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    Airplane modeling, all scales though mostly 72nd and 48th. I love old kits from the 50s-70s.
  1. I’ve got the following items up for auction at reasonable staring bids and Buy It Now prices, ending tonight at around 11 pm CST 11/03/13 (shipping to CONUS only): Hasegawa 48th AV-8B Plus USMC Attacker w Neomega SJU-7 seat - $19.99 opening bid Tamiya 48th F-117A - $22.99 opening bid Italeri 72nd AC-119K Stinger - $29.99 opening bid KoPro 48th Su-22M3 - $29.99 opening bid Airfix 48th Jaguar Gr.1 with sharkmouth Xtradecals, Eduard photo etch - $28.9 opening bid Hasegawa 48th Mitsubishi F-1 - $17.99 opening bid Hobbycraft (Trumpeter mold) 32nd P-38J/L - $49.99 opening bid Monogram 48
  2. Okay... so why aren't my photobucket links showing up as images - they do on that OTHER site? Anyone care to enlighten me as to the proper way top display images? I'm more of a lurker here. Thanks! TT
  3. Hello Fellow modelers, A few years back, I took all of the classic old box art images I had grabbed over the years, and printed them out and pasted them for use as a backdrop for my model shelves. The result is something like this: <a href="http://s720.photobucket.com/albums/ww204/tomtest/?action=view&current=121609_0817Large.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww204/tomtest/121609_0817Large.jpg" border="0" alt="My model display wall"></a> <a href="http://s720.photobucket.com/albums/ww204/tomtest/?action=view&current=121609_0796Lar
  4. I have for sale these as-new, unused canopy masks: EZ Masks (Monogram) MiG-15 & F-86 (one for each plane) EZ Masks(Monogram)F-100 (2 sets in one) Eduard Express Mask Tamiya F-84G XF 034 (this is the older technology) I will ship any of these (to the US only, please) for $3 including postage. I will accept PayPal (much preferred) or personal check. All the best, Tom Test Chicago IL
  5. Special Hobby 32nd P-39D ; Item number: 280302987649 Airfix 144th SRN4 Hovercraft ; Item number: 280302988086 HiTech 48th Mystere IVA ; Item number: 280302991146 Classic Airframes 48th early MiG-3 ; Item number: 280302989772 Also, Revell 128th Lockheed Connie in Lufthansa markings, Airfix Series 2 72nd Pe-2, Novo 72nd Westland Wallace Go to eBay, enter in the auction # to find my listing. I have 100% feedback on 456 transactions. Auctions end on Sunday evening PST. (Note: I will sell the MiG-3 or Mystere IVA anywhere, but the SRN4 and P-39 are just too big to ship overseas, so US only
  6. Thanks Old Man and Mike! I'll give sanding a try in a few days then. (FWIW, I did use a Badger battery-powered mixer to stir the paint first, as I had heard it was important). Next time, I'll try adding a little thinner, maybe some retarder to see if that makes a difference. All the best, Tom Test
  7. I'm almost done building my Hawk 48th P-51D. I used Tamiya spary paint, followed by a coat of Future, then decals and weathering - but now I'm in trouble. I decided to brush on PollyScale Flat for my final flat coat, since I'd heard such great things about it. The bottle says it can be brush-painted. I really don't like airbrushing because I hate the cleanup. But the problem is, now that the flat coat is dry, I see terrible brush marks. So how can I fix this? I don't want to strip it if I can possibly avoid it. Can I polish out the brush marks with sandpaper? (Or use a polishing cream such a
  8. My 72nd decal wants are mostly for obscure kits, so I don't know how viable some of them would be. But since you're asking... here goes: Beech C-54H Nord 2501 Noratlas, any user Canadair CL.215 Ju-52 Foreign users Mirage IVa Saab Lansen Curtis P-6E Hawk Douglas TBD-1 Devastator Curtiss SBC-3/4 Helldiver Curtiss P-36 Boeing F4B-4 Curtiss SOC-1/2/3 Seagull Curtiss F11C-2 Bi-Plane Boeing B-17B Bomber Bristol Bulldog Hawker Fury All the best, Tom Test
  9. Here's a list of guys I've traded quite successfully with lately: Jim Reagan Ken Schmidt David Walker Bill Banaszak Dave O. Garcia Doug McComb All were pleasant, responsible, communicated well, and did what they said they would do - can't ask for anything more. Thanks guys! Tom Test
  10. I am yet another member of the club. Dan Godoin was very unpleasant to deal with, sent me items in a trade that were incorrect AND damaged, AND it took forever. He's a legendary jerk, and I heard from several other who have had troubles with him. Tom Test
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