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  1. I did not know that, so I wasn't intending on doing so, but I could be tempted :) I recently found my He 111H-20, by the way, and only this afternoon, I found the exhausts and curious little float-rudder appendages. This has a decent chance of completion soon. I'm sorry I used that Gunze Aotake on the interior - it seems it should have been another colour. Oh well!
  2. Funny thing, I was looking for my Airfix He 111H-20 this morning, and I found this model, still incomplete because of a move to Canada 7 years and 8 months ago! A float and a tailplane had broken off, and I can't find the instructions for the painting plan, so I googled them, and this page came up. Oh well, I might as well get on with finishing it.
  3. Thank you all, and yes, this does help. I think we can narrow it down to somewhere between a 1.1 and 1.5m extension, based on this discussion. 1.03m is obviously right out. I'm making the conversion as set out by Allan W. Hall in 1966. Yes, I'm aware that the Airmodel kit exists, but there is a cross-forum GB to honour the late AW Hall and his influence on kitbashing (e.g at www.britmodeller.com).
  4. The B1a was 10.6m long, excluding radar array, but I'm not totally sure of the extended length of the B2a. I have seen a figure of 1500mm extra quoted, but this does not agree with the extension quoted by Alan W Hall (approximately 1030mm extra). I would appreciate some authoritative answer Cheers, Bruce
  5. Brews

    Fw 190A3 Question

    Much appreciated!
  6. Brews

    Fw 190A3 Question

    Were the undercarriage of Fw 190A3s fully-enclosed, like that of the Ta 152H? I find no photographic evidence so far to support this, but I don't want to dismiss the possibility out of hand.
  7. I like the photo of the Fw, showing its aggressive stance.
  8. Ooh, I love the Tigercat. I took loads of pics of the one at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo in April.
  9. I found the pickelhaube pickel today! It was mixed up with my bag of little googly eyes (on of which I substituted for the Baron's Monocle). woohoo! When does this build end again?
  10. Thanks. I was pleased with the way the scabs came up on his knees.
  11. I haven't touched this for a few days. There's not a lot left to do to finish him, though. The rifle is more work than the FJ's MG 42 because of the greater expanse of furniture.
  12. ... and now following assembly of arms to torso, and cementing to the base: Just need to add the spade, Mauser and paint ...
  13. Here is the DAK guy prior to assembly:
  14. Here is the DAK Infantyman's Box Art:
  15. Absolutely! I used CA to glue the arms and MG34, and painted with artists' acrylics. Total work time estimated to be about 4 hours. I just opened the Afrika Korps soldier at lunch yesterday, and filed the mould parting lines. I took photos of that.
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