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  1. I have an Academy 109D (reboxed Hobbycraft) and a Hobbycraft 109C. Send me an email (via my profile) if you're interested. I'm in California. Stacey
  2. Whether or not the company got sued if something went wrong, it would cause considerable damage to their reputation if things went south. If I were a model company, I'd be very leery of any endeavor like this. Also, let's face it - whatever the model company produces, someone's going to complain about how inaccurate the kit is, regardless of how much input modelers have. I think you're better off if people don't expect anything back - but if that is the case, most modeler's aren't going to put money in. I also think you're underestimating how much capital it would take to create a kit. On
  3. I believe the actual suggestion was, a TD is worth seven points. You can still try a non-kicking conversion just like now, but you only get one more point - and if you miss, you lose a point, so the result would be 6 or 8 points.
  4. Silly Week 2013 was over a year ago. :o Sorry, I had to point that out. You did miss Silly Week 2014, although I don't think Steve got very many submissions. There wasn't much.
  5. Thanks for the input, Les. I have set a reminder for next June to start looking out for it. I have no doubt it is possible to enjoy both games, recognizing that they are different - not better, not worse, just different. Stacey
  6. Thanks, I'll make a note to look for them next season. Stacey
  7. Concur on both counts. Something about the girl-next-door type.
  8. Modeling Madness is also my go-to place for review. It has hundreds, well organized.
  9. To get back (somewhat) to the CFL, does anyone know what channels here in the US cover the CFL? I've never seen a game and I thought it might be fun to watch. (Yes, I know the season's over for now. :-) )
  10. I'm lucky in that I have two local stores that carry Mr. Color paint. The best online source in the US is probably Sprue Brothers, although there are probably others. One of my local sources is Robot4less, a gundam model store. There are several Asian sources too. It is also my understanding that GSI (the maker of the Mr. Color line) only imports to the US sporadically, so you may find that the US sources are out of a given color at times.
  11. Why in the world would you do that, given that you obviously have an internet connection? Oh, that's right, the articles...
  12. I read Richard III by William Shakespeare. It's about Richard III (but you probably knew that).
  13. When I first saw the title of this thread, I thought someone was going to say that The Simpsons had jumped the shark. :)
  14. This has been discussed before. I also see the ads for women from around the world. I suspect it is because it assumes that model means pretty female, rather than scale replica. Don't let it bother you.
  15. I had no idea the most interesting man in the world was on ARC! :D
  16. I lost about 55 lbs starting about four years ago. It took me about a year and a half. The good news is, I've kept it off for about two and a half years. The bad news is, I still have about 55 lbs to lose. So you could say (optimistically) I've maintained or (pessimistically) I've plateaued for this long. This "group build" sounds like a plan. Stacey
  17. Here are photos from November of 2012. I think I posted these in a previous thread here, and also on a thread on aeroscale. At the time, I had 611, mostly 1/48 props. It has grown, although I'm not sure by how much. I think I'm still below 700. I had to take it out of the closets to get the photos. Stacey
  18. You can add Tamiya Flat Base to Future to get either a satin finish or a flat finish, depending on how much Flat Base you add. Swanny's page on Future mentions some ratios. HTH Stacey
  19. It's 1964. Ringo and Paul (?) are on the subway, listening to rock music on a loud transistor radio, while a middle-aged man looks on disapprovingly. Middle-aged man: I fought the war for your type! Ringo: I'll bet you're sorry you won!
  20. That reminded me. "Can't a man take a crap in his own house?" From a Korean film called The Quiet Family. Good flick. Stacey
  21. You might try boraxo or lava soap, or the liquid hand cleaner that mechanics use. Did this come from brush painting or airbrushing? I always put a nitrile glove on my left hand (I'm right handed) when airbrushing, since that's the hand that holds whatever I'm painting. I get the gloves at Costco.
  22. Hi, all. I'm looking for the bomb/drop tank pylons from the 1/48 Hasegawa P-51D (any boxing). They are parts B4 and B5. Please contact me through my profile. Email preferred. Thanks! Stacey
  23. I knew that Ian Fleming had written the book. Did you know that he was also Christopher Lee's cousin?
  24. I would recommend practicing on a non-porous surface, rather than paper or cardboard. Porous surfaces will absorb paint that would bounce off a non-porous surface. I use an old water or soda bottle. If you want sheets of plastic, pick up a couple of signs at the hardware/DIY store. Stacey
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