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  1. I just purchased a can of primer and a can of flat white. I used the flat white to paint the entire plane, effectively acting as a primer. I'll try the real primer (advertised as "sandable" on the can) at some point. I used it straight from the can. Since I was painting the entire plane, control wasn't an issue. It went on rather well, not too thick, and it didn't run. Given the fact that only basic colors are available, and that decanting sounds like a pain in the neck, I think I'll just use it for primer. But it was much easier than using (and cleaning!) the airbrush. Also, I use acr
  2. I picked up some Painter's Touch today at lunch and sprayed some when I got home. It did go on well, much better than the Tamiya I tried some time ago.
  3. I have read of several people using Prismacolor pencils to detail cockpits, so I picked up a few. I tried one the other day, but the lead was very waxy, almost like crayon, and did not stick to the model. A visit to the Prismacolor web site shows that they make several lines of colored pencils. I happened to pick up the premier line. For those of you who use Prismacolors, what type do you use? The way to tell is by looking at the number on the pencil. For example, the numbers on mine start with PC.
  4. Okay, I've thought of another question, related to my original question. Across the seam or diagonal is fine for the top and bottom of a fuselage, but how about where the top of the wing meets the fuselage? There really isn't enough room to go across the seam. Is there any special technique for sanding that area?
  5. Thanks for the quick responses! Across the seam it is.
  6. When sanding seams, is it best to sand along the seam, or across it (that is, perpendicular to the seam)? Does it matter? Just curious.
  7. I am a returning modeler (after about 30 years ). I am in the market for an airbrush and I found this discussion very useful. I had a Binks airbrush when I was young. Thanks to everyone who posted.
  8. I am about to build a Spitfire. This was helpful. Thanks. By the way, is the same true for Hurricanes?
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