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  1. Definitely will get the 72nd sheet.
  2. I built their LA-5FN in 73 or 74. It's fixed in my mind as I got married in 75 and I made this little nasty while single. I don't remember whether the La or their Dora came out first. Both were after the G-55. Don't remember when they stopped doing their own molds. Italeri's is a sad story. At one time, they were first rate, cutting edge even. No more. I must admit to like ESCI much more than Italeri and am glad many of ESCI's old kits are available under the Italeri label.
  3. Really? Zvezda was around in 1973?
  4. Isn't the Zvezda a repop of the Italeri?
  5. What Drewe said. You can also use Mr. Color Leveling Thinner to do this, but the Mr Color Replenisher works better. Hardy surprising as this is what it is designed for.
  6. With the serial whining over the intertubes that 48th both dead and had been forsaken by Tamiya, I had come to hoping that it were true. Apparently not. Sigh...
  7. Actually I liked the control surfaces. They look a bit more restrained than those of FineMolds kits. If these are too heavy, it will take only a few seconds with a sanding stick to bring them down. What really impresses me is the way Tamiya treated the reinforcement panels under the exhaust pipes, the delicate riveting on inspection panels, and the incredible little machine gun breech blocks visible in the cockpit. Then there is also the finely raised reinforcement panels at the rudder and on the fuselage aft of the wing fillets. The fillets for the tail surfaces are also very delicatedly raised to indicate how the plane was actually constructed. Realy the only thing I disliked about the kit is the decal seat belts. That's really a quibble. This is really an incredibly good kit. I think we're probably agreed on that, Shawn.
  8. Tamiya's new Zero has been out for almost a week now. I picked one up last Saturday in Yokohama. I'm more than a little impressed. Tamiya's approach to the subject is very similar to FineMold's. Both kits are of the same model. It is almost as detailed as FineMolds Zeroes. The surface detail is much better. Cockpit detail I would rate as as good or slightly better. There is no option for dropped flaps and the exhaust pipes are not as extensive or as delicately molded as FineMolds. The fuselage appears to be slightly longer, but this may not show up due to how the cowlings are attached. The cowl appears shaped better than FineMolds A6M5. Gear bays are arranged very similarly to how FineMolds did their's. Decals look really good. They're sharp, register is good, and subjects selected are interesting. Both of these kits are superb. Both are better kits than any A6M5 kits done by any other manufacturer. So much so, I wouldn't recommend buying any other kit. Both of these kits are very good representation of a mid-war or slightly later Zero. FineMold's kit is slightly better detailed. Tamiya's has slightly better shape and much better surface detail. It's price is also half that of FineMolds' and distribution is better. Tamiya's new kit is very much better than any other 72nd Zero kit out there with the exception of FineMolds'. Tamiya's price is very much better than FineMolds'. I think it is an easy thing to say that this new kit is very best 72nd scale kit ever. Thank you, Tamiya for releasing this kit. Thank you for not forgetting 72nd.
  9. Ok. I picked up 3 today. I was only planning on getting 1. This is a really nice kit. I don't care much for the panel lines. Some are delicate. Some are a bit coarse. Some seem to fade. Better than Airfix panel lines. The cockpit is nice enough without adding their photo etch. The photo etch will really make it shine. Wheels and landing gear are very well detailed and delicately molded. Decals are Cartograf with options for 4 (or more depending on how you count) JASDF subjects. I would have preferred options for other nations, but what is provided is very nice. There are some panels and panels rendered by raised patches. These will need attention from a sanding stick. KursadA - yes, it is a one piece canopy. It is a single simple cut to make it a two piece. The canopy is thin enough that this shouldn't be a problem. All in all, this is a very nice kit with some very colorful markings. Oh. and most importantly for me, Platz got the rudder and tail shape spot on. The intakes also look pretty good and appear from looking at the parts that they will not be difficult to assemble.
  10. Been waiting soooo long for this one. I think I know what will be making its appearance on my bench soon.
  11. Yeah, I could go for a downscaled (should be right scaled) Eduard P-39. Or a Hasegawa one for that matter.
  12. The underside of Airfix's kit is flawed also, as are the tailplanes. Then there are those trenches and lack of cockpit detail. I have one. I've filled and rescribe the panel lines, reshaped the tailplanes, cut back the upper nacelles, built up the lower nacelles, and have started detailing the interior. This has not been an enjoyable build. I'll not waste money on another Airfix 110. I eagerly wait for either Dragon or Eduard to release their 110s. I'm just not going to celebrate until the kit is in hand.
  13. I'll say "Finally!" when they release the kits, not when they announce them (once again). Eduard doesn't have the best track record on keeping release schedules. I'm still waiting for their Mig.
  14. Once again you produce a beautiful model, Patrick. I don't know if I'm more impressed with your modeling ability or your ability to finish just at the deadline. Great job on both.
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