxes. Sorry, but I can only ship to US addresses. For payment, I'll accept any of the following methods: PayPal - must be sent as goods/services Am
  7. I get paint in that part of the airbrush every time I use it. I'll have to try the remove the needle from the front next time.
  8. Kits are sold. Hello, all. I've got three 1/32 Cyber-Hobby kits for sale. They are: 3222 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 OB/SB 3225 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4B SW 3223 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7 Trop OB/SB SW means shrink wrap, OB/SB mean open box / sealed bags. The kits are $30 each, or $75 if you want all three. Bear in mind these are large, so postage won't be cheap. Sorry, but for now I can only ship to US addresses. For payment, I will accept PayPal (goods/services), Amazon gift card, money order or personal check. If interested, pleas
  9. Sale is pending. I have two Grand Phoenix 1/32 resin cockpits for sale. Sorry, but I'm going to limit this to US buyers only. 32001 Cockpit interior for Hasegawa Me 262 Schwalbe (sealed box) 32002 Cockpit interior for Hasegawa Me 163 Comet (open box) I'd like to sell these together. I'm asking $10 for the pair, plus shipping. For payment, I'll accept PayPal (must be goods/services), Amazon e-gift card, personal check, or USPS money order. No cash. I'm in California. Include your zip code for a quote including shipping. Please contact me via email: stacey dot brogden at gmail dot co
  10. Package has been sold. I have some 1/48 WWI aircraft kits that I'd like to sell. Since I want to move these, I'm selling them as a lot and am pricing accordingly. Sorry, but for now, I'm going to limit this to US buyers only. Shipping is not included. Note that this is a big box, and shipping via Priority will be expensive. I am willing to ship Retail Ground, if you can wait a couple of days for me to get to the post office. FSB - factory sealed box OB/SB - open box, sealed bags The kits (all are 1/48 scale): DML 5901 Fokker Dr.I "Knights Of T
  11. Although not great for brushing large areas - and off the top of my head, I don't know of any paint that is - you can brush paint Tamiya just fine if you thin it first. I stir the paint, then let a few drops fall from the stirring stick into the lid from a soda or water bottle. Add a drop of thinner, mix and you can brush just fine. The reason most people get frustrated trying to brush Tamiya paint it is they use it straight from the bottle.
  12. Kit has been SOLD. Hello, all. I've got the following kit for sale: Hasegawa 07305 1/48 J35S Draken 'Finnish Special' It is still sealed in shrink-wrap. The price is $45 $35, and that includes Priority Mail shipping to any US address. I'll accept PayPal (goods/services), Amazon e-gift card, personal check (must clear before shipping), or USPS money order. Sorry, no cash. Please respond directly via email to stacey dot brogden at gmail dot com. Thanks! Stacey
  13. One of the links in MoFo's post indicated that the Mr really means Master, so it is an honorific.
  14. Thanks for the links, MoFo. That does explain it. After all, we don't have the long history here in the US!
  15. Interestingly enough, another character in the episode was a psychologist, and she went by Dr.
  16. I've got a question for the Brits, and perhaps for folks in other English-speaking countries. I was watching an episode of Death In Paradise (an excellent series). It takes place at an island in the Caribbean, where an English police inspector is sent to supervise the local police. This episode took place at a medical clinic. The guy who ran the clinic was a British surgeon, and was addressed as "Mr. Tipping." They even made a point of mentioning that because he was a surgeon he was addressed as Mr., rather than Dr. Here is the US, it is customary to address surgeons as Dr. just like oth
  17. I'm think I may remove the decal sheets before storing the kits. Right now they are all inside, but I'm planning to do some remodeling, and may need to move them outside. Stacey
  18. This is good to know, as I also live in So. California, and was worried about storing kits in the garage, especially the heat. I do have a question - do you store the decals with the kits? That is what I would be most worried about. Stacey
  19. OK, I know this is an airplane forum, but I thought I'd ask here. I have a Cyber Hobby 6551 Befehls Panther Ausf. G that I would like to build as a non-Befehls. This kit is based on Dragon's 6268 Panther Ausf. G Late Production, and I'd like to get a scan of the instructions for that kit. My email is stacey dot brogden at gmail dot com. I'd be happy to pay a few bucks for a photo copy if that works better. I am in California. Thanks.
  20. I've got a copy. PM me and I'll send you a scan.
  21. A whiile back, I stumbled upon Rogério Marczak's article on Hyperscale about "tricked" Metalizer. You leave an open bottle out overnight, letting the pigment settle on the bottom. The next day, use a pipette to remove the clear liquid, leaving the pigment in the jar. Then add a mixture of 2 parts Metalizer Sealer to 1 part Metalizer Thinner to fill up the bottle. I've done this, and had no adhesion problems. However, it did seem a little thick - I had to add more thinner, so the next time I do this, I will probably use a 50/50 mixture of sealer and thinner. HTH St
  22. Is that kit 09308, the 1/48 Spitfire Vb? I don't have the instructions for that particular kit, but I think I have instructions for other boxings of the Mk Vb. My guess is that only the decals are different.
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